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MUD ART Innovation Starts With Education new concept of MUD studio Never too late for a career change Make-Up Designory // 2013 // spring summer Garden of Dreams

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Innovation Starts With Education Never too late for a career change New concept of MUD studio Collection Garden of Dreams Simple, smart, versatile make-up A Face Behind The Products, Francine Reich Once an artist, always an artist! Ema Bavcon Professional Beauty Made Easy Future Proof - HD Air Giodani: photographer


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Innovation Starts With Education

new concept ofMUD studio

Never too late for a career change

Make-Up Designory // 2013 // spring summer

Garden of


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Art. Beauty. Creativity.

Inspiration. Style. MUD.

Make-Up Designory brings together high quality cosmetics,

education, and passionate make-up artists to create brilliant

products for everyday and professional use. This versatile brand is

the ultimate leader in make-up education and an integral part of the

make-up world.

MUD has trained some of the most talented make-up artists in the industry.

Each year hundreds of students from around the world study the art of beauty

make-up and the intricacies of prosthetics and special make-up effects.

Unlock your creativity and embrace your dreams by allowing Make-Up

Designory prepare you to begin your journey as a make-up artist or simply

show you how to look your best for every occasion.

Make-Up Designory Los Angeles

129 S. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502 818-729-9420 [email protected] [email protected]

Make-Up Designory New York

375 W Broadway # 202 New York, NY 10012 212-925-9250 [email protected] [email protected]

Make-Up Designory Europe

Rimska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe 00 386 1 6200 348 [email protected]

MUD ART 2013 // production: Endemit advertising agency // // creative and art director: Maja Kešelj // MUD image photography: Urban Modic, Peter Giodani // graphic design: Maja Kešelj, Polona Kopačcover photo: Peter Giodani // make-up: MUD Europe team

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Director of Education

Make-Up Designory’s Paul Thompson is a professional make-up artist

with a span of over 20 years of experience and over 15 years in

education. Supervisor over the MUD campuses, Paul oversees the daily

educational programs, recruitment and training of all faculty members

for MUD. He also designs, writes, edits and markets textbooks and

workbooks while creating the lesson plans, seminars and company

training programs. Thompson’s textbook entitled, Character Make-Up

was published in 2005 followed by the second edition published in 2009.

In addition to teaching at Make-Up Designory and UCLA Extension,

Thomas has lectured all over the world for major cosmetic companies

such as MAC Cosmetics, Max Factor & Company and Kryolan Cosmetics.

His professional credits include the co-creation of the very first silicone

bodysuit for Luke Perry in Robin Cook’s Invasion (NBC mini-series).

He has created numerous make-up effects for commercials and has also

supervised film and television projects for the MUD/FX Group. Over the

course of his career, Mr. Thompson has worked with many prominent

actors, musicians and entertainment personalities including Janet

Jackson, and Whoopi Goldberg.

“It’s not about our

teaching; what we

really care about is that students learn.”

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haring the passion for excellence is the key

element for the accomplished professional make-

up artisans that founded Make-Up Designory well

over a decade ago. The MUD family believes that

creating a rigorous academic environment helps

to foster creativity so that students from around the world get

the best experience possible.

MUD instructors have years of professional expertise while working

with some of the biggest names in film, television and fashion. These

committed professional make-up artists teach a variety of subjects to

help them discover their own unique style.

Versatile Skills MUD programs and courses are designed to teach

a wide range of practical and specialized skills, including make-up

artistry and hairstyling, as well as character make-up and special

make-up effects. Constantly updating the curricula, MUD ensures

that students are learning the latest techniques used in the industry.

Supportive Atmosphere Whether students are currently enrolled

in classes or have already graduated, they have access to ongoing

career advising and networking opportunities, as well as continuous

career placement assistance. From beginning a new career by

learning the basics, to enhancing your expertise by taking a single

course, MUD programs are designed to bring make-up artistry to

students of all levels.

Graduates of MUD have moved on to amazing roles in Hollywood,

Broadway, the runways of Europe and beyond. Building your own

dream isn’t easy, but with the strong foundation of experience,

students are well on their way to building their very own custom

made aspirations.


Innovation Starts With Education

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Shawn Janifer is a make-up artist and male groomer that

got her start at MUD. As a groomer, she has had the

pleasure of working with actors and entertainers such as

CeeLo Green, Idris Elba, Denzel Washington, Cedric

the Entertainer, Laurence Fishburne, and Gary

Oldman - and with hip hop personas such as Kanye

West, T.I. and Andre 3000.

ne of Janifer’s favorite clients to work with has been CeeLo Green,

whom she describes as fearless. “CeeLo is an inspiration to many

around the world that you do not have to be a cookie cut of what

people expect you to be, but you can be who you are with all of your

society inflicted ‘flaws,’ and make people love you for them.”

Another favorite has been Idris Elba, who once saved her from making a bad marriage.

“During the production of Takers, I was considering going to Vegas and eloping with a

guy I’d only known for a few months, and Idris insisted on meeting him. He invited my

friend to the set and grilled him. Needless to say, we didn’t get married.”

Just goes to show that you never know how your experience working in the

entertainment industry will pay off!

As a former student of MUD, Janifer says that one of the most valuable lessons

she’s learned is that professionalism and personality go a long way. “Working with

celebrities, you need to know when to be quiet, when to make them laugh, and when

to leave the room without them telling you to.”

Before studying to become a make-up artist, Janifer worked at the Department of

Justice as a budget technician for 13 years, showing that it is never too late for a

career change. Her advice to current students and aspiring make-up artists? “Always

practice your craft, network, follow up, and build great relationships.”

But also: “Once you’ve built those relationships, honor and respect them. Your clients

must feel as though they can trust you. They want to know that they can let their hair

down and say exactly how they feel while you guys are just chillin’ in a random green

room and you’re not going to run and sell their story to TMZ.”

Words to live by! Shawn Janifer has already had a fulfilling career, but her future looks

even more promising. We wish her the best of luck!


Never too late for a career change

MUD student spotlight


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Make-Up Designory (MUD) was founded over a decade ago by accomplished professional make-up artisans. Today we

immerse students in the fundamentals of make-up artistry for the entertainment, fashion, and retail cosmetics industries

at bi-coastal campuses in Los Angeles and New York or in MUD studios around the world. Our state-licensed instructors

have years of professional expertise in their respective fields of film, television and fashion. They can train you in a variety of

subjects and help you discover your own unique style.

MUD programs and courses are designed to teach a wide range of practical and specialized skills. We review and update

our curricula on a regular basis, to make sure you’re learning the latest techniques. MUD students also have access

to ongoing career advising, networking opportunities, and continuous career placement assistance. We’ve created an

environment where you can gain the skills, the vision and the discipline to work alongside the very best in your industry of

choice. What’s your dream? Our programs are designed to help you achieve it.

What’s your dream?

Make-Up Designory Los Angeles 129 S. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502, phone: 818-729-9420

Make-Up Designory New York375 W Broadway # 202, New York, NY 10012, phone: 212-925-9250

MUD studio international locations

Unlock your creativity and embrace your dreams by allowing Make-Up Designory to prepare you for your journey as a make-up artist.

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// Eye Color: Pink Grapefruit, Cashmere// Cake Eyeliner: Black// Mascara: Volumizing

// Brush: #210 Angle Liner Brush // Cheek Color: Glow// Lip Glaze: Cupid

Garden of Dreamsspring summer 2013

MUD Shops USA: LA, 129 S. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502, NY, 375 W Broadway # 202, NY 10012, MUD Europe, Rimska cesta 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia, //

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Begin with the Perfect Foundation

Apply Eye Color To The Center

Blend Eye Colors

Line the Eyes

Add Flare To The Lashes

Sweep On Cheek ColorHighlight the

Cheek Area

Add Shine To The Lip

2. Apply the Cashmere Eye Color on top of the lid and sweep the color up towards

the eyebrows.

6. Sweep the Glow Cheek Color from the apples of the cheeks to the outer

corner of the eye. Repeat for more color and to intensify the look.

3. Place the Pink Grapefruit Eye Color in the inner tear duct of the eye and blend

towards the center of the lid. Then apply towards the outer corner, blending towards the center.

