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  • Landscaping can be a really fun but if you run into various problems while doing your gardenmakeover project, this enjoyment can become a nightmare. To make sure everything runssmoothly, it would be best to know the most common landscaping mistakes that many "do ityourselfers" are found guilty of.

    Doing the garden makeover projects by yourself can be both enjoyable and challenging. If youwant to save some dollars, it can be more practical to do the landscaping yourself than to hire alandscaping services company. Well, these two can be true if you really know what you are doing.However, if you think that you lack the skills and knowledge needed for landscaping, you betterthink twice before you even start with the project or else, you will be caught guilty of committingany of the common landscape mistakes listed below.

  • One major mistake that "do it yourselfers" like you may commit is carrying a gardenmakeover project without a solid landscape design plan. Having an idea about how youwould design your garden and imagining how it would look like after the project is done isgood. However, just keeping your ideas and imaginations inside your brain is not reallyenough. Chances are, you may not be able to achieve the look that you want for your gardenand also, you may not be able to stick to your budget religiously.

    Before you start the landscaping task, you must be able to list down first all the things thatyou needed and draw a solid landscape design plan. Your design plan does not need to beperfect and it does not have to look like it was made by a professional landscaper. You canmake a draft of your plan in the most convenient way you know. The plan will serve as yourguide when doing the landscaping. It will also help you visualize clearer how your gardenwill look like when the landscaping project is done. If you have a drawn plan, you can beable to evaluate it upfront to know if the garden, walkways, and patios are designed with afunctional size and if they all flow into each other.

  • Some "do it yourselfers" are fond of installing plants and trees into their garden withoutthinking about how huge they can grow through the years.

    You may have already set a certain amount to pay for the plant, materials, garden decorsand furniture that you want to use in your garden. But, have you also included in your listof expenses some other things that you may need for the project? Things like buildingpermits, debris and trash hauling, portable toilet for the construction site, delivery,invisible items such as drain pipes, irrigation, and electrical materials, tools, andequipment, are all considered as expenses and therefore needs to be included in yourbudget. If you have not yet included these items in your list, then you better add them inyour expenses list to ensure that you have them all covered.

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