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2. The Mozilla Project and its Communities Alex Wafula Mozilla Kenya@mozillakenya, @xelawafs 3. The Mozilla ManifestoThe Mozilla project is a global community of peoplewho believe that openness, innovation and opportunity are key to the continued health of the 4. Mozilla Kenya 5. Mozilla Africa 6. Mozilla Africa more to do 7. Oh and not forgettingAntarctica 8. OK, so how can you Contribute / 9. Mozilla Reps - 10. Student Reps ProgramEmail me: 11. Projects and Events 12. Projects and now...themobile web 13. So whats Mozilla all about?Text 14. Empowerment!! Text 15. Questions? Alex Wafula Mozilla Kenya Email: xelawafs@gmail.comTwitter: @mozillakenya, @xelawafs@mozillakenya, @xelawafs