7. For a soft highlight, use the Cashmere Eye Color to the top of the cheekbone

and under the eye.

1. Start off the look with a fresh base foundation using MUD Cream Founda-

tion or HD AIR products.

5. The Black Volumizing Mascara adds to the look with more length and shine. The

MUD #500 Mini Fan Mascara Brush gives you a more precise application.

4. Using the #210 Angle Brush, line the Black Cake Eyeliner on the top of the

lid, just above the lashes. For a more dramatic look, thicken the line or add a winged angle towards the end of the lash.

8. Apply the Cupid Lip Glaze over the entire lip.

Finished lookstep by step

new collection

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Special make-up effects have come a long way from the days of cotton,

wax, latex, and spirit gum. Their modern construction and application have

progressed to include the use of many exotic materials. Foam latex, Foam

Gelatin, Pros-Aide Transfers, Silicone Gel Filled Appliances, and an array

of adhesives have made their way into the arsenal of material used by the

special make-up effects artist.

The history of make-up effects can be traced to the beginning of the motion picture in-

dustry. Creative actors – determined to push the envelope of their craft – used spirit gum,

cotton, and mortician’s wax to create special character effects. Spirit gum and mortician’s

wax were applied and sculpted directly on the actors face to create new features such as

noses, eyebrows, and injuries. Techniques like this – although effective – were delicate,

time consuming, and easily destroyed through perspiration and facial movement. Great

care had to be taken to design make-ups that would allow for facial movement, as morti-

cian’s wax would not retain its shape on high movement areas of the face. These out of

the kit make-up effects were the beginning of today’s special make-up effects technology.

Not long after the movie industry began, pioneering make-up artists discovered a new

material to create character appliances. It was soft, light, durable, and could stretch and

move with the actor’s face. In addition, it allowed the artist to duplicate a character’s ap-

pliances as many times as needed. This ground breaking innovation is now commonly

known as foam latex.

Foam latex appliances have been the industry standard for decades, and have been

used extensively for facial appliances – full, over-the-head character masks and full body

creature suits. Foam latex is a combination of natural latex with a foaming agent, a cur-

ing agent, and a gelling agent. The components are carefully weighed and mixed at high

speed, then refined to create a whipped-cream like substance. This foamed latex is then

MAD FORpoured into specially prepared molds and baked in an oven at low temperature. After 3-4

hours, depending on the size of the appliances, the molds are carefully opened and the

foam latex appliances are removed.

It has taken many years, but foam latex is slowly being replaced by translucent make-up

materials such as foamed gelatin, silicone gel filled appliances, and Pros-Aide transfers.

Although foam latex will still have a place in the creation of large, bulky special make-up ef-

fects – many artists are opting to use translucent materials for character make-up effects.

Gelatin has been used as a special make-up effects material for many years. It was espe-

cially well suited for out of the kit burn make-ups, as well as many forms of construction

make-up. Gelatin crystals – when mixed with hot water – create a stretchy, translucent

gel that can be quickly sculpted directly on the skin. But one of the problems with this

technique was that as the water in the gelatin evaporated, it would eventually shrink. In

addition, if an effect using gelatin had to be duplicated more than once, it was very difficult

to re-create exactly.

Years later, a gelatin formula was created by replacing the water with glycerin (a sweet

tasting syrup) and Sorbitol (an artificial sweetener). This new formula allowed make-up

effects artists to create soft, flexible translucent appliances that could be colored with

liquid make-up or colored flocking in molds like foam latex. One of the advantages of

gelatin appliances is the fact that they could be colored with a small amount of make-up

or flocking, and retain the translucent quality of human skin.

But when large, full face appliances were first created and applied, a critical drawback

was discovered. The heat from the actor’s body – in combination with their perspiration

– attacked the gelatin appliances, causing them to melt and split on the actor’s face. Be-

cause of these limitations, special make-up effects artists were very cautious in the use of

“Special Make-up Effects” is one of the most creative, challenging, and technical forms of make-up artistry. The term itself was coined to classify make-up techniques that go beyond the traditional “paint and powder” methods used in the film and television industry. Specifically, this refers to the application of materials and / or “appliances” that change the shape of an actor’s face or body.


Karl Zundel, Vice President of Make-Up Designory

FXby Karl Zundel

Page 11: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

gelatin as an appliance material. These problems were eventually overcome by the use of

sealers to create a barrier between the actor’s skin and the appliances.

The search for translucent, durable appliance materials continued with the use of silicone.

A silicone formula was developed that combined a durable outer skin with a soft, flexible

gel on the inside. This silicone gel-filled appliance material had all the translucent benefits

of gelatin with the durability of foam latex. At first, these silicone formulas were carefully

guarded secrets, but eventually silicone systems were available to any special make-up

effects artist that wanted to experiment with them.

Pros-Aide transfer appliances are another recent development. Special make-up effects

artists discovered that the water based adhesive Pros-Aide – when frozen – created a

sticky, translucent, stretchy material that retained its shape. To make Pros-Aide appli-

ances, excess moisture is removed from the Pros-Aide, and colored flocking is added to

create the desired translucent skin tone. The typical process of making the appliances

requires that they be made in flat, open faced silicone molds; a special transfer paper is

used to prepare them for use on an actor. Pros-Aide transfers are very effective for small

character appliances and excellent for scars, cuts, and injury pieces.

With such a wide range of materials and techniques, it is essential that someone in-

terested in make-up artistry and special make-up effects training choose a school that

provides in-depth training in each of these areas. Special make-up effects are an es-

sential component of any professional make-up artist’s studies for the film and televi-

sion industries. Being a well rounded make-up artist with a strong emphasis in special

make-up effects will make one a valuable member of any make-up team or production.

A make-up artist with the ability to apply all types of make-up – from beauty and cor-

rective to character techniques and special make-up effects – will be qualified for the

widest range of opportunities.

Hands on training has always been the best way to learn the skills need-

ed for special make-up effects artistry. Make-Up Designory has thus di-

vided special make-up effects into two categories: application and lab

construction. The special make-up effects application course is known

as Special Make-up Effects 201: Character Make-up Artistry. This course

focuses on character development with an emphasis on prosthetic ap-

plication. Students are supplied with a box of prosthetics, and learn the

skills needed to apply foam latex, foam gelatin, Pros-Aide transfers, sili-

cone gel filled appliances, and many other special make-up effects tech-

niques. Students learn the different application and coloring procedures

for each material, as well as which material is best suited to the budget,

pre-production time, and shooting location of a given production.

The lab construction course is known as Special Make-up Effects 301:

Lab Techniques. It focuses on the lab techniques and formulations re-

quired to produce different types of prosthetic appliances. The course

takes students step by step from the life cast to design, sculpting, mold

making, prosthetic construction, and application. Each student completes

several projects to develop and perfect their lab skills. The final project for

each student is a full head silicone gel-filled appliance make-up.

Today’s special make-up effects industry continues to push the enve-

lope of technology, but will always rely on trained, skilled artists to cre-

ate movie magic.

Paul Thompson and Karl Zundel made the first ever full silicone creature suits for TV movie called “Invasion”

Paul Thompson, Director of Education for Make-Up Designory

Special make-up effects industry continues to push the envelope of technology, but will always rely on skilled artists to create movie magic.

Watch: Special FX Make-up Tutorial - Foam Latex Prosthetic Application “Dweller”

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Simple, smart, versatile make-up

Award winning Mascara

MUD Accessories

HD AIR Kitwith 22 Shades


Award-winning Cream and Volumizing Mascaras, rich

in pigment for even coverage and lush with fiber to

maximize and lengthen for super-volumizing results.

Brush applicator allows ultra-smooth application and

control for individual users, whether creating a subtle

daytime look or glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable

tube is ideal for professionals and everyday use.


An exciting new collection of professional quality tools

and accessories has been added to the ever-growing

MUD line. Whether it’s disposable applicators needed

to complete a look or travel spray bottles for storing

liquids, MUD’s accessory line is sure to meet the needs

of professional and everyday use.

Tweezers, eyelash curlers, brush holders, cosmetic

cases, a stainless steel palette and palette knife are

just a few of the of the many new accessories that

come packaged in individual, reusable pouches. Take

advantage of MUD tools and accessories. A must-have

for every make-up kit!

