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My evidences:

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My evidences:

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The New York Times (Sports)

1- Title of the article: Mets Have No Defense for Perez’s Seven Ball Fours

The article gave me information about the situation of the Mets (Major League Baseball Team) have in the game with the Phillies. This game pitcher was Oliver Perez. He walked 7 Phillies batters and a bad performance in the ball game. The article has the reaction of a few members of the team and the reaction of the manager Willie Randolph. The article is important for me because I’m a Mets fan. In the article you can read a reaction of the pitcher Oliver Perez about his bad game. In the beginning of the article the author wrote about the good performance that this pitcher have in the last appearance in the spring training and the other season that this pitcher have. I agree with Paul Lo Duca reaction. He said to the reporters: “We haven’t swung the bats good,” and “Why don’t you guys write about that?” I think that a good reaction because the team don’t be only the pitcher, the team is all player including the bench. The team needs to give support to the pitcher. I think that every player has his good and bad times so Perez has a bad time, his is a human, and all of us have good and bad times.

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The New York Times (Sports)

2- In Oldtimers Game at Shea, Glavine Outpitches Moyer

The article gave me the information about the game that the Mets won. The game was in Shea Stadium in NY, the Phillies lose the game with the Mets 5 for 3. In the game 2 veterans pitchers, Tom Glavine (Mets) and Jamie Moyer (Phillies), went to fight to make they team win. Glavine trough six inning to make his team won. He reaches his victory 292, Glavine is a 41 year old pitcher and he has a great numbers in the Major League Baseball and has 21 major league seasons. In my opinion Tom Glavine and the NY Mets team go to win the division in this year. Mets are a great team and they have a chance to win a division series, the national league champ and finally the World Series champ. I think that Tim Glavine is a good pitcher but I think he needs to get retire and open a path to the new generation of pitchers. If he decides to stay in major league baseball, he needs to think no in a player career, he needs to think in a pitching coach place. This is my opinion about Tom Glavine career. The article gave me some information that I don’t have in my knowledge.

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Funnel Cloud Spotted

3- Funnel Cloud Spotted

This story talk about the funnel cloud and how it formed. The funnel cloud and the tornados formed by the combination of bad and good temperatures. In this story I found some places where those things happens. This story tell me what dangerous can be those things and how and when those things formed. This story is very interesting because tell me some concepts about the funnel clouds and tornados. And the context of the paragraphs was very clear and I understand all of this story tell me about the funnel cloud and tornados.

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Farmers and the Weather

4- Farmers and the weather

This story talk about the important of the weather for the farmers. This story tell me all the stage that the grapes pass to be sell. The story tell that the weather is very important to the growing of the fruit in this case grapes. To some farmer the good weather is very productive but to others no because all depends the product that the farmer have. In this story the author explain the farmers schedule.