my stay in guilford

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Mi estancia en Guildford

My stay in Guilford

Alba Puebla6ASan Gregorio

1My experienceIn this trip:I learned to travel with other people who are not my familyI met new people.I practiced English I visited new places.

ThereI think everything is very different about the way to teach, behaviorSome example: There are classes of 30 students; the teachers are very different from here: there, in a class are more than a tutor. They don't have a notebook for each subject. They have a notebook made by them with cardboard and here they put all the information and projects they do

I thinkI think we can take from this experience new ideas to exchange them: the way we learn and also realize the others homework that we think that are wrong, but are correct and are best left as they are.

How I feltI felt good when I was in Guilford, but when I went back to Spain, I was sad because my host family are a very nice people.

And I come to realizeI lived totally different as I live here.I don't know if it is better or wrong but I realizedthe things we do well and others not so much like: *The timing of meals is different and they do better because they start the day eating a lot and end dinning also a lot but soon.*They talk low and they are not so noisy like us.ResumeWe went there in the 3rd week of December.That's how we live in Guilford: we went to school every day except Wednesday 12th. In the school we were in class with our partner and depending the day we did differents things.On Monday we went to the school and we met our family. On Tuesday we went to the center of Guilford. On Wednesday we went to London, on Thursday we went to bowling and on Friday we came back to Spain.

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