Developed specifically for use with the airbrush, this

silicone-based formula goes on smoothly to create

sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance. HD

AIR products work seamlessly with any MUD product.

Choose from 22 shades, many of which have been

formulated to match certain MUD Cream Foundations,

Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows. The new HD

AIR Kit contains all 22 shades.

Make-Up Designory cosmetics combine the newest technology and the finest ingredients available for professional make-up artists and celebrities all over the

world. With a simple design, extraordinary formulations and high concentration of pigments, MUD has created a truly inspiring line of cosmetics.

Made to perfection by make-up professionals, MUD Cosmetics is a trusted brand among make-up artists who demand long-lasting, high performance and

professional quality, while creating beauty and art.


Page 13: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013


Every single MUD product was created with the insight and expertise of professional make-up artists to

serve the needs of the consumer and has been carefully checked for quality. We conduct rigorous testing

for our MUD line of products through industry experts in challenging, real-world situations -- from the harsh

conditions of remote film locations to the bright lights of Broadway, to ensure we meet professional standards

for both today and tomorrow. Through this trial by fire, we continue to perfect each product until we see

consistently exceptional results. Only then does it receive our “MUD-Certified” stamp of approval. From our

award-winning mascara to our creamy foundations, luxurious lipsticks, and silky eye shadows, each of our

distinctive products performs as it’s meant to: precisely and beautifully. It’s all about honest performance.

Tate Holland, CEO of Make-Up Designory

“ “

Watch: Behind the make-up: A Tour of our MUD Store in New York

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CREAM FOUNDATIONThe Basics: From a sheer natural look to a flawless full-coverage finish, these versatile Cream Foundations are easy to apply and hold up beautifully under the most extreme condi-tions. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application. Find your perfect match and use it alone, or blend colors like the pros to achieve a specific skin tone.

WB 2 WB 3 WB 4 WB 5

CB 2 CB 3 CB 4 CB 5

YG 1 YG 2 YG 3

GY 1 GY 2 GY 3

DC 5DW 5


Artist favorite - Cream foundation

Among the favorite MUD products is undoubtedly cream foundation.

The high pigmentation 55%, pigmentation of most cream foundations

is between 20% and 30%, allows MUD cream foundation greater

coverage and less use of a product. Due to the high concentration

of pigment you can always dilute MUD cream foundation with

MUD primer so you get liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer.

With the addition of silicone cream foundation is easier to apply, it doesn’t stay in

wrinkles, is more persistent and you spend less powder in the dust for fixing. The

texture is silky soft and final look is satin matte. I am also excited about the MUD AIR

brush foundations that are color matching with cream foundations, so you can use

two different applications on the same face of the product. You shouldn’t be

worry about separation of each other.

Empera, MUD instructor


Page 15: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

DUAL FINISH PRESSED MINERAL POWDERThe Basics: A lightweight pressed powder foundation that can be applied wet or dry to create a silky, smooth finish. Use dry for a soft matte look or damp for more coverage. The lightweight, talc-free formula works beautifully with all skin tones.

CORRECTORThe Basics: Creamy, pigment rich correc-tors designed to conceal and camouflage skin imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars, blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles. Blend with Make-Up Designory’s Cream Foundations for a flawless, full coverage make-up.

BRONZERThe Basics: Sheer pressed powder Bronzers add a warm glow to any skin tone. Dust lightly over the entire face for just a hint of color or intensify application to create more dramatic effects. The perfect finishing touch for any look.

LOOSE POWDERThe Basics: A finely-milled Loose Powder that creates a beautifully soft, smooth finish. So ultra-light, it stays on the skin’s surface without settling into fine lines. The silky-smooth formula applies evenly and comes in a spectrum of delicate tones from no color at all to a deep, rich brown. Perfect for setting foundation. A must-have to conquer shine.
























Artist favorite - Correctors

If I would have to choose one favourite

product it would be the correctors. You

can use them pure on mix it with the

foundation or primer. With the diversity

of colors and it’s texture it is easy to fix

redness, dark circles or even more difficult

skin problems. The biggest advantage of

these correctors is that I can make people

happy with them. Clients look even more

amazing and the result is always like

expected. I love them!

Nathalie Baert, Lead Make-up Artist MUD

studio Belgium



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EYE PENCILThe Basics: Versatile Eye Pencils soft enough to line the eyes, yet firm enough to define brows. Color glides on effortlessly, whether lining eyes precisely or shaping and filling in brows. Avail-able in natural, pigment-rich colors to comple-ment every skin tone.

CAKE EYELINERThe Basics: A long-lasting, water-activated liner known for its precision and versatility. The make-up experts’ choice that’s perfect for everyday use. Create subtle or dramatic looks effortlessly with this professional-quality eyeliner. Go from a super fine line for everyday wear to a thicker line for more intensity.

BROW FIXThe Basics: Keep brows groomed and gorgeous with Brow Fix. This non-flaking gel formula sweeps on with a brush applicator for maximum precision and convenience. Squeezable tube is ideal for use in a professional make-up kit, or to create sleek brows on the go.

The Basics: Vibrant and silky Eye Colors, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting color. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting color or to use as eyeliner.
































Artist's favorite - MUD cake eyeliner (black & brown)

This is not just one of my favorite MUD products, I’m literally in love with it! Total control and precision is what this product does for me.

With the #210 brush, I can easily make a perfectly natural line in just two strokes. This product gives me freedom to express my artistic ideas.

In my opinion MUD Cake eyeliner is ‘’A MUST’’ for every make-up artist much like the pencil is infallible for every artist!

Vanja Djuran, MUD Lead Makeup Artist Ljubljana



Page 18: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013


Page 19: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013











SHEER LIPSTICKThe Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks in an array of translucent colors compliment skin tone from extra-light to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula leaves lips feeling soft and supple.

SATIN LIPSTICKThe Basics: Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colors.

LIP PENCILThe Basics: Pigment-rich Lip Pencils soft enough to shade the entire lip, yet firm enough to line and define with precision. The long-lasting color glides on easily to complement Make-Up Designory’s luscious lipsticks and glosses. Creamy enough to mix colors and create your own shade.

LIP GLOSSThe Basics: Rich, luminous Lip Glosses that leave lips feeling smooth and hydrated with radiant shine. They glide on easily, never leaving lips feeling sticky or heavy. Use these slick glosses alone for a sheer wash of color or layer over lipstick to enhance the shade.

LIP GLAZEThe Basics: Light, emollient Lip Glazes deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick sweep of color on the go, or use a brush for more precise application.











Artist’s favorite - MUD Shine Lip Gloss

Hands down my all time favorite lip gloss on the planet. It never fails me and an absolute must when on set for all my editorial fashion shoots. By

itself as a sheer wash of glistening shine or over a bold bright color to enhance texture. This rich luminous lip gloss leaves lips feeling smooth and

glossy with a radiant shine. It has a beautiful light pink tint that adds the perfect natural glow to the lip. Yet another MUD product I couldn’t possibly

live without.

Reiva Cruze, MUD Lead Makeup Artist New York



Page 20: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013



CHEEK COLORThe Basics: Versatile powder Cheek Colors formulated with pigment-rich ingredients for a smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum of beautiful colors – from soft and natural to bright and bold – that will add warmth and intensity to all skin tones.

COLOR CREMEThe Basics: Sheer, non-greasy cheek and lip colors add a fresh glow to the skin. Use alone to create natural warmth, or over foundation for a colorful finish. Creates glowing color that ap-pears to radiate naturally through the skin.

FACE PRIMERThe Basics: Lightweight gel Face Primer works beautifully with Cream Foundations to create a flawless, long-lasting finish. Apply directly to the skin prior to foundation using a sponge or your fingertips to create an extra smooth surface, or mix into foundation for a creamier consistency.


The Basics: These refreshing towelettes leave skin feeling clean while removing all traces of

make-up. No water necessary. Convenient resealable packet keeps towelettes moist and

ready for use. Perfect for life on the go.













