moving toward patron intimacy: engage, cultivate, and listen

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  • Moving Toward Patron Intimacy

    Nancy Boas

    Director of Product Marketing

    Besty Holbrook

    Training and Documentation Program Manager

  • Era of Information Overload

    Every 2

    days More info created than since dawn of time

    5X daily Americans taking in what

    they did in 1986

  • Power of Customer Reviews

  • Social Media Reports

  • Extreme Customer Orientation

  • Customer Experiences Matter

  • Pre event patron experience

  • Easy Purchase

  • Cater to VIPs, Influencers

    GA holds

  • Save the best seats

  • Exclusive Access

  • 1. Auto apply

    2. Add code to URL

    3. Encourage early purchasing

  • Add info

    1. Event notes

    2. Ticket types

  • Auto Reminders

  • The event experience

  • Checklist

    1. Get people through the door quickly

    2. Use manifests

    3. Enable alerts

    4. Extend personal greetings and

    shoutouts/curtain speeches

    5. Consider the experience

  • Manifests

  • The Thank You Economy, Gary Vaynerchuk


  • Crowdsourced Ideas

  • Thermal Ticket

  • Post event patron experience

  • To Do

    1. Auto follow up

    2. Segment for highly targeted messages

    3. Patron groups/tags

    4. Send next one with exclusive (pre-sale)

    access, simple net promoter survey

    5. Solicit feedback

  • Grouping/Tags

  • Loyalty leaders grow 2.6 times as fast as their competitors

  • Source: Bain and Company

  • Keep Dialog Open

  • Thank you!

    Nancy Boas & Betsy Holbrook