my daily life, by carlos, elena, victoria and miguel

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2. Hello! Here we are in ourEnglish class.We are planing our project. 3. Its half past seven in the morning.Im having a cup of milk while Iwatch the news on TV. Im getting ready for high school because we start our classes at quarter pasteight. 4. It is half past ten in the morning.I am in maths class. I am doing my homework. Its difficult and boring!I am not good at maths.I chose this photo because it is the one I like best. 5. It was half past two. We were at English classesand as the teacher wasabsent, we decided to takethe photo for the project. 6. This photo was taken in theEnglish lesson while I was doing the homework of the lesson. Iwas with my friend Victoria. 7. Its quarter past five in the afternoon. Im doing my Mathhomework, its boring but I have to do it. We usually spend the most big part of the afternoonand the evening doinghomework. Dont you? 8. It was half after eight. We areat a friends house knockeddown in a mattress becausewe were tired. We were justback from the street, because we were jogging. 9. The end !