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Motivation: Dr. Sohan ChandelPsychologist and Life CoachFounder, NMET Pvt.

When why is clear

How becomes easier Jim Rohn

Necessity is the mother of Invention

Motivation is a journey from.Means to MeaningOrdinary to OutstandingTender to toughProving to Improving

Motivation is a journey from.Voice to VisionAim to AchieveTrial to Trust

Motivation is a journey from.Incentive to InnovationOptional to only option Never to forever

Daily Tips for Motivation - PeopleDedicate it to someone ( Person- Cause)Find a partner (Team up)Meet people who succeeded ( Mentors)Make your resolve public

Daily Tips for Motivation The Beginning Just begin ( beginning is half the Victory)Pay for it (It hurts, so It works)Just 21 days (Golden rule for forming habit) Just five minutes ( When you don't want to do it)

Daily Tips for Motivation: RewardsReward your self break, travel, buy etc.Celebrate Progress - Milestones Showcase your skill Praise does the raise

Daily Tips for Motivation: PenaltiesDecides Penalties for your self: Self disciplineThink of the consequences (examples from others life)

Daily Tips for Motivation: RemindersDaily reminders make it your password Write it at a place, which can be seen from your bed - While going to sleep let it sink in your subconscious mind Pose a condition on yourself I will do this ( your favorites Activity) after I have done this (the work that you are postponing)

Daily Tips for Motivation: Handling FailureKeep room for some initial failuresSome people are going to discourage youWhen you want to quit, always think WHY you started it at the first place?Patience: Do not cancel a file download at 95%

Some don'ts of Motivation QuittingAvoid negative people as much as you canAvoid too much measurement of your progress Do not take suggestion from someone who never did it.

Some don'ts of Motivation Too much Worrying about results Comparison with others Giving excuses Blaming others

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