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<p>Moss and its greatest discoveries</p> <p>Moss and its greatest discoveriesBy:Lauren MitchellMossMoss is one of earths greatest plant forms</p> <p>Fantastic discoveries by: ***Lauren Mitchell***I found out that if you put moss into a microwave and heat it up for 39.678 seconds, then after do a little line on the piece of moss with sharpie then draw or write on a piece of paper instead of black it will be purplish-blue!If you wrap a piece of moss with clear plastic food wrap and heat it up for 10.986 seconds it will stay warm/hot for the next 4-7 minuets. WOW! Isn't that cool?! My Moss!</p> <p>Isnt it just amazing! I find moss to be so extraordinary, its details compliment its structure, carbondioxside, texture and its affect on both plant and animal life systems and organisms. I love moss and I plan to keep experimenting with further evidence. Right now I have 12 samples. The one to the right and above is my most weakest test subject and I plan to keep him sturdy and alive for as long as I can, hopefully until after Christmas. God bless him, his name is Dandi. He struggling but will yet pull through with courage, tenderness, mothering and the help of a familys love. More informationTo get more information please visit my there you can find more information about moss and my discoveries!</p> <p>Happy Experimenting!!</p>