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Embark on a culinary discovery of Bali, where the wild and inventive gourmet imaginings of French-American chef-visionary Chris Salans have taken root. Using modern French techniques of cooking and presentation, the classically-trained Salans incorporates both everyday and exotic Indonesian and Balinese ingredients in his cooking. The resulting flavours are sometimes surprising, but more often subtly nuanced, with unusual taste profiles that will titillate the most jaded of palates. Chef Salans calls his culinary oeuvre – borne out of years of research, and trial and error – French-Balinese gastronomy.


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    Embark on a culinary discovery of Bali, where the wild and inventive gourmet imaginings of chef-visionary Chris Salans have taken root. His multi-award-winning Mozaic restaurant located in the cultural enclave of Ubud, Bali is famous for the innovative use of both everyday and exotic Indonesian ingredients, prepared using classic French cooking techniques and presentation. The resulting fl avours are sometimes surprising, but more often subtly nuanced, with unusual taste profi les that will titillate the most jaded of palates. Chef Salans calls his culinary oeuvre borne out of years of research, and trial and error French-Balinese gastronomy. This collection of recipes many of them Mozaic classics are organised around 17 local ingredients that are essential to Chef Salans cuisine. While some ingredients are commonly found in other parts of the world, others are unique to Bali and will inspire the home cook to embrace the creative approach to food for which Mozaic has become famous. Presenting fresh and exciting fl avour combinations as well as new interpretations of old classics, Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours will introduce you to the magic ofChef Salans cuisine, and allow aspiring home cooks to recreate the Mozaic experiencein their own homes.

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    Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours combines the fresh, exciting fl avours of Bali with the classic cooking techniques of the West to produce a cuisine that is renowned not only in its home in Bali, Indonesia, but throughout the culinary world. The story of Chef Chris Salans and his award-winning Mozaic restaurant is told through a collection of recipes that not only tantalise the palate, but show readers what can be achieved when quality ingredients are combined with spontaneity and imagination. The recipes are organised around 17 ingredients found in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia, all of which are keys to the inspiration behind the sublime dishes at Mozaic. Each key ingredient in the recipe section is introduced with information on its origin, character and use in local cuisine, followed by notes from Chef Salans and tips on their selection and handling, and suggestions for sourcing and substitutes, if any.

    Born to a French mother and American father, Chef Salans recognised his calling as a chef at a young age. Eschewing a career as a doctor for training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, he has worked for luminaries such as David Bouley and Thomas Keller. In 1996, Chef Salans helmed the restaurant at The Legian in Bali, where he began a real love affair with the bright fl avours and unique tastes of Balinese food and ingredients. His ability to apply classic French skills and techniques to the produce of Bali has won him legions of fans from all over the world.

    Diana DarlingDiana Darling is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of The Painted Alphabet: A Novel Based on a Balinese Tale, a former editor-in-chief of Latitudes magazine and has published numerous essays on Balinese society. Diana was born in the United States and moved to Europe in 1973, where she lived in Italy and Paris carrying out independent work as a sculptor. She has lived in Bali since 1980 and is currently working on a novel about the serial invasions of Bali in the 20th century. Philippe HeurtaultFrench photographer Philippe Heurtault was born in France in 1952 and fi rst discovered the mysteries of the darkroom at age 16. His passion for photography led him to work with fashion legends such as Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint-Laurent in the 1970s. Known for his work in magazines like Vogue, Playboy and Vanity Fair, Philippe has also worked for advertising agencies such as Publicis and McCann Erickson. He divides his time between France and Southeast Asia.




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  • VANILLA BEAN 31mozaic of cuttlefi sh and exotic fruitswith vanilla dressing 33

    vanilla-roasted gindara, braised endives and wild mushrooms with grape-red wine reduction and aromatic ginger sauce 34

    CASSIA BARK 37chocolate mousse with cassia bark,cocoa crisps and kumquats 38

    cassia-confi ed veal with curried jerusalem artichokes, cocoa coulis and cassia foam 40

    TORCH GINGER FLOWER 43ginger fl ower sorbet with fresh strawberries and lime leaves 44

    sesame-crusted tuna with tomato, belimbing wuluh and rosewater apple salad, and ginger fl ower relish 46

    truffl e-steamed coral trout with grilled watermelon salad, purple carrot pure and pomegranate-torch ginger coulis 48