Artist’s favorite - Irresistible sweet cheeks

If you haven’t tried our sweet cheeks color creme, you have to get one now!!! It’s my favorite tool when working with teenagers, they look absolutely

beautiful and super natural. Sweet cheeks is amazing when you are at the beach and want to wear a little makeup but in a very fresh and natural look.

Want to look healthy but nothing too extravagant? Well, this product is the winner! It is perfect for this occasion. The way I recommend to use it is to ap-

ply it over your sunscreen, a little bit on your lips, on your cheeks, and over your eye lids, then just a little mascara and you are ready to go. I absolutely

love it. It’s simply IRRESISTIBLE!”

Ana Paula Celis, Mexico head make-up artist


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Page 22: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Fine, tapered point is ideal for creating extremely thin lines when using cream or cake products

Tapered point allows for a precise, even application

Fine, sharp angle is perfect for creating precise, even lines

Small oval shape works great for Eye Color detail

Flexible oval shape allows for easy color application

Soft, full oval shape is ideal for blending Eye Color

Wide, tapered bristles allow for quick and even coverage

Firm oval shape helps to blend and apply Eye Color with control

Long, tapered bristles are porous yet soft to the touch and are ideal for blending Eye Colors

Dense, soft, short bristles are ideal for creating a smoky eye

Small, fan-shaped bristles allow for coverage from the inner corner to the outer edge of the eye

Fine angle is ideal for applying cream products to hard-to-reach areas

Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise lip line

A travel-sized brush for lip line application on the go

Straight, narrow edge is ideal for under the lash line, for maximum coverage

Straight, tight edge helps to create and blend lines with precision

Soft fan-shaped bristles are ideal for removing powder from under the eyes and other hard-to-reach areas

Dense bristles are soft to the touch and angled for precise, controlled contouring

Dense, dome-shaped bristles are soft to the touch and ideal for gently gliding color onto the skin

Ultra-soft bristles remove and deposit powder products with ease

Squared, flexible bristles are versatile and easy to manipulate to achieve a variety of character looks

Tapered bristles are ideal for applying cream products to hard-to-reach areas or for creating a precise lip line

Ultra-fine bristles blend cream products smoothly and evenly around the face






#920 angle liner

#900 round liner

#100 round liner

#350 shadow blender

#210 angle liner

#500 mini fan mascara

#330 shadow fluff

#300 shadow blender

#340 large oval

#320 oval shadow

#810 smudger

#800 crease

#310 lip

#310s lip - portable

#510 duster

#720 powder

#700 cheek contour

#400 narrow flat

#940 foundation

#710 powder/blush

#930 concealer

#910 stipple

#410 wide flat BROWS/FACE/EYES





Page 23: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013



4 HOLE EMPTY EYE COLOR PALETTEThe Basics: This empty palette holds four of the MUD Eye Colors. Perfect for traveling or carrying in a make-up bag for touch-ups.

8 HOLE EMPTY CHEEK / EYE COLOR PALETTEThe Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 8-Hole Palette allows the user to combine six refill Eye Colors and two refill Cheek Colors. This versatile palette is great for traveling or on-set use.

10 HOLE EMPTY CHEEK COLOR PALETTEThe Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 10-Hole palette is slim and profes-sional. Holds ten MUD Cheek Colors.

12 HOLE EMPTY EYE COLOR PALETTEThe Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 12-Hole palette is slim and profes-sional. This palette holds twelve MUD Eye Colors.


TRAVEL BRUSH CASEThe Basics: Now you can take your favorite make-up brushes wherever you go. This sleek, envelope-style travel brush pouch has been custom designed to hold MUD travel size brushes, including the #210S, #300S, #310S, #330S, #710S, #800S and #810 series.* The lightweight yet durable black microfiber material wipes clean, and the convenient magnetic closure keeps brushes in place during transit.

* Note: Brushes are sold separately

COSMETIC BAGThe Basics: Keep personal make-up supplies organized with this sturdy cosmetic bag. It’s perfectly sized to hold professional length make-up brushes, MUD’s Eye and Cheek Color Palettes and Travel Brush Case, and small enough to fit into a purse, gym tote or travel bag. Durable black microfiber material is easy to clean, and ideal for everyday use.

PENCIL SHARPENERThe Basics: Creates the perfect point for lip and eye pencils. Metal blade works smoothly and easily with precision. Convenient cleaning stick helps to remove product from blade and inside sharpener.


The Basics: Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed, disposable Professional Make-up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces and density keeps cream products from absorbing into sponge. Use wet or dry for smooth, even application.



Page 24: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

TWEEZERSThe Basics: These precision-crafted, stainless steel slant tweezers allow for a perfect grip for cleaning up around the brow area.

EYELASH CURLERThe Basics: Create perfectly curled lashes with Make-Up Designory’s professional stainless steel eyelash curler. The redesigned arch creates an even curl without creasing. One replacement silicone pad included.

MANICURE SCISSORSThe Basics: Trim facial hair, brows and false eyelashes with these professional stainless steel manicure scissors.

HAIR SCISSORSThe Basics: These professional quality stainless steel shears are perfect for trimming natural or synthetic hair for a variety character looks.

DISPOSABLE MASCARA WANDSThe Basics: Create flawless lashes using Make-Up Designory’s individual Disposable Mascara Wands. Universal to any lash type with a flexible tip for easy application.

DISPOSABLE PAPER PALETTEThe Basics: This wax coated Disposable Paper Palette is ideal for easy clean up in between make-up applications. Use to mix foundation, lipstick, lip glosses, glazes together and create quick custom colors.

2 OZ SPRAY BOTTLEThe Basics: Keep liquids organized and separated with Make-Up Designory’s plastic 2oz spray bottles. Conveniently sized for travel and fits perfectly into any professional kit or cosmetic bag.

COTTON MAKE-UP APPLICATORSThe Basics: Professional quality, double sided point tip applicators are a must have for any make-up kit. The firm, pointed tips allow for precise application and blending, giving ultimate control.

POWDER PUFFSThe Basics: Create a flawless, matte finish using these soft velour puffs. Specifically designed to pick up and hold powder for an even application. Available in packs of 2 or 10.

35-WELL PALETTEThe Basics: Conveniently store up to 35 of your favorite lipsticks and cream products in this sleek plastic palette. Great for organizing customized colors for easy access on set.

ORANGEWOOD STICKSThe Basics: These finely grained wooden sticks are ideal for applying MUD’s false eyelashes.



Page 25: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

EYELASHESThe Basics: Professional quality eyelashes, in a variety styles from natural to high-fashion.



Page 26: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013




WB 2 WB 3 WB 4

WB 5 CB 2 CB 3

CB 4 CB 5

DW 5DC 5

GY 3GY 2GY 1

YG 3YG 2YG 1

HIGHLIGHT/ SHADOW PALETTEThe Basics: Creamy Highlights & Shadows are perfect for contouring cheekbones or sculpting dimension into the face. Slim the face, minimize strong features and highlight cheeks or jaw with these versatile shades.

FOUNDATION PALETTE #1The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series of cool-to-warm, light-to-medium shades of cream foundations are versatile and easy to apply. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application, coverage holds up beautifully under the most extreme conditions.

FOUNDATION PALETTE #2The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series of yellow-green, light-to-dark shades of cream foundations are versatile and easy to apply. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and application, coverage holds up beautifully under the most extreme conditions.

CORRECTOR PALETTEThe Basics: Creamy, pigment-rich correctors designed to conceal and camouflage skin imperfections. The ultimate cover-up for scars, blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles. Use alone or blend with Make-Up Designory’s Cream Foundations for a flawless, full-coverage make-up. Available in eight refillable colors.

CHARACTER/FX PALETTEThe Basics: The Character/FX Palette is designed for creating a variety of injuries including cuts and bruises, and is formulated to hold up under today’s extreme production environments. This innovative palette will help you achieve a wide range of unique character looks.























8-HOLE UNFILLED PALETTEThe Basics: Convenient 8-Hole Palette comes empty to make it easy to customize any combination of Make-Up Designory’s refillable cream products. Reusable eco-conscious palette eliminates the need for disposable, one-use make-up holders. The experts’ choice for its versatility and smart design.

STAINLESS STEEL PALETTEThe Basics: Reusable, stainless steel work palette is a must-have for blending colors and other make-up products.

