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Dream Big: The Imaginarium of Lucia Neare '88 In a Class of Its Own: Thirty Years On, Frances Perkins Program Still Changing Lives Te Life of the Hands: Does Hands-On Work Mean Leaving Brainwork Behind? Battling Bullying: What to do when push comes to shove


  • 18 Magical Theatre22 Hands-On Jobs

    26 Battling Bullying

    Alumnae Quart er ly Fal l 2 0 1 0

    Lynn Pasquerella 80 Inaugurated as MHCs 18th PresidentRead HeR PeRsOnaL Message

    TO aLuMnae On P.34.

    LynnIs In !

  • The Life of the HandsBy S u Sa n B u S h e y M a n n i n g 96

    at colleges, we talk endlessly about the life of the mind. But alums who work with their hands say that they havent

    left the life of the mind behind.


    Battling BullyingBy h a n n a h M . Wa l l ac e 95

    Spurred by recent suicides of bullied teens in South hadley and elsewhere, the country

    redoubles efforts to stop it. heres what to do when push comes to shove.


    In a Class of Its OwnBy l e a n n a Ja M e S B l ac k W e l l

    Thirty years after its founding, the Frances Perkins Program is a fixture on campus. But dont take it

    for granted; its still changing lives.



    n S



    Dream BIG! By ST e Fa n i e e l l i S

    The theatrical wonders of lucia neare 88 bring a sense of magic back into the lives of

    audiences in Seattle.


    P a u l S c h n a i t t a c h e r


    n B





  • On tHe COver: lynn Pasquerella 80

    becomes Mount holyokes eighteenth president.

    photo credit: Ben Barnhart

    1 Viewpoints: From Desert to eden

    2 campus currents: lynn Pasquerella 80

    inaugurated; new director at enviro. center; another

    record admission year31 Off the Shelf: Wines

    lovely history; courageous French citizens;

    paranoid parents 34 alumnae Matters:

    new presidents first thoughts; haiti volunteers;

    the art of packaging39 class notes:

    news of your classmates, and miniprofiles

    79 Bulletin Board: Buy, sleep, join, go!

    viewpointsAn Urban Food Desert Blooms

    As an Episcopal priest ministering to an inner-city congregation in the metro Detroit area, your article Cultivating a Better World (summer) really resonated with me.

    The city of Pontiac is a food desert with a high degree of food insecurity, and earlier this year a group of parishioners decided to open a weekly produce market right in the church, where we sell fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices to our neighbors in the surrounding community. Since there arent any local markets except for liquor stores, and the nearest super-market is nearly three miles away, we are the sole provider of fresh food to many people who have no access to reliable transportation.

    Although we are currently buying our food from a wholesale supplier, I am hopeful that next year we will be able to buy produce from local urban farms as the city begins turning over vacant lots to groups who want to plant community gardens.

    A former restaurant and retail food manager, I never thought Id find myself ordering cases of tomatoes again, but ministry takes many forms!

    the rev. Karen Johanns FP03Pontiac, Michigan Granny Keeps Em Laughing

    Latest MHC Alumnae Quarterly! Anyone else in stitches reading about stand-up comedian granny? (summer) I want to be her when Im eighty.

    Meg Massey 08 (Via Twitter)

    We continue to welcome letters for the printed Quarterly. Indeed, we crave them. Whats the use of singing our hearts out to an empty theater? We need your ideas, your opinions, your letters.

    Of course, we will edit your letters for accuracy, length, and clarity. You can also post your comments at especially like hearing from you by e-mail. Send your thoughts, then, to

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    The Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly (USPS 365-280) is pub-lished quarterly in the spring, summer, fall, and winter by the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College, Inc., 50 College St., South Had-ley, MA 01075-1486. Fall 2010, volume 94, number 3, was printed in the USA by Lane Press, Burlington VT. Periodicals postage paid at South Hadley, MA, and additional mailing offices.

    Postmaster: (ISSN 0027-2493, USPS 365-280) Please send form 3579 to Alumnae Information Services, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association, 50 College Street, South Hadley, MA 01075-1486.


    Fall 2010 Volume 94 Number 3


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    Class Notes EditorKRIS HALPIN

    DesignersALDRICH DESIGN DESIGN FARM (class notes)

    Quarterly Committee: Marg Stark 85 (chair), Cindy L. Carpenter 83, Olivia Chin 13 (student rep.), Emily A. Dietrich 85, Jillian K. Dunham 97, Catherine Manegold (faculty rep.), Missy Schwartz 97

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    She vows to fight for womens rights across the globe.

    Claire Wheeler 12, a mem-ber of the MHC Glee Club, was lively at lunch. Just a few hours away from performing at the inauguration of Lynn Pasquerella 80, she noted that the chosen anthem, Variation on a Theme by Rilke, featured poet Denise Levertovs moving words about the power of an indi-vidual to create change.

    Im excited to see what poli-cies she enacts, said Wheeler of the colleges eighteenth president, who in her first few months on the job had already given hints of her vision of MHC as a kind of seed bank for international social justice.

    Then Wheeler shared a senti-ment held by so many cur-

    Mhc inaugurates lynn Pasquerella 80

    rent students and alumnae and that was demonstrated by sustained cheering and clapping for almost every move Pasquerella made at the installation ceremony in late September. Its so nice, Wheeler said, hurrying off to rehearsal, to have the president be one of us.

    Lynn Pasquerella is not the first alumna to be president of MHC, but she is perhaps the first alumna to open her heart and intellect and office doors so widely to so many in such a short period of time. Its hard to find anyone who speaks of her with less than messianic fervor. As Cynthia Reed 80, president of the MHC Alumnae Association, noted in her inaugural greet-ing, it is with joy and with unabashed pride that Pas-querella has been welcomed back home.

    Spirited applause and cheer-ing greeted Pasquerella the moment she entered Gettell Amphitheatre. The festive ceremony was introduced with a procession of MHC faculty and more than 120 delegates from colleges across the country whose color-ful robes mimicked the

    unraveling the Paradox, Fulfilling the Promise

    Pasquerella was presented with the official symbols of her office: the Mhc seal, a key to the original Seminary building, and a copy of the colleges charter.

    Pasquerella was greeted with a standing ovation.

  • Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly I Fa l l 2 0 1 0 3


    campus trees that were just beginning to show their fall colors.

    Favorite professors received whoops and cheers, but it was Pasquerella who drew the greatest applause, for several minutes, as she made her way down the amphi-theatre steps, hugging every other person, it seemed. On stage, she stood in humble acceptance of the audiences welcome, including former presidents Joanne V. Creigh-ton and Elizabeth Topham Kennan 60.

    Following an invocation of the sacred force of faith, reason, and justice, by John Grayson, Professor of Reli-gion on the Alumnae Foun-dation, Walter Harrison, president of the University of Hartford, spoke with fond-

    ness and humor of his friend and former colleague.

    He pointed to Pasquerellas deep commitment to social justice for women and to philosophical inquiry, her academic specialty. He noted her accessibility and her high level of energy. He also couldnt help but relate her cheeky declaration to him during her interview for the position of provost at Hart-ford that, despite Harrisons considerable expert


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