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  • 1.Motivate Writing with.... Comic Strips TeachMeet International Online Meeting 17/12/2011 By Elinda Gjondedaj

2. Why to use comic strips?

  • Authentic material
  • Combination of discourse with artistic creativity and expression
  • Visual language
  • Appeals to all the ages (Real-life language)
  • Funny way to learn

3. Writing

  • Give comics with empty bubbles...

...and ask students to give voice to the characters 4. Writing

  • Write a short story inspired by the comic
  • Write what the characters are doing
  • Describe the characters in a short
  • paragraph

Follow-up writing activities ''Anyone who sees a blank talk or thought balloon floating over the head of acharacter wants to fill it in with words and thoughts; doing so is the firststep to telling a story'' Bill Zimmerman Creator of makebeliefscomix 5. Writing

  • Ask students create their own comics strips or even books.

Created by my younger student, 8 years old Some comic book ideas:

  • My life in comics
  • My superhero story
  • My ideal world

6. Some Comic Strip Ideas

  • You have three wishes. What are they?
  • With the snap of your fingers you could change yourself. Who or what would youbecome?
  • Your charactersaregiventhepowertobeboldandbraveforone day? What greatdeeds would theydo?
  • Imagineyoucouldtalkwithacharacterfromafavoritebook. Who would thatbe? What would you talkabout?

7. How to create your own comic strip?


8. Thank you for attending!

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