my house module 5 a. garage b. bedroom c. bathroom

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A. garage B. bedroom C. bathroom


  • MY HOUSEModule 5

  • A. garageB. bedroomC. bathroom

  • A. gardenB. bedroomC. kitchen

  • A. garageB. studyC. living room

  • A. garageB. gardenC. study

  • A. garageB. gardenC. study

  • A. living roomB. bedroomC. bathroom

  • A. studyB. bedroomC. bathroom

  • living roombedroomstudy

  • bathroomkitchengaragegarden

  • Come to my house, come today

    This is the bedroom where I sleepThis is the kitchen where I eat

    This is the garden where I playThis is the study where I stay

    This is the bathroom where I washThis is the living room where I watch TVCome to my house!

  • watch TV

  • Come and sit with me on the sofa.

  • Heres your juice.

  • Heres the tissue.

  • glasscookiesjuice

  • kitchencupboard

  • 1. Who comes to Xiaolings house?2. Where are the cookies?3. Where are the glasses?Janet.They are on the table in the kitchen.They are in the cupboard.

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