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WELCOME TO MURO'S ARCANUM WEAPON DATABASETABLE OF CONTENTS:I. What is this thing and what is it for? II. Game version III. How do I use it? IV. Miscellaneous V. What properties of weapons were omitted and why? VI. Abbreviations VII. Ammo types VIII. Semi-available weapons IX. Unarmed weapons X. Shocking Staff XI. Throwing Dagger XII. Harrow XIII. Weapons with magickally adjusted speed XIV. Weapons with magickally adjusted MSR XV. Thanks XVI. A few last words


I. What is this thing and what is it for?

The DATABASE sheet of this here Excel file is a database containing data about all weapons that one can find to choose the most effective weapon(s) for your character and/or any of his followers or simply want to find strongest/fastest/most magickal/most whatever-else-interests-you weapon in the game, the database shoul The README sheet, on the other hand, contains all of the info needed to effectively understand and use the other useful knowledge about Arcanum's weapons.

II. Game version

The database has been created for Arcanum version with Unofficial Arcanum Patch v091225 or not - the differences are explained in VIII. Semi-available weapons), because of it being arguably the of the game up to date.

If you're playing a game version without the UAP, some parameters of some weapons may be different for y for it, but as far as I know, there weren't any changes to weapon parameters between vanilla and 1. the ones I described in VIII. Semi-available weapons). If you're playing or an even earlier versio your weapons may be different (for example - out of the top of my head - I recall some changes happening and the Hand Cannon in one of the earlier patches).

Additional weapons and/or balancing changes to already exiting ones appearing in some mods aren't include bad news for A:WIP (a.k.a. "Forgotten Places of Arcanum" by rroyo) players weapons but changes the parameters of quite some already existing ones as well. On the plus side, I'm cons additional database for Arcanum + A:WIP 6.0 (or whatever will be the latest version at the time) som

III. How do I use it?To switch between the readme and the database, click on the README and DATABASE

Basically, what you want to do is make the database calculate the weapon stats for a certain character and

The first thing to do is typing in or choosing the Strength, Aptitude and Training the info - be it your own character or any of his followers - in the six white cells impossible to type in any invalid values there. Also, those six white cells are the only discouraged to edit any non-white cells, for it can potentially screw up the whole database

The second thing to do is arranging the data in any way you please by clicking on the arrows in the low purple category cells. Browse through the menu that opens and do whatever you fancy. Nothing stands in t data by multiple conditions, too. You can arrange the weapons alphabetically or, say, tell he database to onl and daggers from highest to lowest AvD/AP. And then return everything to default and sort in a new way. It The possibilities are numerous and arranging the data should be quite intuitive.

Sadly, it is not possible to sort descendingly/ascendingly with Calc - or at least I wasn't able I was testing it on - but it works like a charm in Microsoft Office Excel, though the options may be easy to seeing how you may have to scroll the menu upwards to notice them. IV. Miscellaneous

A few things which are important enough to be said at the beginning of the readme but too hard to classify t

Weapon types: Most of them are quite intuitive, the only possibly surprising one being between maces and hummers because it is quite artificial (there aren't any real differences from the game's Oak Axe Handle and Large Pipe wouldn't really fit in any of those categories). Also, the a Staff), because it acts exactly like one - it's a ranged weapon requiring the Firearms skill to be used correc shooting projectiles while using up ammo.

Note that if there are two or more weapons in the game with different stats but identical names common variant(s) in inequality signs to distinguish them (this applies to the rewards given by Doc Roberts, Pit of the Isle of Despair and the Blade of Xerxes).

Also, if there is a single weapon changing properties under different conditions, the weapon has been spl in the database while the conditions were placed in parentheses (this situation applies to Schreck's Pistol and the Levered Machine Gun, as explained in VIII. Semi-available weapons

V. What properties of weapons were omitted and why?Short answer: Everything that doesn't affect dealing direct damage. Long answer: Fatigue Damage - because this database is about harming enemies rather than exhausting them.

Poison Damage - because poison works so slow, in most cases the enemy will die before the poison will ha any effect at all, no matter how great the enemy's poison level. Not a factor worth mentioning.

