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  • How to contribute in

    Mohamed Abo-El Fotouh


  • Our mission is to promote openness,

    innovation & opportunity on the Web.


    We try to achieve our goal by building and promoting software like

    Firefox and tools like webmaker.

    We want to see the Power and potential of Internet and want to

    see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.

  • Volunteer

    with Mozilla!

    10,554 137 87

    active Mozillians


    upcoming events

    around the globe

    languages and

    counting, on every


  • Volunteer as much as you like. Or as little.

    Its totally up to you.

  • Coding

    If you know C++, you can contribute to Firefox OS, and other Mozilla products

    If you know JavaScript or HTML/CSS, you can contribute to the front-end of Firefox

    If you know Python, you can contribute to Firefox Sync or Persona

    If you know C, you can contribute to a number of low-level and third-party libraries

  • Quality assurance

    Quality assurance testing is a great way to get familiar

    with Mozillas tools

    You can Ensure the quality of

    Mozillas applications.

    Mozillas web applications.

    Firefox for Android.

  • Helping users

    Mozilla Support is a community of volunteers and employees whom are trying to give supports to their users

    around the globe .

    It is used by more than 400 million people.

    If you Contribute in helping users your contributions will reach millions of users worldwide.

  • Spread the word

    You can help Mozilla to spread the word about how Firefox and other Mozilla projects are building a better


    share your love of Firefox and other Mozilla products

  • Localization

    Get involved with Mozilla by making those Products

    available in your language

    Firefox. Thunderberd. Firefox OS. Mozilla Support. Official websites. Webmaker. MDN.

  • Web development

    If You know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python then You can get involved with making Mozilla's web sites

    even better.

  • Add-ons

    If you've used Firefox add-ons before, you know that they're capable of some pretty impressive features.

    You can get involved with Mozilla by making Add-ons .

  • Documentation and writing

    You can help Mozilla in making their documentation better by providing comprehensive , accurate, and up-to-date

    information about Firefox Mozilla


  • Who we are ?

    Firefox Student Ambassadors are

    individuals from around the world who are

    passionate about Mozilla and want to spread

    the word about the many benefits of Firefox

    and our products especially Firefox OS !

    They act as campus guides for people who

    want to contribute to Mozilla and function as

    leaders for campaigns and projects that help

    build a brighter future for the Web globally.

  • Why you should join FSA !

    To become a part of the Mozilla community

    To gain leadership experience as the point person for Mozilla on your


    To earn awesome Rewards and Recognition

  • How to Sign-Up?

    If you're 18 or older and currently associated with an

    institution of higher education (students, professors and

    administrators are all welcome!),

    please visit our wiki page to find our how you can

    become a Firefox Student Ambassador:

  • What We Do? The Firefox Student Ambassador program exists to empower

    students with the tools and resources need to:

    Promote Firefox (Desktop and Andriod)

    Support the successful launch of Firefox OS in communities (and

    Campuses) around the world.

    Educate others about Mozilla's Mission.

    Grow the Mozilla Community.

  • Whats a Firefox Club?

    Firefox Clubs are a group of Firefox Student Ambassadors who are

    passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many

    benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products especially the FIREFOX OS!

    FSA play a major role in helping improve the global experience of

    people on the Web.

  • CONTACT iNfo