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Motivating Your Team the Easy Way. Carol Jagger Area Manager, Northeast Ohio Division Time Warner Cable. Motivating your Team the Easy Way. Use one tool that is easy to administer and that encourages your team To sell services To improve attendance and performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Motivating Your Teamthe Easy WayCarol JaggerArea Manager, Northeast Ohio DivisionTime Warner Cable

  • Motivating your Team the Easy WayUse one tool that is easy to administer and that encourages your teamTo sell servicesTo improve attendance and performanceTo seek recognition that comes with being star employees

  • Goals for ProgramMotivate all employees to offer servicesEasy to launch, understand, administer and trackGenerate and keep interest of team for at least 90 daysEase/flexibility in changing focus Cost Effective and FUN!

  • Challenges for Program50 employees in 6 locations80% of employees are technicians50% with 10 years+ seniorityNew marketing plan with no traditional discounted campaign offersNew policy of tougher collection scheme for non-pays

  • Heres the ProgramBeginning April 1, 2001, Customer Service Reps & Technicians were given DIGITAL DOLLARS for sales. They could then go in to a special website and make purchases that would be delivered to them by their supervisor.

  • Lets Go Shopping!

  • Here are the Results

    Technical Sales from 2000 2001Increased New Sub sales by 40%Increased Non-Pay Saves by 4%Increased Upgrade Sales by 216%

  • More ResultsTechnical Sales from 2001 2002Increased New Sub Sales by 40%Increased Non-Pay Saves by 5.7%Upgrade Sales went down 39% over last year, but are still up 93% from 2000

  • Why Did It Work?Talk, talk, talk! Build excitement from the startFlexibility galoreImmediate gratificationFind out what types of merchandise will motivate your team and give it to themSend the digital dollars information home and get the family involved

  • What Happened Next?Non-sales incentives added to program with quarterly report cardsPerfect attendanceRepeat Service Calls within 30 daysInstalls followed by Service Calls within 60 daysCompletion RatesProductivity/EfficiencyNo vehicle accidents/property damageIndependent study

  • And Then What ?Satellite Dish Locate ProgramOver 3,000 addresses with satellite dishes were added to our database in 60 days

    Adding Serviceable Addresses to DatabaseAdded over 275 homes to our database in the Mansfield area alone in a 60 day period

  • Wait, Theres More!Converter & Modem Retrieval ProjectOne CSR in an outlying office was responsible for recovering 746 converters in less than six monthsShe also recovered 79 modems in 60 daysShe reconnected over 60 customers!

  • Unexpected BenefitsAttendancePerfect attendance for group was 32% for 2001 and is currently at 50% for 2002EfficienciesInternet self-installs are double in our area from areas not in the programEmployee ChurnNot one single Mansfield area employee in the program has resigned since the program started!

  • Questions?

    Introduce yourselfBrief summary of presentationDigital Dollars a program that we have found successful in Northeast Ohio Division to motivate team members to carry out sales campaign objectivesTake quick poll of audienceHow many are sales/marketingHow many are customer service/technical/operationsEmphasize that Digital Dollars can be usedFor any area of the businessWith any size groupAt the same time, to achieve different objectivesASK:Does anyone have website experience? Not needed! Plug and play sites available!

    To sell servicesWe started out with selling services (digital, upgrade) and then spread into other areas (retention, dish locator, etc.)To improve attendance and performanceYoull see hard numbers that show our resultsA way to recognize star employeesWe all are being challenged to keep coming up with creative ideasWHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEK TO GROW THE BUSINESS??This program means you dont have to re-create the wheel every week or every month or any time there is a new campaign or sales pushDigital Dollars becomes a program that team members are familiar with, and they know it is there as the reward basis of any effortEase and flexibility: You can change your focus from Digital Upgrade to Dish Buyback, and even go into areas like awarding Digital Dollars for productivity and attendance!

    These were some of the challenges for our Division in launching this program.

    Describe briefly how you set up the site, how simple it is because it is a turn-key operation.Heres how we launched the program:We launched at a State of the System Meeting.Went out to each system and demonstrated the programAttended technical meetings to talk about the programAsked for feedback about what they wanted to be able to buy on the web site

    [If you can, go online and give a brief tour of the site. If not, use the next two screen shots and talk about the prize categories, briefly.]Go through statistics they speak for themselves.COMPARE TO OUR CONTROL GROUP OF CAK:--New subs sales decreased by 60%--Nonpay saves down 7%--Upgrade sales down 18.5%

    CSR Sales:Already had some of the best numbers in the divisionNew customer sales:94% expanded to basic sell in97% pay to basic sell in38% digital to basic sell in--Did increase incremental Road Runner sales by about 20%Really just used as a reward for good performance for their dept.Same here, the results themselves are impressive.NOTE ON NONPAY COLLECTIONS:--Now using skill based routing3rd qtr up to 26% collection rate, some techs over 40%LETS LOOK AT CONTROL GROUP AGAIN:Started the program in April, 2002:By end of September (6 months)--New sub sales up 46%--Nonpay saves up 4%--Upgrade sales up 2%--Build the program into each meetingFLEXIBILITY GALORE:--No rules. They can give the dollars to co-workers or sell them if they want--Tech who needed additional day off--Single Mother Dispatcher--Do some fun stuffAuctions, contests, etc.

    --Send the digital dollars to house--Letter with amount per hour--Sell for Santa AuctionThe program was so well-received, that we expanded it into other, non-sales areas like these.

    Repeat service calls within 30 daysgoal is 5%Installs followed by service calls in 60 daysgoal is 3%Completion rategoal is 90%Productivitybased on TRS systemgoal is 90%

    QUARTERLY REPORT CARDforces direct supervisor to sit down at least four times per year to talk to employee about their goals and where they stand. Gives them the opportunity for coaching and feedback. No surprises at the end of the year.

    One area is paying monthly for 5% or better improvement monthly productivityOne CSRpaid $1 digital dollar for each retrieval/paid regular sales rate for reconnects.

    YOU DO THE MATH!This program has created a CULTURE in which employees feel valued and cared about, are given focus to what is important in our business, and feel like they are an integral part of the team.TECH SALES:$2 new customer with CPST$3 new customer with digital$2 upgrade to digital$3 upgrade from basic to expanded$1 high speed internet sale$5 save voluntary disc$3 save downgrade to basic from expanded$2 save digital downgrade$1--$3 full nonpay collection$2 new address added to data base$1 each dish address added to data baseNON SALES:$5 perfect attend$5/mth 5% or better repeat TCs in 30 days$5/mth 3% or better installs followed by TC in 60 days$5 web based trng$10/qtr 22% or better nonpay collection rate$10/qtr 90% completion rate$10/qtr 90% productivity$5/qtr no vehicle accidents$5/mthmost customer response cards$5/qtrno property damage