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  • 1. thLesson plan for 8 gradeTopic: What is it used for?Present passive /question form/

2. microwaveSummarize the mainplansExplain the long-termcourse to follow 3. cordless phoneState the desired goalDefine the goal in more detail 4. Cleaning carpetGive a summary of the current situation 5. Heating foodDevelopment made up to the current situationImportant background informationOriginal forecasts which turned out to bewrongOriginal forecasts which turned out to be true 6. Surfing the net 7. boiling waterRecommendoneorseveralstrategiesGiveasummaryoftheexpectedresultsNamethenextstepstobetakenDelegatethevarioustasks 8. Recording music 9. ironing clothes 10. iron 11. kettle 12. Lets study new grammer!Present Passive /Questions/ What is it used for? It is used for typing. 13. Home appliancesUsed with batteriesUsed with electricity a torchan iron calculatortelevisionradiocomputermusiccookermobile phoneboilera watchvacuum cleanera fridge 14. Guess what it is and writeThis is a very useful thing. Most families have one. It makes your clothes look smoother. An ironPeople watch this thing at home when they have free time.They usually get a lot ofinformation from the programmes it shows. A televisionPeople usually use this by the bed when they read at night. AbookThis is common thing that used in every home and even office. People usually keep their food and drinks in it to keep them cool. A fridgeThis thing is used by people to take pictures.A photograph 15. Work in pairs. Complete thedialogues with questionsA: What is a cassette recorder used for?B: Its used for recording musicA: What is a fridge used for?B: A fridge is used for keeping food freshA: What are matches used for ?B: matches are used for lighting a fireA: What is money used for?B: money is used for buying things in a shopA: What is this ball used for ?B: This ball is used for playing tennisA: What are batteries used for?