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  1. 1. Located in Western Massachusetts Lies between the Connecticut River and the Mount Tom Range Population: 40,124
  2. 2. ETHNICITY 49 46 4 1 HISPANIC- 49% WHITE- 46% BLACK- 4% ASIAN- 1%
  3. 3. OUR ECONOMY Unemployment Rate: 8.5% Median Household Income: $34,961 Main Economic Engine: The Holyoke Mall (7 million in taxes) -The interior of the Holyoke Mall-
  4. 4. ISSUES AND CHALLENGES 1. High school drop-out rate: 48% 2. Highest teen pregnancy rate in the state 3. Poverty level is 4 times the statewide level 4. Highest poverty levels in families led by single women- 66% of Holyoke families 5. Food Inequity the lack of access to healthy foods by low income families; this is a multifactorial problem -Trash outside an apartment complex in Holy MA-
  5. 5. FOOD INEQUITY Contributing factors: 1. Poverty: healthy food is more expensive than junk food 2. Low availability of healthy foods: local markets sell mostly processed food 98% of restaurants offer unhealthy food and fast foods Capitalization on poverty
  6. 6. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: #1 FARMERS MARKETS The Holyoke Farmers Market- every Thursday from May 20th to October 31st Sells local farmers products SNAP + SAVE program: Customers that use their EBT card (food stamps) receive two products for the cost of one
  7. 7. SNAP & SAVE EXPLAINED.. For example: If you swipe your EBT card for $10 at a local farmers market, youll get $20 worth of tokens to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. Its a great deal! $10 in SNAP= $20 in tokens
  8. 8. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: #2 NUESTRAS RACES Nuestras Raices: a non-profit organization started by Puerto Rican migrant farmers Mission: To create healthy environments, celebrate agriculture, and advance their vision of a just and sustainable future Own a 30 acre farm called La Finca (The Farm) The farm promotes the health and emotional well-being of residents through the cultivation of culturally appropriate and locally grown food. Produced 15 community gardens within the city of Holyoke, Ma. Launched a Youth Apprenticeship program
  9. 9. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: #3 OUR FOOD PROJECT Engages Holyoke families in community food Pilot Program with high school Offers nutritional cooking classes to high school students Created first high school community garden This project is teaching students how to cultivate their own food and encouraging them to consume healthier food. Project Manager, Neftali Duran
  10. 10. GLOBAL INNOVATIONS 1. Africa: The Hippo water roller- a drum that can be rolled on the ground, making it easier for those without access to water haul larger amounts of water faster 2. Tokyo: Pasona O2- an urban farm in Tokyo that grows over 100 types of produce indoors, underground, and on the exterior walls of the nine-story office-style building 3. Berlin, Germany: Frisch vom Dach- (Fresh from the Roof) An aquaponics project started on the rooftop of a former malt factory 1. 2. 3.
  11. 11. GREEN PROJECTS: ENERGIA Energy Efficiency in Pioneer Valley: Energa, LLC is a socially responsible energy services company that provides energy efficiency upgrades for residential and commercial properties. Energia, aims to reduce utility costs and energy use throughout western Massachusetts. Mission: To create efficient and healthy buildings in the Pioneer Valley.
  12. 12. MGHPCC Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center- An energy-efficient, high-performance computing center, in Holyoke that opened in 2012. Built by a coalition of universities and tech companies Computers at the MGHPCC run millions of virtual experiments every month!
  13. 13. Director of Planning and Economic Development at City of Holyoke, Ma. Developed a $6.6 million Compact Fluorescent Light-bulb residential subsidy program, aimed at working-class and low- income citizens in Puerto Rico. Supervised progress of energy projects under PlaNYC, New York Citys long-term sustainability plan, and managed the Public Utility Service, a business incentive program with transactions of up to $5 million every month.