    TEMPEH 51tempeh-crusted king snapper with yellow bell pepper sauce and asian greens 52

    crispy seared sweetbread and truffl e linguini with a tempeh-truffl e crumble 54

    BLACK RICE 57black rice bread 58

    mandarin sorbet with bubur injin andblack rice crisps 60

    KLUWEK NUT 63steamed squab and wilted greens in a kluwek broth with fresh galangal 64

    grilled thunderfi sh with kluwek-black olive sauce, sambal kluwek and bell peppers 66

    CURRY LEAF 69curry leaf-steamed bass, burnt caulifl ower, trumpet mushrooms and curry meunire 70

    slow-roasted lamb with a curry leaf-infused demi-glae, eggplant caviar, cardamom reduction and fresh yoghurt 72

    PEPPERCORNS 75tabia bun-marinated venison with wilted cabbage salad, tenggulun berry-infused red wine reduction and toasted spices 76

    green peppercorn-chocolate mousse with lime glaze and peppercorn-wine reduction 78

    ceviche of langoustine on the half shell with andaliman pepper and caviar 80







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  • JACKFRUIT 83young jackfruit and cpe mushroom soup with cpe satays 84

    rack of lamb with balsamic reduction, cardamom gele and jackfruit salad 86

    crispy duck and young jackfruit civet with ripe jackfruit relish and wild cress sauce 88

    STARFRUIT AND BELIMBING WULUH 91pan-seared foie gras with sweet and sour belimbing wuluh broth 92

    carpaccio of starfruit, belimbing wuluh, strawberries and mint 95

    ROOT SPICES: GALANGAL, GINGER AND TURMERIC 97langoustines in a tea of bumbu kuning 98

    seasonal exotic fruits marinated inspiced passion fruit broth 100

    wagyu carpaccio in rendang oil with cpe mushrooms and parmesan emulsion 102

    BASA GEDE 105crispy pork belly marinated in basa gede, curried onion stew and parmesan foam 106

    basa gede-confi ed salmon fi llet with gingered apple pure, salad and caviar 108

    TAMARIND 111rock lobster with rujak sauce,barley risotto and girolle mushrooms 112

    langoustines wrapped in mushroomswith basa gede-rujak dressing 114

    LIMES: KAFFIR, KALAMANSI AND LEMO 117kalamansi sorbet with vanilla risottoand pineapple confi t 118

    barramundi confi t with kaffi r gele, kaffi r lime dressing and shaved fennel salad 120

    NUTMEG AND MACE 123nutmeg sorbet with snake fruit confi tand sprite-kaffi r leaf emulsion 125

    pan-seared foie gras with apple,saffron and nutmeg pure 126

    PALM SUGAR 129palm sugar and coffee-marinated wagyu beef tenderloin with mamey sapote pure 131

    turmeric-chocolate fondant and palm sugar ice cream with asian salad 132

    DURIAN 135durian mousse with jackfruit sorbet,milk crisps and cassia emulsion 136

    durian-chocolate caramelised fi lo with black rice sauce and coconut emulsion 138


    GLOSSARY 141

    INDEX 142


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  • 9preface

    For over 15 years, Bali has been my home, my host and my inspiration. Over those years, I have

    admired this beautiful island and she, in turn, has provided me with a bounty of amazing ingredients

    that have allowed me to create Mozaic and its signature tastes. Like many of you, I have longed for this

    cookbook for some time and it fi nally gives me great pleasure to be able to share my experiences and

    my passion for Bali as a chef, restaurateur and resident. Bali is undeniably famous for its rich culture,

    generous people, and stunning beaches and surf. While these attractions have helped make her what

    she is to so many people today, I hope to do my part in helping put Bali and the Indonesian terroir on

    the culinary world map.

    I wanted to share what Bali has given me in terms of ingredients and rich culinary culture, as it has

    helped me fi nd my footing in the culinary world. Browsing the traditional markets, having family, friends

    and suppliers introduce me to unexpected tastes and fl avours it is through these daily discoveries

    that I have been able to create magic at Mozaic. Embarking on this project, though, I had no idea of the

    work, time and commitment involved in translating my embryonic ideas into what was to become this

    cookbook you now hold in your hands.

    To this end, some key people have been instrumental in sharin