music magazine - tasks 1-6 with publication plans from kerrang! and rock sound

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Main Task – Music Magazine Rachael Jobbins

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  • 1. Main Task Music MagazineRachael Jobbins

2. Initial IdeasI have decided to do a rock alternative genre for my magazine. The target audience that I am aiming for is 16-35 years old, as I feel this is a good age range for those who would be interested in my magazine. 3. Researching the Market PlaceKerrang! Price: 2.20 Frequency of publication: Weekly Issue Size: Approx 100-150 pages Regular Content: Tour Dates gig guide, Advertising new bands, Advertising new albums, Posters, Competitions, Letter from the editor, Pictures/drawings sent in from fans, Double page spreads linked to the front cover (sometimes 3 pages). Feature Articles: Linked to the artist/band on the front cover.Rock Sound Price: 3.80 Frequency of publication: Monthly Issue Size: Approx 200 pages Regular Content: Double page spreads linking to the front cover (sometimes 3 pages), Tour dates, Advertising new albums, Advertising new bands, Posters, Exclusive information, Letter from the editor, Plus section. Feature Articles: Linked to the artist/band on the front cover.Guitar World Price: $4.99 (American magazine) if it contains a CD then the price would be $7.99 (the CD would contain video lessons, gear demonstrations and other self-produced third party content). Frequency of publication: 13 times per year (one every month and a holiday issue). Issue size: Regular content: Centrefold piece of the artist/band who was on the cover for that month, Always devoted to guitarists, Contained 5 different songs each month, Plus section. Feature Articles: Anything that is on the front cover would be an article in the magazine. The main image of an artist/band would be the feature article for that month. 4. Initial Plans for my Magazine Price: 3.00 Frequency of publication: Monthly Average issue size: 100-150 pages Regular content: Editors letter Competitions Information on new music/albums Tour dates Interviews A fans say Pictures/posters Feature articles Red Hot Chilli Peppers: They can handle the heat. AC/DC spell it out for you. Ozzy Osbourne is flying high again. Alice in chains! From Washington, not Wonderland. Nickelback remind us what we have been missing over the years. My Chemical Romance tells you to not let them take you alive. The Blackout: Dont tear us apart, well tear you apart. Not Advised dare you to try your luck in something new. Pegasus Bridge: Decided to part ways?! 5. Analysis of Professional Magazine Covers Kerrang!ExclusiveinformationMain/central image direct mode of addressMasthead (unique font (one main image to take upwill be the magazinesthe whole of the fronttrademark. cover) Small featuresTitle is covered bythe main image(well establishedSplashes of magazine)information Colour scheme - simpleSmall ImagesCoverline (stripsof free give- of text on the frontaways cover)Captions Bar code along with price/date/issueExclusivenumberinformation 6. Rock SoundStrip of information Masthead covered (well known magazine) will be the magazines trademarkFree give-aways Small cover lines Colour scheme simple (blue, red, white and yellow) Main image that takes up frontMain cover line cover used as background (direct mode of address) Various Buzz words to grab information fills the audiences the page to make it attention look creative but doesnt look too busy Small features Bar code with plus section price, date, issue extra information number and website address 7. Guitar WorldAdvertisements toMasthead coveredmake more sales(well known magazine)(grabs the will be the magazinesaudiencestrademarkattention) One main image that takes up the whole ofSimple colourthe front cover (directscheme mode of address)Signed by the artistwho is featuredMain cover lineSmall coverlines/smallfeatures (stories)Plus section Various information fills the page butBar code withdoesnt look too busyprice, date and(still looks creative andissue number different) 8. Analysis of Professional Contents Pages Kerrang!Title is at the topleft hand side of Main picturethe page thewould be of theword contents same artist who ison the front cover Colour scheme is the same as theCertain page numbers front coverthat stand out (topstories/gossip about aband)Date and issue number Page is fullTitle is at the topleft hand side ofthe pageStructured layout(5 columns)Different fonts/sizesThe smaller fontsLetter from the editoris specific detailHeadlines fordifferent