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Whether you need someone to buy into your brand of thinking or your brand's promise, a creative, engaging presentation can change minds and behavior. These case studies and executions detail how I apply insights, discovery, humor and reflection to motivate students and consumers.


  • 1. I love marketing and learning. When done well, both contain elements of the other. The most effective ads and lessons arent seen, theyre discovered. Experienced. Remembered. Acted upon. Bad ads and lessons tend to be quickly forgottenif you're lucky. Having been both a Creative and an Educator, Im well-versed in the art of making the dull, dynamic and the complex, elegant. As a concepter, copywriter, adjunct professor and former 5th grade teacher, I get my kicks from communicating in insightful, surprising and sticky ways.
  • 2. Professional Experience Marketing Professional with a proven track record of unearthing the root cause of a challenge, then crafting the what, where, when and how of a compelling communication strategy to deliver integrated, scalable marketing programs Former 5th Grade Educator known for sparking a student's natural curiosity by introducing multiple ways of thinking, interacting and problem solving. This included researching, generating, refashioning and presenting differentiated math, language arts, reading and science lessons for mixed-ability students New Media Adjunct Professor charged with inspiring adult learners to utilize the tools, distribution and emerging platforms to create branded new media communications. Special1es Concepting and writing branded marketing communications for digital (web content and email), promotions, video treatments, print, outdoor, television and radio Adult and tween Improvisation Facilitator; Youth soccer coach Awards Communication Arts Award of Excellence, CADM Tempo Awards, Mobius Award Finalist, Clio Awards Shortlist, Chicago Show Finalist
  • 3. Marketing Portfolio | PayPal Star vs Star Mobile Promotion Concept Role: Concepter/Copywriter As part of its growth strategy, PayPal is venturing offline and partnering with retailers at their instore locations. This partnered promotional concept with Foot Locker leverages the retailers highprofile NBA star spokesmen to generate PayPal sign ups, drive traffic and repeat purchases at Foot Locker. STAR VS STAR pits All-Stars Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and Kevin Loves star power against one another when they compete to give their fans $10 or more in Foot Locker Credcourtesy of PayPal.
  • 4. Marketing Portfolio | Clorox Recipes for Fun Promotional Microsite Role: Copywriter Research told us that our time-pressed mom yearned for more quality time with her kids. She also had concerns about using a bleach spray cleaner in her home. The solution was a virtual recipes for fun destination that served up added value with dozens of simple, low cost entertaining mom and kid-bonding projects. And since each recipes mess could be quickly remedied with Clorox Clean-Up (CCU), we were able to assure her that CCU was family friendly. Fortunately, I was able to draw upon my experienceas a fifth grade teacher and father of twoto craft a voice that clicked with moms.
  • 5. Marketing Portfolio | Clorox Bleachable Moments Facebook Contest Role: Copywriter/Concepter To make liquid bleach relevant to todays young adults and parents, Clorox hit upon bleachable moments:real life, messy situations that call for a bleach resolution. I was tasked with concepting a vehicle to drive participation in their Facebook Bleachable Moments Contest. A simple "a + b = bleachable moment" equation askedviewers to visualize the cringe-worthy soiledresult.This small act of completion rewards consumers while reinforcing CloroxLiquid Bleach'srole as the go-to solution.
  • 6. Marketing Portfolio | Purina Simple As DR Website Concept Role: Copywriter/Concepter In the last two decades, pets have become treasured family members for both childless adults and traditional families. Findings showed that pet parents were unaware, intimidated and skeptical of current pet care insurance offerings. This concept positioned PurinaCares plans, options and coverage to be as simple as the bond you share with your pet. By shifting the onus off the consumer and onto a trusted brand like Purina, our pet insurance became the uncomplicated, obvious choice.
  • 7. Marketing Portfolio | United Airlines Suite Dreams Microsite Role: Copywriter When United Airlines relaunched its International First Class, it faced a formidable challenge: convince disillusioned international travelers that the airline had truly transformed its offering. Combining ethereal visuals and a sophisticated voice, the copy lets readers take flight through the numerous upgraded amenities. All evoke the reimagined experience and restful sleep guests enjoy while drowsing in their 180 flat bed seats.
  • 8. Marketing Portfolio | Sally Beauty Brand New You Web Promotion Role: Copywriter When beauty product usage skyrocketed among teen girls and boys, Sally Beauty Supply found itself in need of a makeover. Taking on a youthful, cheeky voice, the Brand New Year, Fresh New Look makeover contest told Sallys depth-of-product story in a language teens could understand. And to ensure that our contest got on their radars, our web efforts were supported with ads in Seventeen magazine and two fashion sketchbook-inspired animated spots on MTV.
  • 9. Marketing Portfolio | Disneyland Monsters, Inc. Attraction Launch DM Role: Copywriter Regardless of your theme parks name, only your latest, greatest attraction matters in todays competition for entertainment dollars. And for Disneyland in 2007, that magnet was Pixars Monsters, Inc. Playing upon the movies recognizable door and taxicab motifs, these pieces interactive components brought the films characters and storyline to life in for both big and little monsters.
  • 10. Marketing Portfolio | Electrolux Trilobite Vacuum Product Launch Role: Copywriter At $1,799, the Electrolux Trilobite is one of the most expensive and technologically advanced automated vacuum cleaners ever produced. Attracting the right audience segments meant varying how this Ferrari of vacuums came across to gadgeteers, domestic goddesses and the wealthy few who might aspire to own one. For added effect, we let the products impish bleeps and trills emote a smug air of Im so worth it. aloofness.
  • 11. Marketing Portfolio | Chicagoland Chevy Dealers Michael Jordan TV Role: Copywriter/Art Director Without a clear connection between a brand and a star, any celebrity endorsement can fall flat. Fortunately, the Chicagoland Chevy Dealers signed Michael Jordan as first-year rookie, which allowed his relationship with brand evolved along with his career. At the height of MJs global stardom, we positioned him as a great Chicagoan who just happened to drive a Blazer. Hometown fans couldnt get enough: while Ford Explorer was outselling the Blazer by 2 to 1 nationally, the Chicago Metro area remained the number one Blazer market in the country.
  • 12. Marketing Portfolio | Chicagoland Chevy Dealers Genuine Chicago TV Role: Copywriter/Art Director How do you differentiate Chevrolets models from the other domestic brands in Chicago? Build upon the national Genuine Chevrolet campaign with a local Genuine Chicago campaign comparing our car models features to those of beloved Chicago institutions like Ferrara Pan Candy, Lava Lamp, Radio Flyer Wagons and Mr. Beef. So rather than running one-size-fits all national spots with a local dealer tag, we showcased genuine hometown icons alongside our cars. The results as they say at Mr. Beef were, A beautiful thing.
  • 13. Marketing Portfolio | Verizon Wireless Build Your Rocket Opt-in Sweeps Role: Copywriter To market to a greater share of young adults and their higher ARPUs (Average Revenues Per Unit), Verizon Wireless charged us with collecting half a million opt-ins from 18-24 year-olds in six weeks. Luckily, we were able to leverage the popular Fast & Furious-tuner car culture of the moment. When the smoke cleared, we delivered more than 300 million impressions including 500,000 opt-ins with a 81% opt-in rate (vs. 30-40% industry average), and a follow-up email achieved a 15% open rate with a 6% conversion rate.