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Presentation of the CRC MMB projects at the first EBU open source software seminar held in Geneva, Oct. 2007


<ul><li>1.Multimedia Broadcasting Platform Franois Lefebvre Communications Research Centre, CanadaSeminar onOpen Source Software for Media Professionals EBU, Geneva, Ocotber 2007 </li></ul> <p>2. Organisation Communications Research Centre Canada Government of Canada Industry Department CRC Broadcast BranchRadio Systems (DAB, IBOC) Mobile Multimedia 3. Our Focus MMB System IntegrationR&amp;D SYSTEM INTEGRATION Learning by Doing Integrate, Test Evaluate, ValidateDemonstrate 4. Our Strategy Mashups MASHUPSInnovate by:Tweak, Re-use, Remix Minimize effortMinimize budgets Prototype + Demo ASAP(NOT Product) 5. Key Enablers MMB System IntegrationFLOSS Generic Hardware 6. E2E DAB/DMB Chain End-to-End 7. Software Stack Building Blocks 8. Commercial vs CRC Compact 9. Commercial vs CRC Low Cost 10. Mashups Many Projects Software Defined DMB Encoder RadioFlute (IPDC) MMB Tools MythTV: IP Input CRC Tube ETI Playout Openmokast MOT, DLS,... DAB Multiplexer DAB / Wifi Hotspot DAB Receiver Soft. video4linux Web Appliances 11. Software Defined Radio - GNU Radio USRP 12. USRP Universal Software Radio Peripheral 13. CRC-DABMOD Software Modulator 14. Other Modulations Software Modulators DRM Offline with OSS DReaMLow-bitrate DVB-TNot Real-Time (CPU)HDD (Speed)USB (Speed) 15. DAB+ Audio WAPP 16. CRC Tube Broadcasting the Best of YouTube Best YouTube clipsAutomaticReal-time updatesTitles overlayLoudness equalisationVideo scaling 17. CRC Tube A New Broadcast Paradigm? 18. The Mobile Ecosystem A Challenge for Broadcasting The Problem Controlled NetworksLocked Devices Phones established in Pocket Real-EstateMMB Services Threaten Carrier-Based BMLow $/bit delivery The Consequences ?FTA TV, Radio, MMB not part of Mobile BM Weak position for Broadcasters The SolutionThe Internet Model 19. The Broadcaster's Phone Unlock the MMB EcosystemOSS-Based DeviceBroadcast Centric Services: TV, RadioBroadcast RSS Broadcast WebsiteTraffic InfoEmergency Alerts 20. OpenMoko Freeing mobile communications Vision Wireless = Internetrd 3 Party ApplicationsHow ? OSS Stack Open HW Drivers 21. Open Software Framework Freeing mobile communications 22. Open Software Framework Freeing mobile communications 23. CRC-DABRMS 24. Challenges Open Source in Public OrganisationsNew Mind Sets New Business ModelsLegal Aspects 25. Copyright Notice CRC Software Copyright (C)Her Majesty the Queenin Right of Canada 26. Thank You! </p>