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  • 1. Education SitesBy: Melissa Gagne

2. Ask Dr. Math middle.html 3. Ask Dr. Math This website has many features that studentscan use. There are different kinds of maths on thiswebsite which makes it very flexible forteachers. There are numerous examples of each type ofproblem which gives students an opportunityto see different types of examples. 4. Possible Uses This website can be used in a Math classroombecause it lets the teacher showcasequestions that other students may have andways to give students the correct answer. It allows students to see problems and workon them in the classroom and then see thecorrect answers later on. 5. Best History Websites 6. Best History Websites This website has every era of history availablefor teachers and students to view. A summary of each era is broken down andgives excellent information about it. Teachers can view different types of lessonplans, projects, quizzes and fun activities to dowith his or her students. 7. Possible Uses This website can be used by going overinformation with students and showing themkey points about the era. It also allows students to view and take notesfor future references. It gives many options for fun activities thatstudents can choose from. 8. Reading Rockets 9. Reading Rockets This website gives multiple examples of ways toteach reading, go over vocabulary, incorporatereading into the classroom and much more. Gives recommendations of books to read andhow to get all students in the classroom involved. This website has wonderful reading topics thatcan be in school and outside of the classroom; italso allows parents to get involved in theirchildrens reading lesson. 10. Possible Uses This website can be used in the classroombecause students can look at various booksthey may want to read. It also gives a Just for Fun section that givesgreat ideas for activities to do. This website has many opportunities forstudents to look at reading in a fun andimaginative light. 11. NationalGeographic 12. National Geographic This website is very organized and well puttogether. Each article has great citations and examplesto show off whats new in science. This is the type of website that students wantto go home and explore more. Great games and trivia gives students a way totest what they have learned or reviewed. 13. Possible Uses This website has so many facts and games forstudents to read and play. There are many types of science on thiswebsite so it can adjust to the area thatstudents are learning about. Its colorful and vibrant, so if a teacher was toshow students off of his or her computer itwould grab the students interest. Its great for all science classes on every level. 14. Rock and Roll 15. Rock and Roll This website is a great way for Music teachersto show students about music. There are many musicians and bands that arediscussed on this website. Also great ideas of what to do in a music classare discussed. This website shows great ideas for projects,field trips and lesson plans. 16. Possible Uses This website gives students history on rockand roll and other types of music. There is education in each story and articlesthat students can read and learn. Biographies along with project ideas can begreat ways to begin a lesson. Pictures are available to view so students cansee who the author is talking about. 17. The J. PaulGetty Museum ex.html 18. The J. Paul Getty Museum This website shows great art resources thatart teachers can use to show studentsdifferent types of art. It also gives great ideas to get students tothink outside the box. It gives great tips and tools for teachers to useto help his or her students strive to do betterwith art. 19. Possible Uses Students can use this website to be inspired. There are wonderful pictures that are on thewebiste and also stories of the differentartists. Students can view this website to get bettertechniques on how to draw or set up a certainart project that they have had in mind. 20. PhysicalEducation 21. Physical Education This website has great ideas on what studentsand teachers can do for each unit. This website also shows great ways to assessstudents on their different actives. There is a Classroom mgnt tab that showswonderful ways of how to use time and rulesthat should be followed in the classroom. 22. Possible Uses Students can use this to find activities thatthey might like to do in the classroom or ontheir own personal time. There are also challenges that are on thiswebsite that students might like to do or beapart of. Students can use this website to learn moreabout their health and the health of childrenacross the world. 23. Foreign Language 24. This website is great for parents, teachers andstudents. This website allows parents andchildren to work together and also givesteachers great new ways to teach differentlanguages. Multiple languages are available for studentsto learn along with fun activities. Gives other great webiste recommendationsalong with worksheets. 25. Possible Uses This website has great interactive activities forstudents to work on individually or in pairs.Students have access to learn from dozens oflanguages! Its broken down into groups (numbers,letters, colors etc) and its easy for students tounderstand. Teachers have the option of how in depth theywant to go into each lesson.