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  • 1. MYP Assessment September 19. 2013

2. Aims Improve understanding of MYP assessment Improve understanding of the LIS reports Discuss ways that parents can support students with assessments 3. Principles of assessment To support and encourage student learning Criterion based model Variety of assessment methods Develop approaches to learning skills Provides opportunities for reflection on and ownership of learning 4. Michelin Star? Ranking from 1-10? How to improve? 5. Brainstorm What makes a good restaurant? ? ? ? ? 6. How did you grade your restaurant? 7. Reporting at LIS Written reports (Jan 31. and June 12) Three-way conferences (October) Student-led conferences (April 30) 8. How is a grade decided? Levels are decided for each criteria 9. Criterion totals 10. Published grade boundaries for Mathematics 11. The global perspective 12. Questions 13. Exit tickets


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