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  1. 1. Mobile App SponsorshipIt makes ALL the differenceAllan Isfan, CEO
  2. 2. 10 Tips1. Apps are cool2. In-app opportunities3. Activations!4. Mobile & Social Contests5. Promote early and often6. Include in ALL promos7. Your audience matters8. Make it Exclusive9. Educate10.Get help2
  3. 3. Apps are cool!3People download 100Mapps per day!!!
  4. 4. Many In-App OpportunitiesWelcome Home Banners Mapvertising FrameItCamPhoto ContestEnter ContestActivationsWin a car leasefrom Tesla!Your emailSubmitExclusives Push NotificationsFlash app forentry to anexclusive nightsponsored by
  5. 5. Displayed for 3 secondsCan optionally enable acontinue button tokeep people on welcomepage and increasesponsor exposureFirst impressionsmatter!5Welcome page
  6. 6. Main navigationHigh visibilityCan include an offer6Home page
  7. 7. Clickable bannerInclude as many as youwantSet display time on perbanner basisGet stats onimpressions and clicks7Banner
  8. 8. Branded pins topromote sponsorsEach pin leads to a fullpage that can includesponsor information andpromotions8Mapvertising
  9. 9. Custom Frame wraps auser photoShareableFunSocialOptional Contest9FrameItCamRib is part of theframe! Cool!
  10. 10. FrameItCam ContestSubmits sponsoredphoto to a contestOptionally run conteston Facebook or TwitterPrize can be provided bysponsor10
  11. 11. Win a car lease from Tesla!Your emailSubmitSponsor ActivationProvide something inexchange for your emailCan be a service, prize,discount or contestSponsors LOVE this!11Win a car lease fromTesla!
  12. 12. VIP AccessVIP badge is built intothe app-the app pagebecomes your way in tocool sponsored eventsCan optionally requestinfo (email, phone etc)and/or a passcode toenable the VIP badge12Flash app for entry to anWin a car lease fromexclusive nightsponsored Tesla!by
  13. 13. Push NotificationsGet their attention evenwhen app is not activeIdeal for a sponsor thatis attending your eventand wants to drive traffic13
  14. 14. Sponsors love stats! Downloads from eachstore App downloads by store Upgrades Country Facebook Demographics Reach App Usage Launches by device Language Pictures Taken, Shared Features Used14
  15. 15. Promote Early, Everywhere & Often and besure to include the app sponsor15Download the app, sponsored by ABC
  16. 16. Make it ExclusiveTry to sell to ONEexclusive appsponsor (can stillsell advertising)Lock in for multipleyearsSweeten the deal(tickets, VIP )16
  17. 17. EducateShow them a demoof an app!Communicate thenumbers & trendsLet them knoweverything ismeasurableMake what they aregetting clear (we canhelp)17
  18. 18. We Can help! We provide you with a pitch deck andeven a video to get sponsors excited18
  19. 19. Turn Key Service for all screens!Online DashboardWP PluginNative Apps HTML5 Wordpress Plugin
  20. 20. 5 Easy Steps20Select a package (SuperApp ideal if you1 have many events)2 Select Features (Schedule, Map )3 We Enter Data and design graphics4 We upload apps to app store5 You promote the app (we can help)
  21. 21. SaaS: Yearly license nice and easy21Single App$2.9k-$4.9kPer yearMulti-Event SuperApp$6.9k+Per year
  22. 22. Allan Isfan, CEOMobile: +1 613-799-6300allan.isfan@favequest.comtwitter: @isfanlinkedin: Sales and demos, please contact:Rosemary Vaughan, Senior Managerrosemary.vaughan@favequest.com22


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