music magazine evaluation 1 (photo)

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how my choice of photo fits with my magazine's style.


  • 1. I wanted to capture a photograph similar to how Lana Del Rey poses and portray herself on magazines. This idea was inspired by how Lana Del Rey presents herself as a modern indie pop artist.

2. Since my magazine contains a serious slogan I had troubles growing up I wanted my photograph to match what my slogan says. I wanted to capture a medium shot (inspired by Lana) that demonstrates serious and strong emotion. The reason behind this is because my magazines main issue is serious and mature. 3. Similarities: Both have their hands on their mouth/face. The effect it creates is to boost the photographs emotion. Therefore, it is not just a plain mid shot. Appearance: Both are classy in terms of appearance (no flashy clothes) simple yet elegant. 4. Over all, I think that it fits my magazines style because my magazines layout is simple yet punky. The photograph I have chosen also fits my serious and strong slogan I had troubles growing up Im ready to face them as an artist. due to my photographs mise-en-sene (facial expression). In addition, my photograph fits my magazines style because the colours matches my photographs appearance (orange hair, pink lipstick, neutral make-up and dark clothing). It allows my magazine to look professional and conventional (indie) in general.