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Mozilla Jordan in the Arabic Mozilla Regional Meeting


  • 1.Mozilla JordanBriefingRegional Meeting Amman, Jordan 25/6/2011Issa MahasnehCoordinator, Mozilla Jordan

2. About Mozilla JordanCommunity-basedWorks for a free,accessible and openwebCreated by Jordanianswho believe inMozillas products andmission 3. Vision and ObjectivesLet Jordanians know more about the OpenWeb, promoting its values and encouragingmodern web technologiesUser engagement and community marketingin JordanHighlight Mozillas vision and projects locallyEstablish Jordan as a regional hub inpromotion of openness and innovation on theInternet 4. Main ActivitiesFirefox Download Day 5. 2008 - Firefox Download DayLocation: IrbidDownloadingFirefox 3 on allJUST IT campusPCsFirefox campaignin Irbids InternetStreet 6. Firefox in PetraLocation: PetraCelebrating 1billiondownloads ofFirefox 7. Firefox in Petra 8. Firefox in Petra 9. thMozilla Firefox 5 AnniversaryLocation: Amman 10. thMozilla Firefox 5 Anniversary 11. thMozilla Firefox 5 Anniversary 12. Meeting with Joi Ito 13. 2011: ActivitiesParticipation in AmmanTT Expo 14. 2011 Activities AmmanTT: Majormonthly IT event inJordan Attended by +500technologists,entrepreneurs, users, bloggers and IT experts Promotion of new features of Firefox 4 Encouraging Jordanians to switch to Firefox Pushing to Open Web values for developers and ITgeeks. 15. 2011 ActivitiesMozilla Developer Hacks 16. Mozilla Developer HacksMonthly eventEmpowering Jordanian developers with skillsrelated to Mozilla and web technologies 17. Mozilla Developer Hacks#0 Firefox Extension Development, HTML5CSS3, ECMAScript, Open Web, Add-ons,Jetpack, Mozilla Drumbeat... 18. 2011: ActivitiesMozilla Jordan MeetupLocation: Souk Jara, Amman 19. Mozilla Jordan Meetup