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  • 1. What we learnt at the Museum on Monday

2. The Egyptian drills & how you use them Step 1 : ) twist the string up twice around the drill part. Step 2 : ) put your knee on the piece of wood to hold it down. Step 3 : ) then you put a little piece of wood that is sort of a hexagon. Step 4 : ) hold the hexagon shaped wood with one hand and pull the wood attached to the string 3. This is us using the Egyptian drillBy Phoebe and Baden 4. on the museum trip we went in a classroom we had to our group had to do pottery when we did rebuilding the pottery it was hard at the start but once we put the small pieces in it was easy we did't manage to finish all of it we had a little bit missing and then we had to present it to the class 5. We worked really well and hard together but sometimes I was really difficult because we couldn't find all of the pieces and put them together.Rebuilding pottery by Joe and louis 6. The ancient roman toilet seat 7. Sieve makingAlex and Charlotte 8. Archaeology 9. Steps First we had to put the bamboo on the ground tie them together. Next we stood the bamboo up. Then we tied the seive to the bamboo and made sure it stayed Lastly we tied the left over rope in a knot so it wasn't hanging down We had to work as a team to finish this task 10. Thanks for watching the slideshow of our learning at the museum