To Hit bonuses and penalties - because this database is about how hard it hits when it hits, not about the In other words, one could say that it provides the damage values for a theoretical situation in which 100% without no possibility for dodging nor missing.

Special bonuses (such as the stat boosts of the Axe of Strength or the Mysterious Dwarven Gauntlets for d of those bonuses have nothing to do directly with the damage dealing properties of a weapon. Stren exception, but if you are a STR 15 character with an Axe of Strength with MPA = 100%, simply set t and be done with it.

Tech spells - some of them translate into direct damage (for example the area damage of the Grenade Lau example the fatigue draining properties of the Tranquilizer Gun), but they have one thing in common measured and expressed in the manner all other weapon parameters were expressed in the database

Damage dealing spells cast by weapons - because they are cast randomly and their damage is hard to m manner all other weapon parameters were expressed in the database. It will be up to you to know wh and decide which is better: a weapon with a higher AvD/AP or a weapon with lower AvD/AP randomly Non-damage dealing spells cast by weapons - because they don't directly affect dealing damage.

VI. Abbreviations

These are the meanings and explanations (if needed) of the abbreviations used both in the database itself a you don't understand anything in this file, check this section and you will probably find the explanation you n

1H - MSR when wielded with just one hand (while there is a shield or a device in another hand). The value o those weapons which can only be wielded with both hands (bows, rifles and staves). 2H - MSR when wielded with both hands (no shield nor device in another hand) AL - Alignment AmU/Att - Ammo Units per Attack AP - Action Point AP/Att - Action Points per Attack

AvD/AmU - Average Damage per Ammo Unit. One of the two most important parameters of pistols, rifles a

AvD/AP - Average Damage per Action Point. The one true parameter showing how effective in damage dea

Cplx - Weapon's complexity. The bigger (or lower when negative) the number, the more magick/tech the w weapons have positive complexity, tech weapons have negative complexity and neutral weapons hav

Now, if a magick/hexed weapon has a complexity of X, it means that it's MPA will be 100% for a cha 0% for a character with Aptitude = -X and about 50% for a character with Aptitude = 0. MPA increas 100% as Aptitude increases from -X to X.

If a tech weapon has a complexity of -Y, it will have no critical failure adjustment for a character wit but have a Critical Failure +Z% adjustment for a character with positive Aptitude, where Z is (Cplx * down to the nearest integer. Few tech items also have an invisible TPA (equivalent for MPA working special properties (like the DX boost from Charged Rings), but that doesn't apply for any of the tech EC - Extra Content (a module of the UAP)

M/T - Weapon's affinity towards magick or technology. The possible affinities are tech, neutral, magick (=g (also known as cursed = not-so-good magick, providing both advantages and disadvantages) MA/TA - Magick/Tech Aptitude MaxD - Maximal Damage MinD - Minimal Damage

MPA - Magickal Power Available MSR - Minimal Strength Required (to be used without accuracy penalties) UAP - Unofficial Arcanum Patch made by Drog Black Tooth

vanilla Arcanum - while not an abbreviation, it is a term which may need to be explained for some. It refe of Arcanum without any mods, hacks nor unofficial patches applied.

VII. Ammo types

Ammo Type is a parameter which was initially included in the database, only to end up being deleted at the it turned out to be a waste of space, seeing how the rules are short and simple - pistols and rifles use bullet Are there any exceptions? Indeed, yet only five of them can be found in the game: Weapon Bronwyck's Gun Flame Thrower Grenade Launcher Tesla Gun Tesla Rod Ammo Type Fuel Fuel Fuel Battery Battery

VIII. Semi-available weapons

I decided to include those weapons in the database which - while impossible to be found in Arcanum normal game files and can be added to the game via means of modding or creating a custom background, just in ca to do so and was curious just how good those weapons are. Turns out there are only five such weapons, namely: Repeater Rifle Variant 1 Repeater Rifle Variant 2 Folding Rifle Hushed Pistol Void Sword

The Balanced Boomerang was such a weapon in vanilla Arcanum, but it was added to the stock of Quality

This whole semi-available thing is also partially true for Schreck's Pistol and the they were such semi-available weapons in vanilla Ar


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