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A stunning snap showing children playing with an umbrella in ankle-deep water has been named the year’s best travel photograph.


  • Most Breathtaking Travel Photos Of the Year

    Child monks, stunning mountains and fearless tribesmen: The most breathtakingtravel photos of the year revealed

    Intrepid Travel received more than 7,000 submissions from 3,000photographers in its annual photo contest

    Sujan Sarkar won the competition with his breathtaking snap ofchildren playing at a river in Cooch Behar, India

    Other stunning submissions included shots of child monks, amountain in Switzerland and a cold monkey

    A stunning snap showing children playing with an umbrella in ankle-deep waterhas been named the years best travel photograph.

    The riverside shot was taken by photographer Sujan Sarkar in Cooch Behar,India, where he came across the youngsters as they splashed water at each otherand leaped off a log.

    Mr Sarkars photo is backlit by subtle whimsy and moody colours, helping him toearn the top gong in Intrepid Travels annual photo contest.

    The Melbourne-based adventure travel company said it received more than7,000 submissions from 3,000 photographers from all over the world.

    The competition was stiff, with Mr Sarkars photo being picked ahead ofspectacular shots of child monks in Bagan, Myanmar, a soaked monkey clingingto a rock in Japan, and a mud-splattered man participating in a bull race inPadang, Indonesia.

    Other stunning snaps include a fearless man taking part in a land diving ritual inVanuatu and the breathtaking mountain scenery at Bachalpsee Lake inSwitzerland.

    For winning the contest, Mr Sarkar receives bragging rights and AUD$3,000(approximately 1,400 or USD$2,200) worth of travel.

  • Photographer Sujan Sarkar won Intrepid Travel's competition with this shot ofchildren playing at a river in Cooch Behar, India

    Finalist Scott Laird had two photos that made Intrepid's short list, including thissnap of child monks at Bagan, Myanmar

  • This incredible image of a cold and wet monkey emerging from the water andclinging to a rock was snapped in Japan by Michael Haikal

    The Taj Mahal, in Agra, India, served as the stunning backdrop for this image of aman sweeping the floor, taken by Matt Sims

  • Sam Creek travelled to Vanuatu to photograph land diving, where men jump offwooden towers with their ankles wrapped in vines

    Genevieve Schneider snapped this stunning mountain scene at BachalpseeLake, a popular hiking spot for visitors to Switzerland

  • Photographer Scott Laird's second photo to be named a finalist shows childmonks running at Mingun Temple in Cambodia

    This photo by Chee Keong Lim shows a mud-splattered man racing two bulls in atraditional race at Padang, Indonesia

  • Tourist Larissa Grieves captured this mesmerising shot, showing water reflectingoff the top of a bridge, on a canal in Venice, Italy

    Intrepid Travel received more than 7,000 submissions, including this amazingsnap by Allister Munro in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Sunrise proved to be an opportune time for Pradeep Raja, who photographed thiscow herd walking through the fog at Bagan, Myanmar

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    Most Breathtaking Travel Photos Of the Year