sectionsPlugs advertisements -in the magazine offers 9. Rock SoundVarious picturesColour scheme sameas the front coverOne main imagethat would be ofthe sameLetter from the editor artist/band who iswritten in aon the front coverconventional wayPage numbersstand out Title of magazineDifferent fonts/sizesPage is full of informationStructured layoutHeadlines fordifferent sectionsin the magazine 10. Guitar WorldOne main picture direct mode ofThe wordaddress contents is at thetop of the pageFeatures Certain pages that theSimple contents page magazine wanted to just one column of stand out biggestinformationstories of that issueDifferentDate and issuefonts/sizesnumberColour scheme would be the sameas the front coverAdvertisement Plug 11. Analysis of Professional Double Page Spread Kerrang!First paragraph is the most Informationimportant (has to grab theHeadlinestands out Drop-caps One main quote on theaudiences attention)bands newalbumArticle formText boxwith addedMaininformationpictureCaptions Individual pictures 12. Rock SoundMain picture direct mode ofaddress (looking into theSentence in a bigger front to grabcamera)the readers attentionHeadline stands out Drop-caps QuotesSuited to the 2 columns ofArticle formtarget audience Concise and to the point informationkeeps the audience entertained 13. Another double page spread from Kerrang! Main picture direct mode ofOne main quote that is in a different font address (looking into theDrop caps (bigger and a vivid colour) to make it stand camera)Extra information out and grab the readers attention.Headlinestands outBackgroundis oneconsistentcolour Smaller text but still stands out Suited to thestarting offmagazinesthe article.audience tomake surethat they willread it /somethingthey would beArticle forminterested in. (3 columns) Captions explaining the pictureFirst paragraph hooks the readerQuestions arehighlighted 14. Kerrang! publication plan Title: Kerrang! Posting Statement: The worlds best selling weekly rock magazine. Frequency of Publication: Weekly Price: 2.20 Distribution: Mainly supermarkets, also sold in music shops e.g. HMV. (can subscribe to get it delivered to your door) Rationale/style: Kerrang magazine is presented in a formal style to relate to the audience. Looking at the magazine, the audiencemostly relates to teenagers, or the age range 14-25. The magazine is well set out and an easy read, as there is not too many pages. Images are dominant and take up most of the magazine (font size is small). Regular Content: Pictures/centre fold of posters Editors note Gig guide Competitions Information on new bands/new albums/new music A fans say from who was their at the concert Interviews from bands/feature articles Advertisements for festivals in the summer Examples of Some Feature Content: Forever the Sickest Kids 30 Seconds To Mars: Jared Letos Dark Side Exposed! All Time Low: Pop-Punks New Star Laid Bare! Paramore: Getting married is what I want! also on the set of their new video. The People Vs. My Chemical Romance: This is really scary! The Foo Fighters: Inside their US comeback gig! Green Day: Exclusive U.S. tour report. Were being the best MCR we can be! My Chemical Romance invite Kerrang to their recording studio. Panic! At The Disco; Living It Up In Sin City. The Blackout: The Best In Town Go Global! 15. Rocksound publication plan Title: Rocksound Posting Statement: Rocksound magazine champions rock music and aims at giving underground acts the recognition theydeserve without over commercialising their work or missing out on the big names in rock music. Frequency of Publication: Monthly Price: 3.99 Distribution: Subscribe to get it delivered to your door. Rationale/style: Rocksound is similar to rock magazines, where they are very informal and are straight to the point. The agerange for this is similar to that of Kerrang magazine (14-25) but seems more widely spread. Images are dominant through out the magazine (font is small) Regular Content: Pictures/centre fold of posters Editors note Tour dates for bands (footnote on feature articles) Competitions Advertisements for festivals in the summer Information on new bands/new music/albums Interviews from bands/feature articles Examples of Some Feature Content: MurderDolls: Twos company. The Wild Hearts positive thinking. Kids in Glass Houses; Good Boys Gone Rad. A Day To Remember: The New Sound of Sacrifice. You Me At Six: The Famous Five. Bring Me The Horizon: Into The Future. Love Amongst Ruin; The Bitter End. 30 Seconds To Mars: A Class Act. Raging Bulls Fall Out Boy Come Back Fighting! Lost Prophets New Album Exclusive!