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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>Multiple Paths Lead To One World </p><p>Government </p><p>That we live in a world of Agenda Politics is absolutely clear. Governments come and go, but the </p><p>agenda never changes. Policies left incomplete by one </p><p>government are taken up with gusto by the next. Civil </p><p>servants get involved in writing party manifestos. </p><p>One of the most obvious of the agendas that our </p><p>politicians are pushing is that of World Government. The British Parliament is now subservient to so many </p><p>foreign bodies and institutions it is hard to keep count. </p><p>September 29, 2012 - 11:23am | By Martin Edwards, Mike Robinson </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>This is not a new agenda. It has been pushed since </p><p>before the twentieth century by, among others, the rat pack of the Huxleys, H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and the like. And it finds its expression in a host of </p><p>organisations, think tanks, NGOs and committees. </p><p>The most obvious example of those organisations, of </p><p>course, is Julian Huxleys United Nations. </p><p>It was Franklin Roosevelt who first coined the term </p><p>United Nations. His vision, however, was for a forum of sovereign nations; a world apart from what the </p><p>United Nations has become. </p><p>Perhaps a less obvious path to world government is the </p><p>Commonwealth, and a question which has long been on </p><p>our minds is, which is the path which is most likely to </p><p>get us there? </p><p>A hint came in July 2010, when the Queen addressed </p><p>the UN General Assembly. She said: </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>This September, leaders will meet to agree how to </p><p>achieve the Millennium Development Goals when each </p><p>nation will have its own distinctive contribution to </p><p>make ... Since I addressed you last, the Commonwealth, </p><p>too, has grown vigorously to become a group of nations </p><p>representing nearly two billion people. It gives its </p><p>whole-hearted support to the significant contributions to </p><p>the peace and stability of the world made by the United </p><p>Nations and its Agencies. Last November, when I </p><p>opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government </p><p>Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, I told the delegates </p><p>that the Commonwealth had the opportunity to lead. </p><p>Today I offer you the same message. </p><p>The implications of this are staggering. Here, the British </p><p>monarch is telling the world that she is creating the </p><p>largest power bloc within the United Nations; a power </p><p>bloc with 54 votes, compared to the single vote of, say, </p><p>the USA, Russia or China. </p><p>The Commonwealth Is The British Empire </p><p>Contrary to rumour, the British Empire never went </p><p>away. Commonwealth nations never, in reality, </p><p>obtained independence from Britain. Instead, they </p><p>simply went through a process of devolution; home rule </p><p>instead of direct rule. Puppet presidents and prime </p><p>ministers to replace Viceroys and Governors. </p><p>In any case, the British Empire was never really about </p><p>Britain, and has certainly never been about the British </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>people. It was, and remains, a corporate financial </p><p>empire; an international trading empire based on the looting of nations and the trafficking of drugs. For a </p><p>while, that corporate infrastructure was effectively </p><p>nationalised, and took on the appearance of being a </p><p>British political empire, rather than a corporate financial </p><p>one. </p><p>After the second world war, however, empire became unfashionable. It was time to move to the next phase of </p><p>the globalist agenda, so the empire shrunk into the </p><p>shadows. The colonies were restructured and the </p><p>embryonic institutions of World Government were </p><p>formed. </p><p>Today it has raised its ugly head above the parapet once </p><p>again with renewed vigour, and once again, we stare </p><p>into the jaws of a now truly global, corporate, </p><p>communitarian monster. </p><p>A Return To Feudalism </p><p>The apex of the pyramid of feudal power is the </p><p>monarch. In Britain, our monarch and her family get </p><p>involved in a wide range of activities, some </p><p>commercial, some not. One area the British Royal </p><p>Family has been involved in is environmentalism, </p><p>particularly so-called Sustainable Development. </p><p>Both Prince Philip and Prince Charles push the idea that </p><p>humanity is a parasite on the face of the earth; Philip </p><p>perhaps a little more openly since he has expressed his </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>desire to be reincarnated as a virus which would solve </p><p>what he views as the global population problem. </p><p>Nonetheless, both father and son head up the global </p><p>environmental push for massive depopulation, limiting </p><p>of technology except where it oppresses and limiting </p><p>access to natural resources. </p><p>Prince Philips World Wildlife Fund is directly responsible for the deaths of many, many people </p><p>through its interference, for example, with irrigation programmes right around the world which would feed </p><p>millions. </p><p>But it is Prince Charles Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum which, along with the IMF, </p><p>World Bank and the United Nations have really been </p><p>pushing the sustainable development policy, including </p><p>the UNs Agenda 21. </p><p>Agenda 21 </p><p>Agenda 21 is a term which has mostly been dropped </p><p>these days. Too many people became too aware of what </p><p>it was - a modern form of feudalism. </p><p>Agenda 21 designed a global movement, coordinated </p><p>through a global to local action plan to create world </p><p>government in accordance with certain objectives. Lets look at some of its key policy objectives: </p><p> populations to be concentrated in cities </p><p> an end to national sovereignty </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p> the abolition of private property </p><p> the restructuring of the family unit and increasing </p><p>limitations on mobility and individual opportunity </p><p>Now, consider the policies coming out of our own </p><p>government: </p><p> the systematic destruction of our farming industry </p><p> an end to national sovereignty European and UN </p><p>laws applied at the local level - the Big Society private property and assets stripped away through </p><p>economic hardship and crippling taxes </p><p> children stolen by the state and pushed into a multi </p><p>billion pound care system </p><p> 0-19 education programmes (schools opening </p><p>longer, no parental influence) </p><p> crippling public transport costs and soon to be </p><p>imposed road charging </p><p>So while the term Agenda 21 has been dropped, the policies it represented absolutely have not. They have </p><p>simply been transformed into the Big Society and the </p><p>Millennium Development Goals. The agenda remains, </p><p>and at its heart is the drive for world government. </p><p>The Leadership Agenda </p><p>Lets look again at what we said about Agenda 21 above - a global movement, coordinated through a global to local action plan. A key facet of that action plan is to push the agenda down to the most local levels </p><p>in society. </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>One mechanism for achieving that has been the absolute </p><p>destruction of our education system. The inability of </p><p>our teachers to teach has nothing to do with their </p><p>capability as teachers, but rather the imposition of ever </p><p>more ridiculous processes and procedures, which bar </p><p>them from teaching effectively. The deliberate dumbing </p><p>down of entire generations of children guarantees that </p><p>those children will grow up as more sustainable human beings, because stupid adults earn less and </p><p>therefore consume less. Stupid adults are incapable of </p><p>recognising delphi technique when it is being used upon </p><p>them. Stupid adults are incapable of understanding the </p><p>lessons of history, or of Shakespeare. </p><p>But stupid adults still need leadership, and it is through </p><p>the massive increase in leadership training that the world government agenda is being implemented. Please </p><p>see our One World Governance series for more on this. </p><p>As stated above, the apex of the pyramid of feudal </p><p>power is the monarch. Historically, the military </p><p>stronghold from which such power was wielded was the </p><p>castle. One such stronghold is Windsor Castle. </p><p>Windsor Castle is home of the Windsor Leadership </p><p>Trust. St Georges House College states that: </p><p>Through a unique portfolio of programmes and </p><p>consultations, held at St Georges House, Windsor Castle, we provide opportunities for leaders to develop </p><p>their own leadership wisdom and insight. Leaders from </p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>all sectors take part, including business, government, </p><p>military, religion, and not-for-profit. </p><p>St Georges House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor, </p><p>Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and </p><p>responsibility in every area of society can come </p><p>together to explore and communicate their views and </p><p>analysis of contemporary issues. </p><p>The website of the World Bank contains a page </p><p>dedicated to a Leadership Program: Windsor Meeting, July 2007. It reads: </p><p>Following consultations on the establishment of a </p><p>Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) to generate support globally - for leadership development interventions, a </p><p>second meeting of the core group for the Initiative </p><p>(GLI) took place in Windsor, UK, from July 8 to 10 </p><p>2007. Organisations