multiple paths lead to one world government

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    Multiple Paths Lead To One World


    That we live in a world of Agenda Politics is absolutely clear. Governments come and go, but the

    agenda never changes. Policies left incomplete by one

    government are taken up with gusto by the next. Civil

    servants get involved in writing party manifestos.

    One of the most obvious of the agendas that our

    politicians are pushing is that of World Government. The British Parliament is now subservient to so many

    foreign bodies and institutions it is hard to keep count.

    September 29, 2012 - 11:23am | By Martin Edwards, Mike Robinson

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    This is not a new agenda. It has been pushed since

    before the twentieth century by, among others, the rat pack of the Huxleys, H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and the like. And it finds its expression in a host of

    organisations, think tanks, NGOs and committees.

    The most obvious example of those organisations, of

    course, is Julian Huxleys United Nations.

    It was Franklin Roosevelt who first coined the term

    United Nations. His vision, however, was for a forum of sovereign nations; a world apart from what the

    United Nations has become.

    Perhaps a less obvious path to world government is the

    Commonwealth, and a question which has long been on

    our minds is, which is the path which is most likely to

    get us there?

    A hint came in July 2010, when the Queen addressed

    the UN General Assembly. She said:

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    This September, leaders will meet to agree how to

    achieve the Millennium Development Goals when each

    nation will have its own distinctive contribution to

    make ... Since I addressed you last, the Commonwealth,

    too, has grown vigorously to become a group of nations

    representing nearly two billion people. It gives its

    whole-hearted support to the significant contributions to

    the peace and stability of the world made by the United

    Nations and its Agencies. Last November, when I

    opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government

    Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, I told the delegates

    that the Commonwealth had the opportunity to lead.

    Today I offer you the same message.

    The implications of this are staggering. Here, the British

    monarch is telling the world that she is creating the

    largest power bloc within the United Nations; a power

    bloc with 54 votes, compared to the single vote of, say,

    the USA, Russia or China.

    The Commonwealth Is The British Empire

    Contrary to rumour, the British Empire never went

    away. Commonwealth nations never, in reality,

    obtained independence from Britain. Instead, they

    simply went through a process of devolution; home rule

    instead of direct rule. Puppet presidents and prime

    ministers to replace Viceroys and Governors.

    In any case, the British Empire was never really about

    Britain, and has certainly never been about the British

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    people. It was, and remains, a corporate financial

    empire; an international trading empire based on the looting of nations and the trafficking of drugs. For a

    while, that corporate infrastructure was effectively

    nationalised, and took on the appearance of being a

    British political empire, rather than a corporate financial


    After the second world war, however, empire became unfashionable. It was time to move to the next phase of

    the globalist agenda, so the empire shrunk into the

    shadows. The colonies were restructured and the

    embryonic institutions of World Government were


    Today it has raised its ugly head above the parapet once

    again with renewed vigour, and once again, we stare

    into the jaws of a now truly global, corporate,

    communitarian monster.

    A Return To Feudalism

    The apex of the pyramid of feudal power is the

    monarch. In Britain, our monarch and her family get

    involved in a wide range of activities, some

    commercial, some not. One area the British Royal

    Family has been involved in is environmentalism,

    particularly so-called Sustainable Development.

    Both Prince Philip and Prince Charles push the idea that

    humanity is a parasite on the face of the earth; Philip

    perhaps a little more openly since he has expressed his

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    desire to be reincarnated as a virus which would solve

    what he views as the global population problem.

    Nonetheless, both father and son head up the global

    environmental push for massive depopulation, limiting

    of technology except where it oppresses and limiting

    access to natural resources.

    Prince Philips World Wildlife Fund is directly responsible for the deaths of many, many people

    through its interference, for example, with irrigation programmes right around the world which would feed


    But it is Prince Charles Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum which, along with the IMF,

    World Bank and the United Nations have really been

    pushing the sustainable development policy, including

    the UNs Agenda 21.

    Agenda 21

    Agenda 21 is a term which has mostly been dropped

    these days. Too many people became too aware of what

    it was - a modern form of feudalism.

    Agenda 21 designed a global movement, coordinated

    through a global to local action plan to create world

    government in accordance with certain objectives. Lets look at some of its key policy objectives:

    populations to be concentrated in cities

    an end to national sovereignty

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    the abolition of private property

    the restructuring of the family unit and increasing

    limitations on mobility and individual opportunity

    Now, consider the policies coming out of our own


    the systematic destruction of our farming industry

    an end to national sovereignty European and UN

    laws applied at the local level - the Big Society private property and assets stripped away through

    economic hardship and crippling taxes

    children stolen by the state and pushed into a multi

    billion pound care system

    0-19 education programmes (schools opening

    longer, no parental influence)

    crippling public transport costs and soon to be

    imposed road charging

    So while the term Agenda 21 has been dropped, the policies it represented absolutely have not. They have

    simply been transformed into the Big Society and the

    Millennium Development Goals. The agenda remains,

    and at its heart is the drive for world government.

    The Leadership Agenda

    Lets look again at what we said about Agenda 21 above - a global movement, coordinated through a global to local action plan. A key facet of that action plan is to push the agenda down to the most local levels

    in society.

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    One mechanism for achieving that has been the absolute

    destruction of our education system. The inability of

    our teachers to teach has nothing to do with their

    capability as teachers, but rather the imposition of ever

    more ridiculous processes and procedures, which bar

    them from teaching effectively. The deliberate dumbing

    down of entire generations of children guarantees that

    those children will grow up as more sustainable human beings, because stupid adults earn less and

    therefore consume less. Stupid adults are incapable of

    recognising delphi technique when it is being used upon

    them. Stupid adults are incapable of understanding the

    lessons of history, or of Shakespeare.

    But stupid adults still need leadership, and it is through

    the massive increase in leadership training that the world government agenda is being implemented. Please

    see our One World Governance series for more on this.

    As stated above, the apex of the pyramid of feudal

    power is the monarch. Historically, the military

    stronghold from which such power was wielded was the

    castle. One such stronghold is Windsor Castle.

    Windsor Castle is home of the Windsor Leadership

    Trust. St Georges House College states that:

    Through a unique portfolio of programmes and

    consultations, held at St Georges House, Windsor Castle, we provide opportunities for leaders to develop

    their own leadership wisdom and insight. Leaders from

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    all sectors take part, including business, government,

    military, religion, and not-for-profit.

    St Georges House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor,

    Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and

    responsibility in every area of society can come

    together to explore and communicate their views and

    analysis of contemporary issues.

    The website of the World Bank contains a page

    dedicated to a Leadership Program: Windsor Meeting, July 2007. It reads:

    Following consultations on the establishment of a

    Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) to generate support globally - for leadership development interventions, a

    second meeting of the core group for the Initiative

    (GLI) took place in Windsor, UK, from July 8 to 10

    2007. Organisations represented at this meeting were

    UNDP, DfID, CIDA, the Windsor Leadership Trust,

    and the World Bank (PRMPS and WBIGP).

    All meetings at the Windsor Leadership Trust are held

    under the Chatham House Rule which the majori


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