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    MV Switchgear for Substation Solutions

    gae1250 / gae1250kmaxExtensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear Up to 24 kV / 1250 A / 25 kA IEC standards

    Reliable innovation. Personal solutions.

  • MV Switchgear forSubstation Solutions

    gae1250 / gae1250kmax Extensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear

    The quality of the products designed, manufactured and installed by Ormazabal is backed by the implementation and certification of a quality management system, based on international standardISO9001:2008.Our commitment to the environment is reaffirmed with the implementation and certification of an environmental management system as laid down in international standard ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 related to health & safety. In view of the constant evolution in standards and design, the characteristics of the elements contained in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notification.These characteristics, as well as the availability of components, are subject to confirmation by Ormazabal.


    IntroduCtIon ________________________ 1Preface 1

    Your business and your applications 2

    MaIn features ________________________ 4Safety 4

    Reliability 4

    Efficiency 5

    Sustainability 5

    Continuous innovation 5

    teChnICal detaIls _____________________ 6Family 6

    Technical data 7

    Constructive structure 8

    desIgn CharaCterIstICs _________________ 9Key components 9

    Main compartments 10

    Protection & Automation 12

    Smart Grid 13

    Type of modules __________________________________________14

    Other components and accessories 30

    Cable connections 31

    Current and voltage transformers 32

    HRC fuses 33

    Spare parts and accessories 34

    handlIng, InstallatIon and after sales ______________________ 35

    Handling 35

    Inside buildings 35

    Solutions for factory-built transformer substations 36

    Solutions for mobile transformer substations 36

    Solutions for wind turbines 36

    Recycling and end-of-life 37

  • gae1250 / gae1250kmax Extensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear

    MV Switchgear forSubstation Solutions


    PrefaceOrmazabal's decades of experience in the research, design, development, production and installation of medium voltage switchgear and switching devices has made us a global leading provider of gas-insulated medium voltage switchgears (GIS). Today around 1,300,000 Ormazabal MV functional units have been installed in the electrical networks of over 100 electrical utilities and 600 wind farms in more than 110countries.

    With the first ga, the most robust and compact series of block switchgears (RMU) was introduced in 1985 under the name ga-24 for secondary distribution networks of up to 24 kV.

    Due to the requirements of our customers, the modular version of the ga (then called GE) was developed in 1993. In 2001, this type was replaced with the gae series of switchgears.

    The gae switchgear series has since been continuously improved to address the needs of our customers and markets. Today more than 200,000 gae system functional units have been installed in more than 80 countries.

    The gae1250 and gae1250kmax switchgears are reliable and efficient solutions for energy utilities, industrial customers and for renewable energy.

    Ormazabal is the leading provider of customized solutions to electrical utilities, to electrical end users as well as renewable energy systems applications based on its own technology.

    We encourage the development of the electrical sector towards the challenges of the future energy needs. We cooperate with the worlds leading local, regional and global companies in the electrical sector with a strong commitment to innovation towards personal safety, network reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

    Our highly qualified and focused team of innovation-motivated professionals have developed our own products and solutions during our more than a century long consolidated history, always by establishing close relationship with our customers aimed at achieving mutual long term benefits.

    Velatia is a family-run, industrial, technological and benchmark global group which operates in the areas of electrical networks, electronics and communication networks as well as in the consulting, security and aeronautics component sectors, where safety, efficiency and reliability are valued.

    Our customer orientation has led to the development of our extensive network of factories in Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Mexico and China, helping to meet our customers needs in more than 50 countries.

    The solutions of the companies in Velatia seek to make the world a more and better connected, more sustainable, smarter, safer, more humane place.


    PLN transformer substation Samarinda (Indonesia)

    Kinsevere-Mining (Dem. Rep. of Congo)

    Eon Edis transformer substation (Premnitz, Germany)

  • gae1250 / gae1250kmax Extensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear

    MV Switchgear forSubstation Solutions


    Your Electrical Network"Your dedicated partner for a reliable and intelligent network".

    Your business and your applications

    Through our close customer relationships and extensive knowledge related to the electricity industry, we are able to provide solutions for primary distribution (SSS) that are based on products and services with high added value and that are tailored to the requirements of energy suppliers, end users and systems for utilizing renewable energies.



    Infrastructure Industry Services


    Wind Solar

    Dispatchable RES

  • gae1250 / gae1250kmax Extensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear

    MV Switchgear forSubstation Solutions


    Our Product Map (SSS& DNS)We believe that excellence does not lie solely in offering effective products and services, but also in the ability to respond to individual requirements and demands.

    We provide our clients with personalised projects for efficient energy management via Primary and Secondary Distribution switchgear and solutions.

    Our Business Lines

    SSS: Substation Solution for primary distribution

    DNS: Distribution Network Solutions for secondary distribution

    Our products for your segment

    cpg.1 cpg.0 gae1250kmax amccibor transfoorma

    Power transformersormacontainer Prefabricated substationsnvl.cibor

    cgm.3 gae ga cgmcosmos [IEC - ANSI/IEEE]cgmcosmos


    ekorsys family transfoorma Distribution transformersProtection, automation and control



    transforma.tpc transforma.fine Extended range solutions

    CURRENT family

    Low voltage boardAdvanced metering, sensing

    & analytics, monitoring and


    dielectric liquid


    Concrete prefabricated transformer substations (TS) Metallic prefabricated TS CEADS Switching nodesUnderground Walk-in Compact

    Concrete enclosure for transformer substations (TS) Metallic enclosure for TS

    Photovoltaic substation

    Mobile substationUnderground Walk-in Modular

  • gae1250 / gae1250kmax Extensible, gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear

    MV Switchgear forSubstation Solutions


    SafetyProtection for people, the environment and electrical installations.

    Special attention paid to the personal safety of the operators and the general public.

    Arc-fault protection Both the gae1250 and the gae1250kmax are protected against arc-fault according to IEC62271-200:

    gae1250: IAC AFL 20kA, 1s

    gae1250kmax: IAC AFL 25kA, 1s

    All high voltage areas fulfil the requirements of arc resistance according to IEC 62271- 200 Appendix A Criteria 1 to 5.

    In principle, the internal arc classification IAC AFL is always valid for the gas tank and the cable connection compartment.

    A rear absorber channel is optionally available on request, which enables the installation of the switchgear in connection with metal absorbers on a closed floor. By means of this option, the pressure value inside the switchgear room can be reduced by approximately 60%, and additionally it is passive & maintenance free.

    Hermetically sealedOperational safety is ensured by the hermetic sealing of the primary components, which protect against environmental influences such as dirt, moisture, etc. The drive parts are low maintenance and accessible from theoutside.

    InterlocksThe gae1250 and the gae1250kmax have mechanical and electrical interlocks according to IEC 62271-200 to provide a safe and reliable operation.

    Interlocks prevent unsafe operations:

    The switching devices are interlocked

    The cable connection compartment can be opened only if the earthing switch is closed

    Additional mechanical and electrical interlocks are available upon request.

    ReliabilityFor an uninterrupted supply of your electrical network.

    Permanent operation The SF6 HV compartment is maintenance free and the whole switchgear is designed for a life span of min. 40 years.

    Suitable for any environment Largely independent of climate.

    Use of controlled cable connection partsResistant to aggressive environmental conditions (humidity, salinity, dust, pollution, etc.).

    100% of parts quality controlledAll switchgear are subjected to 100% quality control.

    For example:

    Device function tests

    Withstand voltage test 50kV / 1 min

    Testing of all auxiliary devices such as auxiliary switches, shunt release remote control equipment, protective equipment, measuring inst

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