PALETTE KNIFEThe Basics: Stainless steel palette knife is a must-have for removing cream make-up products from pots and palettes, quickly and easily. Protects make-up from cross-contamination.

HD AIRThe Basics: Developed specifically for use with the airbrush, this silicone-based formula goes on like make-up – rather than paint – to create sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22 shades, many of which have been formulated to exactly match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows. Also includes six colors for extra versatility when mixing and color-matching. Also available, the HD AIR Kit with all 22 shades included. WB 2 WB 3 WB 4

CB 3CB 2 CB 4

CB 5

YG 1 YG 3

GY 3DW 5








SET BAGThe Basics: This durable, uniquely-designed Set Bag is perfect for organizing all of your make-up related essentials in one place for easy access. The large center compartment is surrounded by handy pockets for storing bottles and cans. A must-have for every make-up artist.

3-N-1 BRUSH HOLDERThe Basics: This custom designed, 3-N-1 Brush Holder boasts three convenient functions, each ideal for keeping brushes organized and protected. Wear it as a waist belt for work on the go, use it as a stand-up holder for easy access to tools, or simply roll it up to store your brushes safely. Durable black belt has a protective flap and several pouches to hold brushes and other essentials.


The Basics: Note every detail while creating unique make-ups using MUD’s custom designed Continuity Face Charts. The porous paper allows for realistic blending when using make-up or colored pencils. brushes




skin carecleanser


make-up primer




cheek color







lipslip color


lip pencil

make up artist

© 2011 / Make-Up Designory Printed on Green Seal Certified Recycled phone // 818.557.7619 / 212.925.9250


Page 27: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Artist’s favorite: MUD HD AIR

I was amazed. With HD AIR I found the

easy way in controlling accuracy of the

color gradation and light equability. It gives

me the power of sculpting the face and

changing its features with absolute ten-

derness. Working on two different music

videos with Middle East celebs, both of

quite different skin nature and age, has

proven the quality and durance of HD AIR

products. Even after 30 hours of filming,

facing different types of harsh weather

conditions and lighting, the foundation

was never affected.

Mahmoud Morshed Beauty gate Egypt



Page 28: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Francine Reich

A Face Behind The Products

What started as a simple passion for cosmetics and

make-up artistry, blossomed beyond adoration for

Francine Reich, Brand Manager for Make-Up

Designory (MUD). Francine was exposed to the

world of beauty at a young age. Growing up in the

mecca of fashion and entertainment in Los Angeles,

California, she was always surrounded by the

professional make-up community. By the time she

was 20, she received certificates from two make-

up schools, in addition to a cosmetology license.

She began freelancing as a professional make-up

artist on film sets and photo shoots, which gave

her the opportunity to familiarize herself with various

cosmetic lines.

Francine’s journey led her to Make-Up Designory where she joined the team in 1998 to

launch the first MUD shop, a facility for students to purchase make-up kits and class

materials. There, her interest grew in product development. She realized it was time to

create something that was unique and would perform up-to-par with industry standards.

As a result, she instinctively began working alongside a team of chemists and experienced

first-hand the ins and outs of make-up development. She learned what it takes to develop

a premium brand and slowly created a full-range of high-quality make-up products that she

felt MUD’s instructors could use while teaching.

As MUD grew, Francine’s role as a brand manager became clear. It was necessary to

design and produce a professional line of cosmetics that were long-lasting,

wearable, and radiant on and off the camera. Francine took the lead in MUD’s

newest endeavor and began managing and designing the MUD line of products.

“Make-Up Designory had become a world leader in make-up

education, and I knew that the company could also

succeed in producing a world-class cosmetics

line,” said Francine on what motivated her to start

a product line. She started with the basic 12 Eye

Colors and moved on to a full line of color cosmetics.

Francine became inspired to create user-friendly

packaging as soon as MUD’s graduates began requesting products to sell to their own

clients. Looking to keep the same quality cosmetics, Francine, and a team of designers,

decided to incorporate the idea of education into the packaging, website and how-to videos.

The incentive was the public. She knew the public craved not just high-quality cosmetics, but

the tricks and techniques applied by the professional make-up artists. She wanted the public

to actually utilize a professional brand that was used on numerous celebrities. After all, MUD

is built by education. Why not give the public a taste of what the professionals are doing?

Today, Francine works closely with MUD’s expert make-up artists to develop innovative new

items. Whether she’s in the lab picking out the color of MUD’s next eye shadow, creating

a unique new package for mascara or testing out the formula for ingredients, Francine

continues to strive for excellence to meet both the standards of consumers and professional

make-up artists.


Page 29: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

One of my deepest childhood memories brings me in front of a white

blank wall in my room, where I left a huge circle trace of pink lipstick.

My parents have never really scolded me because of that pink

circle, so I’ve always felt comfort and freedom with artistic

expression. I’ve been dedicated to art for as long as I can

remember. Painting, drawing, sculpting, designing,

redesigning. Thanks to the Faculty of Education

and their art program, I could train myself in a lot

of different art fields. I think that was crucial for

my chosen professional path because that

really satisfied my curious nature.

It was pretty simple in my case. One day I woke up and I simply knew what

I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Make-up.

I invested all of my time and energy in that. It took a lot of sacrifices, but I am

grateful for every situation and person on the way. Without them, I couldn’t

be here. I couldn’t be what I am.

It’s been a year since my professional journey brought me to MUD Europe in

Ljubljana, and since then I just haven’t been able to go away. I am in love with

their concept, vision, product and, most importantly, the team. With them,

even hard work becomes easy and fun.

Beside that, they enable me the time for my second passion.

Redesigning accessories made of materials found on flea markets,

vintage shops, old closets/wardrobes, etc.

The message I want to give with my art is based on encouraging

people to embrace their uniqueness and individuality, to seek beauty

i n little irregularities and highlight their attributes, to think differently and

t o celebrate their personality through their appearance. I give them opportunity to start anew,

and at a same time I am thanking them for carrying out the work, which I really enjoy.

Once an artist, always an artist!

Ema Bavcon



Page 30: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

For years, Make-Up Designory has been known for its

high quality cosmetics and make-up education at its

schools and stores in Los Angeles and New York. MUD

studio is an endeavor to bring the best of what MUD has

to offer to markets around the world. With MUD studio,

we are creating a new first class make-up experience.

Join our personal enrichment workshops and learn how

to apply make-up like a pro!

sleek new make-up boutique that provides the customer with a

unique educational retail experience. At MUD studio, MUD certified

make-up artists and educators give knowledge to the customer as

soon as they walk through the door. Weekend and evening seminars

are available for professional makeovers and tutorials. For MUD studio locations

with an educational classroom, the experience evolves from make-up enthusiast

workshops to pro-level classes – eventually allowing the student to join the ranks

of MUD certified artists or continue their education at one of our main campuses.

Students that participate in the personal enrichment workshops learn the secrets

of professional artists with the purchase of their kit.

These non-vocational level workshops are open to anyone, and are designed for

people that want to enhance their knowledge of make-up application. Offered at all

MUD locations, everyone has the opportunity to let their beauty through!


Personal Beauty ThatShines Through


Page 31: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Hours: 3.5 Class fee: FREE

Hours: 3.5 Class fee: FREE

Evening Looks

Description: Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists to create a beautiful and youthful look for any evening engagement. The instructor will give you the tools to create a make-up for any evening occasion.

Natural Day Looks

Description: Creating a natural, no make-up look can be one of the more challenging aspects of make-up artistry. We will guide you through the process of applying make-up so it not only looks natural and minimal, but also looks clean and helps each person to look their very best.

Kit items: 4-hole Eye Color PaletteEye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Concord, PixieColor Crème: TulipLipstick: Sandy Beach, Just PeachyLip Gloss: ShineLip Pencil: NaturalEye Pencil: Rich Brown, Taup, Black ForestCake Eyeliner: BlackVolumizing MascaraTravel Bag

Kit items: 4-hole Eye Color PaletteEye Color Refill: Bone, Chamois, Sienna, BronzedCheek Color Compact: PoppyLipstick: Just PeachyLip Pencil: NaturalEye Pencil: Rich BrownTravel Bag

Hours: 3.5 Class fee: FREE

Hours: 3.5 Class fee: FREE

Hours: 3.5 Class fee: FREE

Smoky Eye

Description: Learn how to create a smoky eye with our talented team of make-up artists. We will walk you through the process of layering eye shadow and creating the most amazing effects with the smallest amount of product.

