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Snapshots - Supporting professional learning at Mt Roskill Grammar

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Images from Mt Roskill Grammar School's e-learning lead team inquiry


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Snapshots - Supporting professional learning at Mt Roskill Grammar

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Collaborative space for curriculum


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Proposal: To upskill a select group of students to be experts in using iLearn and MyPortfolio as well as other eLearning tools. Rationale: We need to be taking steps to be prepared for the digital global age. Supporting a school of 2400 is not a one man job. It makes sense to have a team that can play a supporting role in helping students and teachers alike with iLearn and MyPortfolio amongst other tools – even using a data projector takes a little time to learn. We have experts within our student body already – some have had a leadership role in the sphere of using eLearning tools since primary (Tech Angels). This role would develop key competencies within the students such as giving them an opportunity to develop leadership and community service skills.

E-Lead teacher’s initiative

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Using iLearn to engage and to challenge – eg. audiovisual links

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E-lead teacher reflectionsExploring different collaborative tools

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E-lead teacher reflections

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Within days of student emails being

activated, students are using them to ask

questions – Miss is delighted to be


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Lead by example – we will establish

collaborative student spaces as we learn by

using SkyDrive for our team learning

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Student VoiceHow does ICT help you with your learning? Resources are always at your fingertips, whether it be definitions or help from social media. A lot, iLearn English and NZQA are amazing. It helps me do some revision before a test or exam It helps me understand in depth the general knowledge I need to know. research is faster and easier. i am able to find information on the school website when at home, so i can complete homework It was best from my learning to have this support from ilearn at home and school work. It gives me the revisions and information from my studies so I can pass my exams because of my learning in MRGS. it helps me catch up on work that I have missed in class (if the notes are on iLearn) A key aspect in aiding with learning. First place to go if something was not understood in class or wanting to reinforce further what was learnt. By having essential notes online and accessing them It helps me as I cannot write fast i helps for my research in subjects like biology It helps me connect with people and gives me access to essential resources like past exam papers or achievement standards. it helps me know how to use different sorts of documents that I've never used before e.g:scratch, flash. Makes learning less dull. Something new to do to learn. Looking up resources for assessments or research projects. quite well, Bestchoice is very useful for chemistry YES it does. without the help of the internet i dont know how i would complete my assignments, etc.

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How could ICT best be used to help you in your learning at MRGS? Regular class updates and useful resources that are easily accessible. By giving students access to computers during class times. To be honest, nothing beats old-school teaching but ICT would help very much in saving time when research needs to be done because time is always an issue when it comes to school-work. have interactive game to do with the topic to have all the notes on iLearn so I don't have to copy them down (instead of only having a few of the notes) Establishing communication with teachers outside of school environment is a key tool to learning. Being able to seek help or advice over the weekend or school holidays from subject teachers would help greatly if uncertain with things in related subject. Communication outside of school should be established. By involving programming too Teachers should put up more notes and bits and pieces up on ilearn as it encourages us to learn and access it more. for those who own one, be allowed to bring a laptop or ipad (if you own one) to school. A printer possibly in the common room for seniors if they have a laptop to print assignments. for those who don't, have more allowance on students using computers in class rooms as well as library but only with a teacher of course. Allow faster internet service from school computers. Try to have ilearn up and runningat all times so students are able to access the resources available from ilearn whenever there is a need for it. by having teachers online so questions can be answered at home Seriously speaking, people study more on facebook than they do on ilearn as there many study groups on facebook which helps people clear their doubt. Faster net will not waste valuable learning time in class. If there could be certain, discussion forums, on certain subjects e.g. maths year 12. Better yet, each subject class could have their own forum, so students can communicate, and share their problems, and get their teachers help outside the classroom. Provide us with games that teach us instead of mindless exercises which bore us and make us less receptive toward the teachings. we could have faster internet at school, because it takes a very long time to load pages when the whole class is using the internet.

Student Voice

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