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  • 1. By: Jessica Derr MU iPhone App

2. Problem

  • Many people can forget to carry their Miami ID with them
  • People living off campus are more likely to forget their Miami ID
  • Without a Miami ID you cannot purchase food, get into your dorm room or even get into a bar uptown

3. Solution

  • Get rid of the Miami ID
  • Students always carry their phone with them
  • Create an iPhone app that allows students to purchase food in dining halls, enter dorm halls, and get into uptown bars.

4. How it works

  • Click on the iPhone App titled MU on your phone
  • Your Miami University ID will appear with a bar code underneath
  • When scanned the bar code will allow a person to purchase food, gain access to their dorm, or present anyone who needs it with your Miami ID

5. Purchase Food from Dining Hall

  • Tell the dining hall attendant ringing up your food you wish to pay by phone
  • The attendant will push the purchase by phone button on the cash register
  • Then they will use the bar code scanner (all dining halls have one) to scan the bar code on a students phone accepting their purchase
  • When the bar code is scanned the amount of the food purchased will be subtracted from your meal plan account balance
  • YouTube - IMS

6. Gain access to dorms

  • There will be dorm scanners to allow a person access to the dorms
  • The person simply holds their phone under the scanner and the door will unlock to gain entrance

7. Use ID uptown

  • Many bars uptown such as Brickstreet require people under 21 to show their Miami ID in order to get in (I know this because I used to work the door at Brick)
  • A person over 21 must present 2 forms of ID: a drivers license and a Miami ID
  • The MU app will allow a person to show their Miami ID at the door so unders do not have to carry their ID and overs only have to carry their license.

8. PAY BYPHONE Person at the cash register will push this button before scanning the bar code on your phone 9. Click on the MU App Miami U. 10. Make the picturelarger bytouching it 11. 12. Miami ID on the phone

  • The picture on the Miami ID is too small
  • By adding the Miami ID on the phone the dining hall attendants and person at the bar will able to know that you are who you say you are
  • They can touch the picture to enlarge it so they can be certain that it is your phone ID