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National Insurance Crime Bureau names the most popular motorcycles to steal, and the most popular cities to steal them in.


  • In L.A., thieves have a particular affinity for Suzukis, such as this 2007 Suzuki GSR400. Source: Wikimedia Commons 5 Cities to Visit if You Want to Get Your Motorcycle Stolen
  • Miami, Florida No. 5 on the NICBs list of the most dangerous places to leave a motorcycle unattended, Miami reported 535 motorcycle thefts in 2012. Put another way, for every 774 inhabitants of the Magic City one bike went poof! Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Indianapolis, Indiana Arriving in fourth place in this race, the Circle City boasted 584 bike thefts in 2012. On the one hand, thats certainly more than Miami. On the other hand, it works out to only one theft per 1,445 inhabitants. From that perspective, Indy looks twice as safe as Miami. Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • San Diego, California Thieves from the City in Motion moved a lot of hot metal in 2012 633 stolen bikes in all. But given its greater population, that worked out to an even safer proportion of residents to bike thieves: 2,113. Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Las Vegas, Nevada The runner-up in this contest, No. 2 stealin city Las Vegas experienced 757 motorcycle thefts in 2012. But while many people visit Las Vegas, not so many live there. Per person, thats one theft per 788 inhabitants. Sin City indeed. Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • New York, New York The city so nice they named it twice only needed one chance to win this contest. With 8.3 million inhabitants playing, it could hardly lose. But perversely, with so many residents, and only 903 reported bike thefts, NYC turns out to be both No. 1 in thefts, and close to No. 1 in the certainty your bike will never be stolen: Just one theft reported, per 9,232 residents. Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • And so you see, in motorcycling as elsewhere in life, theres lies, dam*ed lies, and statistics. New York City, it turns out, is both No. 1 in the absolute number of motorcycle thefts reported in 2012 -- and simultaneously one of the safest places in the country to leave your bike out in the open, unlocked, and unattended. Similarly, the fact that NICB places Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki ahead of Harley-Davidson in likelihood-to-be-stolen ... may speak less to the Japanese brands popularity, and to Harleys unpopularity, than you might think.
  • Maybe ... The reason so few Harleys are stolen is because theres no demand for the chop-shops output. Maybe Harley owners are such fine, upstanding citizens, that theyd never think of buying possibly stolen motorcycle parts?
  • Maybe ... Thieves just know better than to mess with someone who owns a Harley so they go and pick on the Suzuki owners instead?
  • Or maybe ... A 700-lb. Harley-Davidson is just too big to pick up and toss in the back of a pickup?
  • One things for sure. With Harley-Davidson bikes accounting for more than half the motorcycles sold in America every year, this companys bikes are much more popular among law-abiding citizens, at least than NICBs crime statistics suggest.
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