represented at this meeting were </p><p>UNDP, DfID, CIDA, the Windsor Leadership Trust, </p><p>and the World Bank (PRMPS and WBIGP). </p><p>All meetings at the Windsor Leadership Trust are held </p><p>under the Chatham House Rule which the majority of </p><p>UK Column readers would associate with Julia </p><p>Middletons Common Purpose. </p></li><li><p>9 </p><p>Connections Between The Monarchy, Common </p><p>Purpose And The United Nations </p><p>The Windsor 2012 Annual Lecture held on Monday </p><p>28th May this year was given by Assistant </p><p>Commissioner Cressida Dick QPM, of The </p><p>Metropolitan Police. </p><p>Dick was the policewoman in charge of the operation </p><p>that led to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, </p><p>mistaken for a suicide bomber at (Londons) Stockwell tube station, According to the response to a Freedom of </p><p>Information request by the Metropolitan Police Service </p><p>(MPS) dated 8th September 2008, Deputy Assistant </p><p>Commissioner Cressida Dick attended a training course </p><p>run by Common Purpose whilst serving with Thames </p><p>Valley Police (TVP). </p><p>Researchers have also discovered that Dr. Kate Ardern </p><p>MB ChB, MSc , FFPH, Executive Director of Public </p><p>Health for the Borough of Wigan, and graduate of </p><p>Merseyside Common Purpose (1999) is also an </p><p>Alumnus of the Windsor Leadership Programme with </p><p>which she has an ongoing involvement. </p><p>In Developing Tomorrows Leaders, CBI Guide to Leadership by Prof John Adair (published by Windsor Leadership Trust in September 2007): </p><p>Public leadership programmes should be used </p><p>selectively. Their chief value is to get managers out of </p><p>their corporate silos and cross-fertilising with managers </p></li><li><p>10 </p><p>from a wide variety of organisations. Recommended </p><p>programmes in this context include those of the </p><p>Windsor Leadership Trust, the Whitehall and Industry </p><p>Group, the Campaign for Leadership and Common </p><p>Purpose. </p><p>In 2009 John Adair was made United Nations Chair of </p><p>Strategic Leadership. Based in Turin, he has launched a </p><p>strategic leadership programme in association with the </p><p>UN.In Chapter 1 of her book Beyond authority: Leadership in a changing world Julia Middleton, CEO Common Purpose writes: </p><p>Society needs leaders who can overcome the silo </p><p>problem inside their organisation and then move across different spheres of activity outside it and </p><p>connect them too. Then, perhaps, we can start to shift </p><p>the silo problem in society as well. </p><p>Amongst the Windsor Leadership Trust Movers and </p><p>Shakers Autumn 2011 we discover Oliver Mack, WLP </p><p>February 2001 now Chief Operating Officer at </p><p>Common Purpose. </p><p>The Windsor Leadership Trust supports the Clore </p><p>Leadership programme. The Clore Leadership </p><p>programme is supported by Common Purpose. The </p><p>relationship between these organisations is incestuous </p><p>in nature. </p><p>According to Linkedin Doug King LVO MA is </p><p>Assistant Private Secretary to The Queen. He is a </p></li><li><p>11 </p><p>Common Purpose 20:20 graduate and Windsor </p><p>Leadership Trust Alumni. </p><p>CSC Leaders </p><p>Windsor Leadership Trust is not the only training </p><p>organisation that Prince Philip has set up, however. </p><p>According to the Linked In Page of Sam Stewart, </p><p>Plymouth based Director of CSC Leaders and ex-</p><p>regional director of Common Purpose, CSC Leaders: </p><p>will assemble 100 of the most exceptional individuals </p><p>from across the Commonwealth with the purpose of </p><p>tackling challenges that business, governments and </p><p>society face today and build global relationships needed </p><p>by the leaders of tomorrow . CSCLeaders is the renewal </p><p>of HRH The Duke of Edinburghs Commonwealth Study Conferences and represents a partnership </p><p>between HRH The Duke of Edinburghs Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund) and </p><p>Common Purpose, the international leadership </p><p>organisation operating in 18 countries which has been </p><p>giving people the inspiration, skills and connections to </p><p>become better leaders both at work and in society for </p><p>over 21 years. The Duke of Edinburghs Commonwealth Study Conferences were first initiated </p><p>by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ... The Conferences </p><p>have continued to run every six years or so, hosted by a </p><p>different Commonwealth country. </p></li><li><p>12 </p><p>World Government Via The UN Or The </p><p>Commonwealth </p><p>Our research has led us to conclude that the </p><p>Commonwealth is well on its way to becoming the key </p><p>power bloc leading us to World Government, via the </p><p>United Nations. It would appear that the question is not </p><p>whether one or the other will take us there, since both </p><p>are. As for who is pushing the agenda, so far all paths </p><p>lead us back to the British Crown. </p></li></ul>