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If you're looking to learn more about Mozilla Open Badges and Mozilla Backpack, this webinar is for you. Listen to the webinar, presented by James Ballard here:


  • 1.RECOGNISING ACHIEVEMENT 2014 Webinar Series James Ballard Victoria Simpson

2. 0-5 mins Welcome and Orientation 5-10 mins Session Introduction 10-40 mins Presentation Screen share 40-55 mins Questions Discussion 55-60 mins Conclusion Session Outline What you can expect 3. 15th Jul - Responsive Design 29th Jul - Open Badges 12th Aug - ScaffoldLMS Administration 9th Sep LTI / TinCan (xAPI) 7th Oct e-Portfolios 11th Nov - Assessment Introduction ScaffoldLMS Webinar Series 2014 4. INTRODUCTION POLL Activity 1 5. 1. Understand Open Badges What is the Open Badge standard? 2. Using Badges in e-Learning Why are these useful to learning? Ideas for good practice 3. Awarding Badges in ScaffoldLMS Criteria for awarding badges Integration with Mozilla Backpack Objectives What we hope you will get out of the session 6. WHAT ARE OPEN BADGES? Section 1 7. Community Activities Game Progress Peer Endorsements Backpack Collection My Badges A personal reflection 8. Mozilla Open Badges Understanding the badges movement What can they do? Recognise skills and achievements. Badges count towards your education, career and lifelong learning. Earn anywhere. Take everywhere. Create meaningful collections and share on social networking and job sites. Prove skills. Explore the data behind each badge to verify skills, achievements and interests. 9. Awarding Badges Code Academy: Completed 1st Lesson Complete the Blackjack Project Lost data during system failure 10. Awarding Badges Dallas City of Learning: Attended Summer Program 2014 Helped 3 artists paint city murals Volunteer for 20 hours 11. Awarding Badges Digital Leader: 12. Most Popular Merit Badges Awarding Badges 1. First Aid 2. Swimming 3. Environmental Science 4. Citizenship in the World 5. Citizenship in the Nation 6. Camping 7. Communications 8. Citizenship in the Community 9. Personal Fitness 10. Family Life 11. Personal Management 12. Emergency Preparedness 13. Rifle Shooting 14. Fingerprinting 15. Cooking Least Popular Merit Badges 1. Programming (new in 2013) 2. Bugling 3. Sustainability (new in 2013) 4. American Business 5. Journalism 6. American Labour 7. Stamp Collecting 8. Surveying 9. Drafting 10. Composite Materials (new in 2008) 11. Landscape Architecture 12. Entrepreneurship 13. Gardening 14. Public Health 15. Theatre Merit badge popularity in the Scouts 13. AUDIENCE QUESTION Activity 2 What gives a badge value? 14. IMPLICATIONS FOR E-LEARNING Section 2 15. Function of badges Recognise learning Assessment of learning Motivation aid Tracking progress Goal setting Reputation building Alternative credentials Community building Proposed Uses of Badges A solution to a problem or still looking for one to solve? 16. e-Learning Development What will change for content developers Adopting Badges Who chooses which badges are issued? Hierarchy or community? Who chooses which badges one can earn? Pathways or Sandbox? Who determines how the badges are displayed within relevant communities? 17. The Good Shared community goals Recognised valued achievement Motivation for learning (intrinsic) Evidence of learning (incl. prior learning) The Bad Gaming the system Increased expectation of extrinsic reward As a souvenir The ugly As a technology of power As a symbol of exclusivity As an act of cultural production Guidelines What to look out for when designing badges 18. Design Process Building badge design into your processes Badge creation - Who determines what badges exists and what one can attempt Badge attainment how is this embedded as part of the learning process Badge value how is value evolved in the learner community and beyond Badge display how will our users share their achievements and with whom 19. SCAFFOLDLMS DEMO Section 3 Issuing badges Earning badges Displaying badges 20. Moodle Badge Constraints You cannot earn the same badge multiple times Badges are not upgradable you earn new badges Badges cannot be automatically used as a criteria for other badges Highly complex cross-course criteria keep it simple Limitations Some things you cant do with badges as implemented 21. Q&A DISCUSSION Activity 2 22. CLOSING POLL Activity 3 23. THANK YOU ScaffoldLMS Webinar Series 2014 More information: @scaffoldlms