my trip from rabat to kabul by: isabella grass hiiiii! my name is isabella grass and throughtout...

Download My trip from Rabat to Kabul By: Isabella Grass Hiiiii! My name is Isabella Grass and throughtout this presentation i will be showing you my journal of

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Slide 2 My trip from Rabat to Kabul By: Isabella Grass Slide 3 Hiiiii! My name is Isabella Grass and throughtout this presentation i will be showing you my journal of my trip from Rabat to Kabul. On the map above you will see the journey that i covered in my trip. Slide 4 The beginnig of the journey! My friends and I decided to take some vacations and visit our old friend, Maria, at Rabat. When we arrived there she started to give lots of information about Rabat and decided to take us throughout the city and show us more about it. My friend Andrea started to show us pictures of the ruler: Mohammed VI that seem to look like his father. Jajaja. Slide 5 We decided to change our clothe before going out to some fresh ones since the climate know in summer was pretty warm. Maria took us to the Royal Palace and the Parliament. Then we went to have lunch at a very good restaurant were we ate very good Moroccan food such as tajine, kebabs and salads. Slide 6 Farewell ! It was now time for my friends and I to continue our trip so we took a bus and continued to our next stop, Algiers, Algeria. When we finally arrived we were kind off lost so we decided to take a bus to the nearest tour agencies. My friend Maria Alejandra was very scared since she had never been at a trip like this and thought we could get hurt. We finally achieved to calm her down when we arrived to the agency. There we were assigned a tourist guide that will lead us throughout Algiers. Slide 7 Well hello Algierss!! We were all very hungry so first of all we told the tourist guide, Elena, to take us to the nearest restaurant. After all being satisfied with the delicious food we ate, Elena took us to see some monuments like the monument of Martyrs and the Great Mosque of Algiers. All of us were impressed with the beauty of this city. When we were visiting the Notre Dame dAfrique suddenly I looked back and saw none of my friends, all of them, including Elena, had disappeared. I started to panic. Then I decided to run into the nearest official to ask for help. Finally after two hours of waiting I found them. Slide 8 It was now the end of the day and we were all exhausted. We had to go now to the bus station to wait there until the next bus will arrive and leave again to our next stop, Libya. We waited on the bus station until MIDNIGHT when the bus finally arrived. We all paid our tickets and left to Libya! Slide 9 When we cross the Libyan frontier we make some stops in some exotic tows. We are in Libyaaa! Slide 10 Lets go Al Ahly! Finally we arrived to Tripoli, Libyas capital. We were all exhausted but ready for our next adventure. Libya was now at at pretty hot temperature so we had to change our clothes to even fresh ones than the ones before. When we were all ready we heard that a football game will be taking place that day at the 11 June Stadium. So we took the first cabs we saw and went to the stadium. We had lots of fun there we learned some Arabic words, also get to know some players of the Al Ahly team, and had the opportunity to try some Libyan food such as the couscous and the shurba. At the end of the day we found a nearby hotel and stayed there. Slide 11 Its now time for Egypt! At first time in the morning we woke up and took the earliest bus that will take us to Egypt. During our bus ride my friend Teresa got kind off dizzy and through up at my friend Thomas. We had to stop the bus in the nearest gas station so that they could get clean. Finally when everything was solved we continued our trip until our next stop. Slide 12 We found Egypt as home of al new kinds of adventures. The first thing that we saw was the Great Sphinx of Giza. It was like a dream come true to me. Then we had to get down the bus and cross the Nile river that took us to Cairooooo, Egypts capital! Slide 13 Here comes Cairo! At Cairo we decided to go and visit all the possible touristic places we could. When we were in one, of the thousand touristic places we visited, the Cairo Tower, we found out the Chairman, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi was there so we immediately went were he was and had the chance to take some pictures with him. After this unexpected meeting with Mr Mohamed, we continued our tour. Slide 14 Through the Red Sea and Beyond!! Finally our day at Cairo was over and we told ourselves, Why not take a boat trip through the red sea?, so we decide to take it! The boats departure time was at 3am since it was the time where most of the sea animal will come out. It was already 4 am and we were all awake waiting for some animals to come out, and guess what? Suddenly a group of sharks started to swim around us! We all got scared but them we find it pretty interesting! We also saw some strange fishes and then finally arrive to Saudi Arabia. Slide 15 Saudi Arabia, Im Here! Our arrival point was Mecca, one of the most visited and traditional places of Saudi Arabia. We were very hungry so we decided to stop and go eat some traditional food before continuing our journey.. In the restaurant that we arrive, I cant actually remember the name, we ate some delicious food like Kabsa, Shawarma, Kofta, and all the possible traditional food we could. Slide 16 After visiting Mecca we decided to go directly to Saudi Arabias capital, Riyadh. There we spent lots of time visiting its architecture and even some of its museum. As all the countries we had now visited, it was very hot! Slide 17 Its now time for IRAQ! After visiting North Africa and Saudi Arabia we foundednow ourselves in western Asia, specifically, Iraq. Here wedecided to do a different plan and go hike in the Zagrosmountain range. We will spend a 7 day journey travelingfrom Iraq to Iran. Before doing this we obviously wantedto get to know a little bit more about Iraq so we went on aindependent tour, guided by us jaja, so we went andvisited the Baghdad Zoo, at Baghdad, were we had a verynice time. We also visited some touristic places. When wefinished this we went on to the hiking agency and decidedto start our adventure! They took us directly on a bus tothe mountains. Slide 18 Hiking!!! Our hiking guide was called Manuel, he was very hot and had a crush on me :D. we spend 7 days crossing the mountain. During this days we slept on tents and get to know many new animals that live in these mountains. My friend Martin almost FELL FROM THE TOP! We all got scared but the Manuel had it all under control. I was bitten by a rare animal that I dont even know its name! it hurt a lot for the moment but then it passed. Slide 19 Almost There! We were now finishing our journey. We had arrived at Iran and then our next stop was finally Afghanistan. In Iran we mostly rest but also had the time to enjoy many of its beautiful places like the City Theater of Tehran, the biggest theater of the middle east. After all this it was now time for Kabul, Afghanistan! Slide 20 Its Afghanistan, Alleluia! We couldnt believe time had passed so fast, we were already in AFGANISTAN! Tears will come out since our journey had now ended :(. When we arrive there we decided to go out with no idea were we where and do whatever we wanted, meet new people, go and party, and even eat all we could. At the end of the day we all ended up with new friends and new adventures to tell ;). Slide 21 I hope you like my trip!