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In my talk at the UX Camp Europe 2013 I show some good and bad examples for multilingual websites, common mistakes and how to avoid them.


  • 1. Multilingual WebsitesRmy BlttlerChef vom System, Supertext | @swissghostriderCommon mistakes andgeneral knowledge

2. About meRemy @swissghostrider 3. Browser language detectionGeolocationAllow for easy change and remember the selection. 4. Flags for language selection 5. Best place for the language selectionBest 6. Language selectionUse a Globe or a Map iconCountry and/or Language Selection 7. Language selectionAlways in native language 8. Politically correctNo need to step on someones toes 9. Rest of the world?Or Other countriesAre you serious??? 10. URL design and 11. Cheap translations and SEO 12. Translation toolsTranslation MemoryTerminologyCAT (Computer-assisted translation) 13. Strings with PlaceholdersTranslated :What the translator gets: 14. Strings with PlaceholdersFormat StringsTranslation: 15. Nice numbersPlural formsAdd multiple versions::no sone27 s 16. Plural formsngettext() can solve this in PHP, Java and .NET 17. ArticleWorks perfectly. 18. ArticleUnfortunately in German:einBut:eine 19. Your website?Lets look at some websites 20. http://remy.supertext.ch