music magazine deconstruction

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Music magazine deconstruction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Music magazine deconstruction

Music magazine deconstruction

Colour- The colour on this magazine is limited too put further emphasis on the main image. The magazine has white as a background therefore it can put pretty much any other colour on top and make the magazine more eye catching. The title Rolling Stone is in red since it goes well on a white background and is a main part of the magazines main colour themes.Font- The font on the magazine is serif and gives it a lot more clarity and character to the magazine. It also has a serif font in the title which is makes the title far more recognisable and easier to associate with that magazine and for a magazine this is very important.Imagery- The image is of Jay z centred on the page and covers most the magazine cover. This shows that the focus in on the image of jay z and gives the reader and idea of what kind of persona the magazine is trying to give jay z. He is wearing sunglasses and has a serous face, this depicts dominance for a reader, and gives the impression that jay z has a powerful demeanourLanguage- The language used is simple and short so that it can be more intriguing for a reader to read on. king of America, Jay Z This would leave the leader in type of cliff-hanger emotion. The words used also empower the image even more and helps depict this demeanour of Jay z even further.2

Colour- The titles colour is white on a black background which is common for Ker rang to use for their masthead which makes it recognisable. The us of the black background makes it easier to use more vibrant and eye catching colours such as blue and yellow. The light blue on the black background makes the magazine cover look very alluring. Yellow is used for the name of the band their focussing this addition, so readers can see what its about straight an show interest.Font- The font is sans serif to make the words clear and bold rather than serif which gives the impressing of class and classical style. This also helps with the eye catching technique of the magazine since its clear to get the readers attention. Imagery- The imagery of the Ker rang magazine is of the bring me the Horizon band, their shown to be rather pale and with serious faces, this shows the persona of the band. Giving the impression that their alternative yet cultivating. The band members are positioned in order to importance and popularity, having the front man at the main focus of the imagery.Language- Kerrangs front cover has a similar style of language to the rolling stone magazine as it short and punchy, this is common magazines to get the message across quickly. This time its personal The gives the band a rather revolutionary image, just the rolling stones magazines language, it gives the band an image and helps the magazine representation.

Colour- The colour scheme of the image is very limited which makes it far easier on the eye. The colour red is used in a different way to the rest, as all the other colours on the cover are darker. Since red is the logo colour it makes the logo far more recognisable on the dark background, red is also used when in Quotations, Liam? He's a mouse to put emphasis on what has been said. The logos Q is in white and to help make that link with the cover, the word oasis is white and stands out from the grey/black back ground and also the red is used for are back. The rest of cover is mainly black and white to give a very aging look to the magazine, or somewhat retro since its a comeback of an old band.Font- The font is almost all sans serif, This help give it a far clearer and obvious look about the magazine which will help grab the attention of the reader. It also allows capital letters to look better and more bold. The only serif font used is that of a Quote about Liam which helps the audience differentiate a quote from normal text, and since its an interesting part of the story they want the readers to notice it.Imagery- The image is used in Q magazine is to cover the majority of the page. This illustrates that noel Gallagher (image) is an icon or cultivating figure. By making sure the image covers most the cover this makes it far eye catching and more of an intimate look into the famous persons. The image black and white colour gives it an aging theme, that old music is back.Language- A recurring type of language is used in music magazines, simplistic, and very straight to the point, only the subtext goes into more detail on the cover. Oasis are back and work it sting are all short sentences to get the reader attention with out them having to do much.