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Presentation:Murray CramLooking for New Opportunities

Introduction to Murray CramHave 16 years Experience working in the International Banking SectorThrough Research and Analysis to reach Agreeable Outcomes at short notice as a Consultant to Executives or Advisor to Colleagues and ClientsProvided Advice, issued Reports or conducted Presentations on Global Affairs, about different Countries, on different Financial Markets, on Group Risks, as well as Basle Compliancy GuidelinesHave undertaken further Post Graduate Studies in Banking & Finance, International Business and in the Japanese language and culture

Looking for New OpportunitiesDiscussions about possible Opportunities in the International Banking Sector, especially in Japan and United States Have demonstrated that I Deliver high quality Work or Assignments within tight Time Frames whenever requiredExecutives specifically requested for my Contribution as they trusted me to provide informed Guidance in Meetings, complete accurate Assigned Projects and Reports or conduct Presentations more widelyCurrently making an Application for the On-Line MBA Program at Griffith University to up date my Post Graduate Studies

Proved to be an Innovative Employee looking for more efficient ways to Deliver InformationRegularly Displayed my Initiative to efficiently deliver Qualitative and Quantitative Information and Data to Clients, Colleagues and Executives working within a Team environmentImproved Capabilities of Staff to contribute to Team Assignments to enhance Productivity of the Department for the benefit of ExecutivesImplemented suitable Training Programs for all levels of Staff, provided guidance on the wider Banking Operations, as well as on Global Affairs, Markets and International Trade ServicesWith updates to the Basle BIS Regulatory Guidelines, all Staff were provided with guidance on Capitalisation. These Guidelines were subsequently Legislated under the oversight of APRA

Australian Banks have continued to undertake a Process of Cost Cutting and RestructuringA Short Sighted Strategy to improve their Cost to Income Ratio. However, it saw many highly competent Staff lose their Employment in the BankResulted in a Shortage of Middle & Senior Management to be promoted to Executive Management with sufficient expertise and experience to benefit these BanksDespite my completed Studies and Professional Development in the Bank, my focus was altered to undertake further Studies. I undertook a full time Masters in International Business

In my Roles and my Studies saw me operating within High Pressured EnvironmentsOperated as a FCAS Advisor in Global Treasury to distribute Information on Global Affairs, other Countries and different Markets to the Dealing Room, International Services as well as to ClientsOperated as a Bank Credit Controller within Group Risk to provide both Qualitative & Quantitative Assessments to guide Executives and Treasury on the Creditworthiness of Banking GroupsProvided Senior Executives with Guidance in Meetings, completed Projects they Assigned to me or made Presentations more widely on a range of Topics or Product InformationAs I completed my Post Graduate Studies in International Business, I was required to provide Guidance to International Students, so had to Cross-Cultural Barriers to effectively Communicate information

Academic and Professional Courses completed to Complement my Work Experience My completion of Studies and Professional Development enabled me to accumulate Knowledge to provide accurate and timely Advisory Services to Global Treasury and Bank Credit to all levels of Staff and Clients By undertaking these Courses, my ability to Lead or to Participate in Team Projects as Assigned by Executives or to make Presentations more widely made me a primary Source of Information Knowledge of current Global Affairs and the affects on different Markets and the impact on Bank Risks & Compliancy saw me referred to more frequently by Senior ExecutivesMy Expertise saw me valued as a high quality Mentor

Collaborative as a Manager who Discussed Issues with all levels of Staff, Management & Executives As my Expertise was acknowledged, more Requests were made to me to attend Executive Meetings to provide Advice on Basle BIS GuidelinesHigher levels of Management increasingly referred to me looking for Guidance on dealing with International Affairs and volatile Financial Markets as well as Bank Risks and BIS Compliancy being LegislatedMore frequently Executives assigned me to Lead/Participate in various Projects on associated Topics related to International Services, different Financial & Commodity Markets and on Group Risks & Compliance

Executives expected my Contribution would be Accurate, Up to Date and Timely as a ResponseExecutives trusted me to thoroughly Investigate and collect Research Material on both a Qualitative and Quantitative basis on behalf of their Requests working with a Team of ColleaguesWith our Capabilities and Productivity, along with our high standards of Analysis of the collected Information meeting tight deadlines to reach an Agreeable Outcome or Solutions for the benefit of ExecutivesWorking with my Team, mistakes were never punished, but were highlighted to avoid in future. My Role was to Guide my Team in the Right Direction so Projects and Reports were delivered on time

The Asian Approach is my Philosophy of Leadership where all Parties are in the Loop As a more Comprehensive Definition of Leadership, it suggests there has been a Paradigm Shift. So, building my Network Connections with Colleagues to whom I can refer to for up to date InformationIt is to remain Collaborative enabling my Network to share both Data & Information, so keep all Colleagues within the Loop. Work with your Network Team My Role was to Guide the Process Forward to reach a timely Outcome or Solution for the benefit of Higher Management/Executives

My Value to the Bank was not well measured by Higher Management The Bank did not acknowledge the value I made by Rebranding their Publications and Reports, which released Information & Data internally to Colleagues and Executives or publicly to Clients and the Media An influential Communicator, I sought to improve the Standards of Material released. Staff became more productive undertaking Training and Guidance to contribute to Team Projects as assigned by ExecutivesMulti-Skilled in Key Areas of the International Banking Sector, Staff were guided on the Banking Operations more widely, on Global Affairs, on different Markets, Risks & BIS Compliance and Trade ServicesWorking with a Network Team to ensure when Projects were assigned by Executives they were completed on time in the format requested

Continued to provide a Positive Contribution to Executives and to the Bank Always classed as Commendable in my Roles in FCAS, Global Treasury and in Bank Credit by Senior Management, which demonstrated I was an effective Employee of the BankWith Experience in International Banking combined with my Studies in International Business, Banking & Finance and in the Japanese language. Currently, I am applying to join an On-Line MBA ProgramAlong with completion of Professional Development courses both in the Bank and at University, I remain strongly motivated to re-enter the Workforce and aim to eventually work in Japan