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  • 1. MOTIVATING STUDENTS How to make students participate in class

2. Are we (teachers) boring? dreadful?

  • Why has it become increasingly more difficult to get most of our students engaged in the class?

3. Questions to Students

  • What do you want to do in class today?
  • What do you like to talk about when you are with your friends?
  • What plans do you have for the weekend?
  • What was the last movie you saw?
  • Did you go to a party last week?
  • How are you doing in school/college/office?

4. Students Reaction

  • Students open themselves to topics they find meaningful.
  • They have something personal to say.
  • They can exchange ideas about the topics discussed in class.
  • They pay attention to what is said by their classmates.
  • They engage themselves in what is happening in class from minute one.

5. Teachers management

  • The teacher takes advantage of students who get engaged in the discussion in class by making them ask student to student questions as a way to start dialogues among them.
  • The teacher keeps feeding students with topics which are familiar to them.

6. Expectations

  • Students are expected to warm up by talking about things they really care about.
  • Students will find themselves as real actors of what is going on in class.
  • Students will get to know each other better and, therefore, the atmosphere in class will become friendlier.

7. Results

  • Teacher and students will work together in an effective way due to the interest on the topics discussed in class.
  • This way to start classes will make students feel more confident, and they will enter topics in the textbook with determination.
  • Once students start to talk in class, they will keep on doing so as a habit.

8. Working with textbook:

  • Always activate students knowledge in any activity
  • Rephrase or clarify key terms or words:
  • FACT

9. Production through music

  • Pick a song people of all ages like
  • Tell/ask some information about singer/s
  • Show them a picture
  • Play the song and have them identify vocabulary from lyrics
  • Have them read the song slowly articulating the words in English clearly.

10. MOON SHADOW byCat Stevens 11. George Michael 12. Dear colleagues