5 Minute Looks for Women on the Go

Description: Don’t have much time to put on make-up? In this seminar we show you fast ways to get flawless results. Apply make up in this seminar as our professional make-up artist assists you in achieving the look you want in less time and with less effort.

Teen Make-Up

Description: Learn to properly apply make-up for you and your teen/tween from professional make-up artists. These age appropriate lessons show how much make-up to use and the proper way to apply it. We will explain and demonstrate the techniques to cover blemishes and make it look natural.

Kit items: 4-hole Eye Color PaletteEye Color Refill: Dulce de Leche, Chamois, Espresso, OnyxEye Pencil: BlackCream MascaraTravel Bag

Kit items: 4-hole Eye Color PaletteEye Color Refill: Chamois, Apricot, Sienna, GraphiteCheek Color Compact: GingerbreadLip Glaze: Spicy, BareCream MascaraTravel Bag

Kit items: 4-Hole Eye Color PaletteEye Color Refill: Taupe, Pixie, Bone, CashmereColor Crème: TulipLip Glaze: CantaloupeVolumizing MascaraTravel Bag

Personal Enrichment Workshops



Page 32: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Professional Beauty Made Easy

Our Pro I. Make-Up Artist class is the first step in realizing

your dream to become a make-up artist. Beauty Essentials

provides the basics to further your development in the

world of make-up artistry.

he Pro I Make-up Artist class is our 84 hour Beauty Essentials course.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate and Pro I Make-up Artist

card directly from Make-Up Designory. In addition to these core classes,

we offer a series of specialty courses that can be taken once you achieve

the Pro I Make-up Artist level. Choose to complete one or all of the specialty courses.

A specialty card and certificate are awarded for each specialty. If you complete the

four course specialty courses, you will receive a certificate and Pro II Make-up Artist

card. For pro-level artists that want to take their education to the next level at one of

our main campuses, these credits will be accepted.

Inside the kits, you will find the MUD products, course books and other printed

material needed to complete the course. Each kit also contains a course completion

application and unique serial number for your personalize certificate.


Page 33: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Description: This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up, with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry. Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must. In this course, you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correc-tion, contours, and highlights – as well as a focus on eyes and lips. The course concludes with complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.

Foundation ModuleDescription: Students will focus on the techniques required to maintain a professional and sanitary working environment. In addition, the technique of choosing and properly applying foundation is taught.

Highlight & Shadow ModuleDescription: The foundation of all make-up, highlight and shadow are the key to correcting problem areas and truly making someone beautiful. In this module, we will discuss the basics of color correction and how to properly use highlight and shadow.

Eyes & Lips ModuleDescription: Just as the title says, we will be focusing on the two areas that allow for the most creative freedom. Before learning how to be creative with eyes and lips, you’ll need to know how to be corrective and properly address each area. The focus of this module is layering eye shadow, eyeliner positions, lashes, brows, and color correction of lips.

Finishing ModuleDescription: This module completes the four modules that are the framework of “The Core Skills of Beauty Make-up.” The focus is on creating complete make-up looks that enhance the overall beauty of an individual. This module draws upon the skills learned in prior modules in order to create a make-up application that corrects any issues while still achieving a natural look.

Hours: 84

Pro I. Make-up Artist

Beauty Essentials

Page 34: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Pro II. Make-up Artist

High Fashion Make-up TrendsDescription: Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists working in ad-vertising and editorial. In this course, you will work with professional models and a professional photographer to create portfolio quality imagery.

Studio Make-upDescription: In this course, students are exposed to film and television production and the make-up required for today’s demanding sets. Learn how to work with high-definition cameras and learn what is required of the make-up. We will also be focusing on the no make-up look.

AirbrushDescription: Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying makeup. In this course we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly care for and maintain it. In addition, we teach the techniques to do beautiful, flawless beauty make-up. Learn the techniques that are being required by the major shops as well as demanding clients.

Hours: 35 Core specialty

Hours: 35 Core specialty

Hours: 35 Core specialty

Hours: 14

Hours: 35

Avant-Garde LooksDescription: Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists in runway and editorial to make creative and wild make-up creations. We help students open themselves up to the creative process and harness the power of creativity.

Bridal Make-upDescription: Learn the techniques used to do a successful consultation with a bride and fam-ily members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business.

Special Make-up EffectsDescription: Creating out-of-the-kit effects and applying prosthetic appliances are staples of profession-al make-up artists. Learn to apply foam gelatin and Pros-aide transfer prosthetic appliances. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly coloring the latest technology in translucent prosthetics, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects.

Hours: 21 Core specialty

Page 35: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Future Proof



We are proud to announce HD AIR, developed specifically for use with airbrush. This silicone-based formula goes on like make-

up – rather than paint – to create sheer, beautiful coverage with a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with any MUD cosmetic

product. Choose from 22 shades, many of which have been formulated to exactly match certain MUD Cream Foundations,

Cheek Colors, Highlights and Shadows. Also includes six colors for extra versatility when mixing and color-matching.

MUD Shops USA: Los Angeles, 129 S. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502, 818-729-9420, New York, 375 W Broadway # 202, NY 10012, 212-925-9250,, MUD Europe, Rimska c. 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia, +386 1 6200 348, //

// Dewy appearance// Great coverage

// Perfect for HD close ups// Long lasting results without caking or smearing

Page 36: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

Every day I asked myself “What am I doing

wrong?”. Looking back to the past ten years

I realize that the things I did in my life were

always in service of someone else. There was

no time to feel what living was, no time to actu-

ally understand what dreaming was all about.

And yet, when I stood before my class teach-

ing the one thing I was so passionate about, it

just didn’t do it.

MUD studio Belgium

NathalieMUD studio Belgium lead make-up artist

t actually took my quite some time to realize what the problem

was. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend, Gianni, that things

suddenly became clear. The problem was not what I was

doing, but how I was doing it. There were a thousand things

I would like to change so bad about the curriculum content,

a thousand things I could add or update but all those new ideas and

changes were not possible.

But the not possible suddenly changed into possible when Gianni

came with the idea to ‘just’ start our own make-up school. He would

take care of marketing everything and I would have to make sure that

everything I wanted to teach was in that course. It sounded crazy

and it was a huge step but what happened shortly after this can’t be

described in a couple of sentences. We were successful and have

graduated almost 100 students in a three year period.

We could stop the story here and say I lived happily ever after, but

aren’t we forgetting something? The basis of make-up education!

A well formed professional brand of course. When visiting IMATS

in London in 2009, we got our hands on the first MUD cosmetics

in Europe. We loved the logo, loved the philosophy behind it. But

are the products as good as they look? We tested them out in

real world situations; I did a fashion shoot with them, used them

during TV commercials, and finally tested them during my classes.

I knew my students would be honest about this. I had to know for

sure that I wasn’t the only one loving these products. So we got

the confirmation, our feeling about it was good. MUD has been our

brand ever since.

The final chapter is the beginning of a new one. Today, it has been just

four weeks since I got back from MUD Europe in Slovenia. I was part

of a 3 week intensive training with my make-up team, and learned

everything from scratch. Quite impressive and a perfect way to keep

both feet on the ground. It didn’t matter how much experience I had,

everybody was equal to each other. And you have no idea how many

new things I learned in those 3 weeks, words just can’t describe!

Four weeks ago I was trained by MUD Europe, four weeks from now

I am opening my very own MUD studio in Belgium with Gianni and

our MUD-team. It did take me a long time to achieve where I am now.

But I’m happy. My job isn’t teaching make-up, my job is projecting

my experience to people that have the same dreams that I had. So,

don’t ask yourself what you are doing wrong, ask yourself what you

are doing right and build from there on.



Page 37: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013



Page 38: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013


Born in 1983, Peter Giodani is a member of the younger generation of Slovenian photographers. Personally not keen of labeling due to his degree in sociology, he would consider himself a photographer who walks a thin line between art and fashion.

