motorola moto 360 smartwatch tips, tricks, apps, plus android wear update

Download Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Tips, Tricks, Apps, Plus Android Wear Update

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  1. 1. Tips, Tricks, Apps and Android Wear Update MOTOROLA MOTO 360 Take It Personel-ly
  2. 2. The following are my favorite tips, tricks and features of my Motorolas Moto 360 Smartwatch. Plus some great apps for Android Wear. Chantal Bechervaise Take It Personel-ly @CBechervaise
  3. 3. Charging Wireless Take It Personel-ly Benefit:
  4. 4. { }Moto Body: Provides tools and trackers to help inspire healthier habits
  5. 5. Moto Body keeps track of your steps, distance, and heart rate along with the calories you burn. After analyzing my daily activity for a couple of weeks it has provided me with a daily target for activity and steps. It has inspired me to be more active and walk more. (This is great considering I have a desk job.) Take It Personel-ly
  6. 6. { }Remote Shot: Remote for the camera on your phone
  7. 7. I like Remote Shot for Moto 360. It costs $1.99 but I think it is worth the price. I have had no issues with it so far. The features of the app include; camera preview on the Moto 360, ability to take a picture anytime (even is the screen is off), ability to change settings on the watch, ability to switch to the front and rear facing cameras, and timer. You can launch the app from the apps/settings menu on the Moto 360. Take It Personel-ly
  8. 8. { }Play Music: Remote control to play music on your phone
  9. 9. Tap to turn on the watch and then scroll left from the right side of the screen to access the apps and settings menu. Click on Play Music. It will then give you the choice of playing the music on your phone or wear device. (The Moto 360 does not have built in speakers so select phone.) It will launch the Google Music on your phone and will begin playing back where you previously left off. You can pause, play and changes songs with the remote feature. Take It Personel-ly
  10. 10. { }Un-dismissing notifications
  11. 11. After swiping the notification to the right to dismiss it, if you then realize that you need to undo your action, quickly swipe from the bottom up. You will see the dismissing action appear on the screen. Tap the blue dismissing button before the white bar shows the action as being complete and you can retrieve the notification back. Take It Personel-ly
  12. 12. { }Developer Mode: Using developer mode on the Moto 360
  13. 13. Go into the settings. Scroll down to and click on About. Scroll down again until you see the Build Number on the screen. Click on the Build Number 7 times. Return to the Settings menu and Developer Options will now show. You can click on it to access a variety of developer only actions. Take It Personel-ly
  14. 14. { }Lost Phone: Find your phone
  15. 15. There is a great feature now with the Android Wear update called Find my phone. Tap the Moto 360 screen to wake it up, and then scroll left from the right side of the screen. Scroll down and click on Find my phone which will then launch a very obnoxious ring on your phone and trust me, you will want to find your phone fast to turn it off. Take It Personel-ly
  16. 16. Update 5.1.1 Wear Take It Personel-ly Android
  17. 17. Wi-Fi Connectivity Take It Personel-ly
  18. 18. Wrist Gestures (YouTube Video Will Play when Downloaded) Take It Personel-ly
  19. 19. Favorite Apps Wear Take It Personel-ly Android
  20. 20. Citymapper Take It Personel-ly
  21. 21. Sleep as Android Take It Personel-ly
  22. 22. IFTTT Take It Personel-ly
  23. 23. Todoist Take It Personel-ly
  24. 24. Endomondo (fitness platform) Take It Personel-ly
  25. 25. WatchMaker Premium Watch Face Take It Personel-ly
  26. 26. Wear Orbits Take It Personel-ly
  27. 27. Tetrocrate 3D Take It Personel-ly
  28. 28. Flopsy Droid Take It Personel-ly
  29. 29. Invaders (Android Wear) Take It Personel-ly
  30. 30. Learn all about the Motorola Moto 360 on their website. Take It Personel-ly