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  • MotifCollection Panels

    Exceptionally Easy

    To Install Beautiful Ornate

    Patterns Accepts Paint Or

    Stain Equally Well Convenient Panel

    Sizes (32 x 48) Durable HDF

    Substrate Wall Panels:

    Raised Colonial Brickwork

    Heritage Romanesque

    Colonial Custom

    Continental Classic

    Gothic Ceiling Tile Panels:

    Geometric Geometric

    Motif Collection Imagine a room that emanates charm, sophistication and grace a room where each panel provides a classic statement about your dcor, your personality, your home. Manufactured by skilled crafts people whose commitment to quality products is unsurpassed, our Motif Collection wall panels offer a multitude of stylish patterns etched into the finest quality materials allowing you to take a bland room and create a masterpiece brimming with ambiance.

    Options galore! The Motif Collection panels can be finished with paints, stains, and clear coats varnishes. We have conducted numerous product tests to assure that our panels give you the best finishing characteristics available.* Use our panels in residential or commercial applications. Beautify living rooms, offices, bedrooms, playrooms, and even ceilings!

    * Alexandria Moulding recommends a Gel Stain for optimal results when staining

    Affordable The Motif Collection is affordable elegance. Each panel motif has been painstakingly designed to capture an era, a style, a whim.

    Customize your Room! Alexandria Moulding is very pleased to offer the opportunity to customize your panels to reflect your fantasies and whims. If you can imagine it we can create it. Think of it: Your own unique images etched into our panels! Grandchildren, your favourite car, couples, beverage and food themes, etc. Just provide us with a photograph or reasonable facsimile of the image you desire and Voila! We will create it for you.

    Quality & Durability The panels themselves are manufactured to exacting standards with extreme durability. Our panels utilize the same high density fiberboard that is used in the manufacture of laminate flooring.

  • MotifCollection Panels Exceptionally Easy

    To Install Beautiful Ornate

    Patterns Accepts Paint Or

    Stain Equally Well Convenient Panel

    Sizes (32 x 48) Durable HDF


    Installation is a Breeze It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3! One of our core requirements was to ensure that our Motif Collection was easy to install.

    Step 1: Layout Lines

    Mark a reference line on the wall at the desired height. Mark off the locations of all the studs above and below where the panels will

    be located. Mark the center of the room.

    Step 2: Install Panels

    Beginning at the middle of the wall, install the panels one at a time nailing to

    the studs at appropriate locations. Continue installing panels until edges of wall are encountered.

    For inside corners, cut panels to form a butt joint. For outside corners, use a miter joint or a butt joint with an outside corner

    moulding. Sink nails into wood with a nail punch. Putty and sand wood until smooth.

    Step 3: Finishing

    Use the optional Alexandria Moulding wainscot cap and baseboard to add an elegant finishing touch to your panels.

    A variety of faux finishing techniques exist to personalize your panels. Please consult your local retailer for advanced techniques.

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