His creative signature lies in the emotional note of his aesthetic, which has to be

minimalistic and clean. He is driven by the search for poetic moments in movement, or, even more preferably, in stillness itself.

Recognized by the Slovenian professional community, he has collaborated with renowned artists and designers. As a member of Independent art and design society, SQUAT, he is in constant touch with progressive ideas, and part of a creative think-tank. Besides the search for a pure aesthetic in photography, he is interested in the critical potential of the media, which is most clearly visible in the work of his project titled Children of Europe.

Portfolio / www.giodanipeter.allyou.netProject page / www.childrenofeurope.carbonmade.comMember /

Page 39: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013
Page 40: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

MUDCinema for Peace Gala

Make-Up Designory attended Cinema for Peace’s Gala

for Humanity honored Eastern Congo Initiative’s Founder,

Actor/Director Ben Affleck at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Recognizing artists that extend a helping hand worldwide,

this event spotlights foundations that are near and dear to

artists such as Nicole Kidman (UN Women), Matt Damon

(, Alicia Keys (Keep a Child Alive) and George

Lucas (Edutopia).

This event not only raised awareness, but also raised

over a million dollars. The Cinema for Peace Foundation

provides support through the funding, production, and

worldwide distribution and promotion of film projects

focusing on humanitarian and justice issues.

The MUD Cares organization was there to support their

outreach partner and the gala’s host, Noella Coursaris

Musunka, founder of the Georges Malaika Foundation. Her

organization brings help and awareness for young women in

the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also in attendance

was British actress and philanthropist, Thandie Newton.

IMATS 2013/ Kazuhiro Tsuji

Make-Up Designory kicked off the 39th International

Makeup Artists Trade Show in Pasadena, California,

unveiling the latest works of Kazuhiro Tsuji. If you’re not

familiar with the name, you’re definitely familiar with his

work, which has been part of award-winning films such

as Planet of the Apes, and the unforgettable characters

from How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

A short documentary film, “Dream Out Loud,” directed by

Deverill Weekes and Juliet Landau, Miss Juliet Productions,

gave a touching insight into the story behind the artist.

Shortly after the documentary, guests were escorted in to

get an up close and personal view of the finished product

of his latest work, an Abraham Lincoln bust. Guests

marveled at the works of the humble artist that could only

express how much he loves what he does for a living.

Kazu’s creation is set to make its debut in London for special

appearances at the UMAE and IMATS shows this spring.

Meagan Hester

MUD recently sat down with MUD graduate Meagan Hester,

this season’s contestant on SYFY’s Face Off competition,

to get a better look at how she has transitioned from

being a student-in-training to working in the entertainment

industry as a make-up artist. It’s plain to see that her colorful

personality shines through as she uses her MUD experience

in the world of make-up, taking her far beyond just lipsticks

and eye shadows.

Meagan’s first thoughts when she heard the news that

she would be a contestant on the show were of both

disbelief and excitement. After two years of auditioning, the

opportunity for her to appear on the show had finally arrived.

When asked about her most memorable lessons learned

while a student at MUD, Meagan replied that her instructor

Juliet Loveland, gave her the encouragement she needed to

venture into the world of entertainment. With instructors that

have worked in the business professionally, they were able

to share stores of set etiquette and the behind-the-scene

perspective of major film projects.

News & Events

watch - A Celebration of Make-Up Artistry


to C


t: S





Page 41: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

MUD Nigeria Opening

MUD Cosmetics Nigeria officially launched its third store

in Wuse II, Abuja with a grand event for their loyal clients.

Some of the guest s in attendance included models,

magazine editors and the brand ambassador, Nollywood

star, Genevieve Nnaji.

Inside the sleek studio, guests shopped for a range of

products while enjoying cocktails. The 2013 student

catalogue and schedule were also unveiled to all prospective

MUD Academy students.

Beto Franca

During The Makeup Show LA, Make-Up Designory featured

their array of products and showcased Make-Up Artist Beto

França as he demonstrated his work in airbrush artistry

during his “Carnival” demonstration. The tropical body,

airbrushed masterpiece came alive with tall red feathers,

intricate blended hues and a glimpse of sparkle.

The Brazilian airbrush make-up pioneer has fashion and

beauty credits in everything from editorials, TV shows, and

runway to ad campaigns. Beto has worked in Brazil with

major cosmetics companies like Avon, Kryolan, Makeup

Forever, MAC, and others. He has also worked with some

of the most internationally famous Brazilian top models

and actresses.

NTF Student project

NTF, cataloge photos, 2012

Photo: Aljoša Rebolj

Styling: Zoran Garevski for students of fashion design

Models: Valeriya Volkova

Make-up and hair: Vanja Djuran & Hrvoje Kožul for MUD

MUD – Egyptian star

MUD begins their new adventure in the land of historic

beauty. Teaming with famous Egyptian make-up artist

Mahmoud Morshed, we are opening the first MUD studio

in North Africa. With 17 years of experience, Morshed

has been known for his attention to the details. There are

hundreds of projects behind his amazing work. If fact, he

has been working on most of the region’s celebrities- yet

he’s still a nice guy that makes anyone feel welcome. Follow

the development of MUD studio Egypt, as we’re sure it will

be the destination of your desires!

Hands on beauty from Sweden

We are proud to announce that MUD studio Malmo, has

successfully graduated their first class of beauty make-up

artists. With the tradition of design and esthetics, Sweden

will always attract students eager for premier education and

MUD can offer just that. Enroll now for the new spring and

summer sessions!

Welcome, Milano!

Opening date set for the first MUD studio in Italy. At last

there’s an answer to the MUD Italian fan’s most-asked

question: “When will a MUD studio open here?” The fashion

capital couldn’t go on any longer without its own home

base. Our newest studio continues to bring the quality

education and products to the make-up artist community in

Italy. Due to Milano’s glamorous fashion world, the fantastic

food and captivating culture, it’s the place to be for students

from all over the world. So now the date is set, the team is

ready, and the studio is putting on the final touches. In the

heart of the fashion district of Milano, the facility houses a

classroom, a shop and administrative offices. Now time is

running out and we have a lot of work to do before the grand

opening. We look forward to meeting you and answering all

of your questions from April 2013.

