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  • Christopher M. Aland MD

    Orthopedic and Sportsmedicine Center of Bucks County

  • DisclaimerI own stock in Arthrocare and Johnson and JohnsonI have no conflicts of interest that affect my ability to teach this course

  • If all you have is a hammer

  • Many companies, many hammersArthrexSmith NephewLinvatecOpusStrykerWolfConMedEtc.

  • Must understand tear anatomySallayBurkhartRomeo

  • Tear typesCrescentU shaped

    L Shaped

  • Dont just have hammers

  • L tear repair

  • Bottom lineUnderstand what the tear is before fixing(Webb)Learn to tie knotspractice, practiceMini open=ArthroscopicArthroscopic=mini openLearn to say this sentence, a small incision

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