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  • 1. Most music photographers work as freelancers andearn there money by selling their pictures to aselection of magazines, and uploading them topicture banks. A music photographer could berequested by a agency or band to do a promo shoot,document their journey, album work and live gigs.

2. Most music photographers are freelancers and work for themselves; by goingto as many gigs as possible, then selling the pictures on to a selection ofmagazines. Whilst being a freelancer you could always be requested by acompany to do some promo shots.Organizations such as NME have in house photographers who work within thecompany and get paid a regular salary.Photographers can also earn money from royalties from picture banks, wellknown companies like NME and Kerrang use picture banks all the time. 3. Music photographers earn theirmoney by selling their pictures to aselection of different magazines, orbeing signed to a agency who thengets them requested photo shoots.Well known companies like NME usea lot of pictures from Picturelibraries therefore the photographerof that picture will get royalties asthey are using there picture. 4. Music photography is usedfor a number of reasons, themain reason being topromote a band or artistsand their music.Music photography is allabout promotion for boththe photographer and theband or artist. 5. Music photographers are used in a number of ways. Theycould be requested by a record label to do; promo shots,interviews, album work and many more. A lot ofbands/artists document their journeys throughout thetheir music life through pictures. 6. Photographs are much more powerful than words, as youcan tell more of a story from one image for example; Youcan tell what type of band you are looking at just from aimage, what sort of vibe they give out and what audiencethey attract. 7. + Barry Feinstein+ William Claxton+ Barrie Thompson+ Neal Preston+ Neil Zlozower+ Many many more! 8. This picture was chosenfor the front coverbecause of theoutrageous theme Ladygaga holds to her name.This magazine is a highprofile music magazineand is used to promotemusic but also the artisttoo. This image shows nomorals and is verystriking as it instantlycatches your eye. Thisfront cover was used toget a reaction is its veryprovocative.