Next stop, Hamburg

After a soft retail launch in Berlin’s Jacks beauty department,

MUD now offers products and services at Hamburg’s most

traditional beauty institute. Jebe perfumery has been on

the market for more than 80 years. Partnering with MUD

will bring a fresh approach in beauty. MUD artists will

provide make-up services, professional consultations as

well as a PRO education to their customers. To find out

more, go to

News & Events

watch - Nigeria Photoshoot Featuring Genevieve Nnaji

watch - Wings - NTF students project



Page 42: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

SoonIMATS and Make-upShow Events

Apr. 6 - IMATS - NY

May 4 - Make-upShow NY FREE: Tips and Tricks

Jun. 22 - IMATS - London


Fashion Make-Up Artistry Program:Apr. 3 - Jun. 27

Apr. 25 - Jul. 22

May 16 - Aug. 12

Jun. 7 - Sep. 3

Jun. 28 - Sep. 24

July 23 - Oct. 15

Aug. 13 - Nov. 6

Sep. 4 - Nov. 27

Sep. 25 - Dec. 20

Oct. 16 - Jan. 27, 2014

Nov. 7 - Feb. 18, 2014

Dec. 2 - Mar. 11, 2014

Multimedia Make-Up Artistry Program:Apr. 25 - Sep. 3

Jun. 7 - Oct. 15

July 23 - Nov. 27

Sep. 4 - Jan 27, 2014

Oct. 16 - Mar. 11, 2014

Dec. 2 - Apr. 23, 2014

Master Make-Up Artistry Program:Apr. 3 - Sep. 24

May 16 - Nov. 6

Jun. 28 - Dec. 20

Aug. 13 - Feb. 18, 2014

Sep. 25 - Apr. 1, 2014

Nov. 7 - May 14, 2014

Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-Up:Apr. 3 - May 15

Apr. 25 - Jun. 6

May 16 - Jun. 27

Jun. 7 - July 22

Jun. 28 - Aug. 12

July 23 - Sep. 3

Aug. 13 - Sep. 24

Sep. 4 - Oct. 15

Sep. 25 - Nov. 6

Oct. 16 - Nov. 27

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20

Dec. 2 - Jan. 27, 2014

Beauty 201: Studio Hairstyling for the Make - Up Artist:Apr. 3 - Apr. 24

Apr. 25 - May 15

May 16 - Jun. 6

Jun. 7 - Jun. 27

Jun. 28 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Sep. 3

Sept. 4 - Sep. 24

Sep. 25 - Oct. 15

Oct. 16 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Nov. 27

Dec. 2 - Dec. 20

Beauty 301: Beauty Lab:Apr. 3 - Apr. 24

Apr. 25 - May 15

May 16 - Jun. 6

Jun. 7 - Jun 27

Jun. 28 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Sep. 3

Sep. 4 - Sep. 24

Sep. 25 - Oct. 15

Oct. 16 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Nov. 27

Dec. 2 - Dec. 20

Special Make-Up Effects 201: Character Make-Up Artistry:Apr. 3 - May 15

Apr. 25 - Jun. 6

May 16 - Jun. 27

Jun. 7 - July 22

Jun. 28 - Aug. 12

July 23 - Sep. 3

Aug. 13 - Sep. 24

Sep. 4 - Oct. 15

Sep. 25 - Nov. 6

Oct. 16 - Nov. 27

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20

Dec. 2 - Jan. 27, 2014

Special Make-Up Effects 301: Lab Techniques:Apr. 3 - May 15

May 16 - Jun. 27

Jun. 28 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Sep. 24

Sep. 25 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20


Fashion Make-Up Artistry Program:May 16 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Feb. 18, 2014

Multimedia Make-Up Artistry Program:Apr. 25 - Sep. 3

Jun. 7 - Oct. 15

July 23 - Nov. 27

Sep. 4 - Jan 27, 2014

upcomingevents& courses


Page 43: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

upcomingevents& courses

Oct. 16 - Mar. 11, 2014

Dec. 2 - Apr. 23, 2014

Master Make-Up Artistry Program:Apr. 3 - Sep. 24

May 16 - Nov. 6

Sep. 25 - Apr. 1, 2014

Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-Up:Apr. 3 - May 15

Apr. 25 - Jun. 6

May 16 - Jun. 27

Jun. 7 - July 22

Jun. 28 - Aug. 12

July 23 - Sep. 3

Aug. 13 - Sep. 24

Sep. 4 - Oct. 15

Sep. 25 - Nov. 6

Oct. 16 - Nov. 27

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20

Dec. 2 - Jan. 27, 2014

Beauty 201: Studio Hairstyling for the Make-Up Artist:Apr. 3 - Apr. 24

Apr. 25 - May 15

May 16 - Jun. 6

Jun. 7 - Jun. 27

Jun. 28 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Sep. 3

Sept. 4 - Sep. 24

Sep. 25 - Oct. 15

Oct. 16 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Nov. 27

Dec. 2 - Dec. 20

Beauty 301: Beauty Lab:Apr. 3 - Apr. 24

Apr. 25 - May 15

May 16 - Jun. 6

Jun. 7 - Jun 27

Jun. 28 - July 22

July 23 - Aug. 12

Aug. 13 - Sep. 3

Sep. 4 - Sep. 24

Sep. 25 - Oct. 15

Oct. 16 - Nov. 6

Nov. 7 - Nov. 27

Dec. 2 - Dec. 20

Special Make - Up Effects 201: Character Make-Up Artistry:Apr. 3 - May 15

Apr. 25 - Jun. 6

Jun. 7 - July 22

Jun. 28 - Aug. 12

July 23 - Sep. 3

Oct. 16 - Nov. 27

Sep. 4 - Oct. 15

Sep. 25 - Nov. 6

Dec. 2 - Jan. 27, 2014

Special Make-Up Effects 301: Lab Techniques:May 16 - Jun. 27

Aug. 13 - Sep. 24

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20

MUD Shop classes in LA and NY

Apr. 13 - Smoky Eye Class

Apr. 20 - 5 Minute Looks Class

Apr. 27 - Evening Looks Class

May 11 - 5 Minute Looks Class

May 18 - Natural Day Look Class

Jun. 1 - FREE: Tips and Tricks

Working with Bronzers for summer glow

Jun. 8 - Evening Looks Class

Jun. 15 - Natural Day Looks Class

Jun. 29 - Teen Make-up

July 13 - Smoky Eye Class

July 20 - 5 Minute Looks Class

July 27 - Evening Looks Class

Aug. 3 - FREE: Tips and Tricks

Techniques for different eye shapes

Aug. 10 - Natural Day Look Class

Aug. 17 - Smoky Eye Class

Aug. 24 - Teen Make-up

Sep. 7 - FREE: Tips and Tricks

Correcting and Concealing

Sep. 14 - 5 Minute Looks Class

Sep. 21 - Evening Looks Class

Sep. 28 - Natural Day Look Class

Oct. 5 - FREE: Tips and Tricks Fall / Winter Kit

Oct. 19 - Teen Make-up

Nov. 2 - FREE: Tips and Tricks

Brush Tutorial - How to care and use

Nov. 9 - Smoky Eye Class

Nov. 16 - 5 Minute Looks Class

Nov. 30 - Evening Looks Class

Dec. 7 - FREE: Tips and Tricks

Working with Eye / Cake Liner and Lashes

Dec. 14 - Natural Day Look Class

Dec. 21 - Smoky Eye Class

MUD studio Ljubljana

Apr. 15 - Apr. 30 PRO I

May 6 - May 29 PRO II

May 6 - May 10 Studio Make-up

May 13 - May 15 Bridal Make-up

May 16 - May 22 Airbrush

May 23 - May 29 High Fashion Make-up Trends

Jun. 3 - Jun. 18 PRO I

Jul. 1 - Jul. 16 PRO I

Jul. 22 - Aug. 14 PRO II

Jul. 22 - Jul. 26 Studio Make-up

Jul. 29 - Jul. 31 Bridal Make-up

Aug. 1 - Aug. 7 Airbrush

Aug. 9 - Aug. 14 High Fashion Make-up Trends

Aug.15 - Aug. 16 Avnt-Garde Looks

Aug. 19 - Aug. 23 Special Make-up Effects

Sep. 2 - Sep. 17 PRO I

Oct. 1 - Oct. 16 PRO I

Jul. 22 - Aug. 14 PRO II

Oct. 21 - Oct. 25 Studio Make-up

Oct. 28 - Oct. 30 Bridal Make-up

Nov. 4 - Nov. 8 Airbrush

Nov. 11 - Nov. 14 High Fashion Trends

Nov. 18 - Nov. 19 Avnt-Garde Looks

Nov. 20 - Nov. 26 Special Make-upEffects

Dec. 2 - Dec. 17 PRO I

MUD studio Kortrijk

PRO I - Summercourse:

Monday until Saturday, (10h - 17h30)

12 classes starting from Aug. 19 - Aug. 31

PRO I - Saturday & Sunday (10h - 17h30)

12 classes starting from Sep. 7

PRO I - Monday (10h - 17h30)

12 classes starting from Sep. 9

PRO I - Tuesday (19h - 22h30)

24 classes starting from Sep. 10

PRO I - Sunday (10h - 17h30)

12 classes starting from Oct. 19

MUD studio Gent

PRO I - Monday (13h - 16h30)

24 classes starting from Sep. 9

PRO I - Monday (19h - 22h30)

24 classes starting from Sep. 9

PRO I - Thursday (19h - 22h30)

24 classes starting from Sep. 12

PRO I - Sunday (10h - 17h30)

12 classes starting from Sep. 14



Page 44: MUD ART newspaper spring summer 2013

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Bellus Academy – El Cajon Campus1073 E. Main StreetEl Cajon, CA

Bellus Academy – National City Campus1520 E. Plaza BoulevardNational City, CA

Bellus Academy – Manhattan CampusCampus 1130 Westloop PlaceManhattan, KS

Bella Torre Academy99-084 Kauhale StreetSuite 1A, Aiea, HI 96701thin.nguyen@bellatorreacademy.comwww.bellatorreacademy.com808-484-4871

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Career Academy of Beauty12741 Valley View StreetGarden Grove, CA [email protected]

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