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Beautiful Healing Jewellery to help you through life.



    May/June 2010


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    Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes thewater undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.

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    Mystic Earth ....

    an introduction.Situated in the beautiful Devon countryside, Mystic Earth offers items handcrafted by Anna-Marie (The Crystal Lady) and herfamily.

    At Mystic Earth, we research and create beautiful Healing Jewellery. Each piece is unique to you, our client; each gemstonecontained will be matched to aid with any emotional/physical or psychological conditions. An average of 5 - 10 different healingcrystals is usually required in a bracelet or necklace. This is because we aim to help the whole individual and not just aparticular illness or problem. It is important to offer support as a whole.

    Crystal Healing is an ancient method which is now becoming more and more popular. As people turn away from modernmedicine and look for more traditional, gentler methods. The Earth can provide us with the answers if we give it the opportunity.

    Crystal Healing helps us in a number of ways. Each Crystal has a different chemical composition, as we wear them next to ourskin; these minerals are absorbed into our bodies. A lot of crystals contain Iron, Silica, Aluminium, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium,Magnesium, the list is endless... These are the minerals that we need to remain healthy.

    Another way that Crystals help us is with their vibrations. Just like our bodies, they give off vibration energy, pure energy. Ourbodies radiate hundreds of different vibrations but if one or more areas are not functioning at the right frequency it can affectour whole body. Imagine an orchestra with someone playing out of key! By placing a crystal creating the correct vibrationwithin our energy field it works like a tuning fork. Our bodies can then adjust themselves to be right again. We hold the powerto heal within us.

    We offer a special service where we endeavour to find the crystals that you need to help your body to repair itself and to stayhealthy. We are also more than happy to incorporate a favourite pendant or piece of jewellery to make it extra special.Please note that our service is not meant to replace conventional medicine but to complement it and to offer support. If youhave a serious medical condition, it is important to seek advice from a medical doctor.

    Mystic Earth was created when jewellery making skills were combined with a love of crystals and gemstones and the fascinationof crystal healing.

    As a certified Crystal Healer, Anna-Marie spends a lot of her time researching the healing properties of different stones andfinding new ways of adding them to jewellery.

    The first Mystic Earth healing necklace was created in early 2008, its affect on the owners health was so encouraging thatmany more soon followed. Since then, Mystic Earth jewellery has been aiding a wide variety of people in all walks of life.Among our satisfied customers is a local Reiki Master who specializes in Equine Healing. She currently uses three of ournecklaces for various purposes.

    My favourite part of creating Mystic Earth jewellery is the total surprise of the end product. Eachone is unique and always ends up different to how I imagine!

    We have decided to make our website go green by choosing to have our website hosted ongreen servers by a company with green values. 100% green renewable energy is used topower parts of the data center, web servers, and office space. The server this siteis hosted on is a 'Green' energy efficient server, which produces 20% less CO2 than theaverage server

    Click this button on our site tofind out more information.

    Our commitment to the environment.


    What our customers say.......

    Married for 47 years and finding it difficult to come upwith a different present for my wifes 67th birthday. Onbrowsing the Internet for ideas I came upon the MysticEarth website, knowing she was well into natural productsit peeked my interest. On contacting Anna-Marie theproprietor and product maker the perfect gift was made,a combination of healing stones (of which she seemsalready to be feeling the benefit) and her favourite colours.Thank you very much Anna-Marie, your help was verymuch appreciated by myself and my wife who wasstunned at the beauty of the gift, especially at thethought that I could pick such a thing myself.

    In July you made for me a necklace and two pairs of earringsat that time I was suffering with very bad pain in my shouldersand neck. I could not sleep and was unable to work in the garden,which since my retirement is my pride and joy, in fact I was inpain all the time.

    When I first put on the jewellery, which in itself is so beautiful Ifelt this warmth, which was very comfortable. However on thefollowing day, the pain was slightly worse I did however realisethat this was a healing crises and from that day it slowly easedaway.

    Words can not express my gratitude to you for this relief frompain, I can now sleep and today have spent a wonderful dayworking in my garden, but not just these two aspects of my lifehave changed my whole outlook is different as I feel I can nowdo anything. I am sure that I am also much easier to live with,and my long-suffering husband will agree.

    Also this jewellery as I mentioned is so beautiful, I getcompliments on it all the time. I wear the short pair of earringsevery day but the second pair, which you made longer, enablesme to be elegant in the evening. The two pairs was such a goodidea of yours.

    Again all my thanks; I definitely am a very satisfied and happycustomer.

    The photo doesnt do it justice. Its breathtaking. Icant wait to take it home, cleanse it, and spend sometime with it before I actually start to wear it.Again, just beautiful.

    It's just arrived, I'm stunned! Just opening the lovelywrapper and finding the beautiful silk purse was a treat!The bracelet itself is stunning, your photo just doesn'tdo it justice! I hope you don't mind but I've told all myFB buddies about it and put a link to your website,hope it sends some traffic your way.

    I love and adore my necklace, the crystals and theircolours are perfect, it is very me! Thank you so much. Assoon as I saw it I loved it. I am wearing it now!

    I ordered a bracelet from Mystic Earth after reading alittle about the benefits and healing properties of crystals.I was able have it created from the crystals that mostsuited my needs and was thrilled with the beautifulfinished product. Excellent value for money.... I'm alreadythinking about ordering a necklace!!

    I recently purchased a necklace through Mystic Earth...not only do I absolutely love the totally unique item Ibought, I have been thoroughly surprised and impressedby the way it has made me feel!

    Recommended to me by a friend, I sought the help of Anna(who I must add was extremely friendly and helpful), tomake me feel better in myself - something she believed theproperties of crystals could help with. I was happy eitherway! I have a most beautiful necklace if nothing else.... but,as the weeks have passed, sure enough the crystals seem tobe working their magic!!

    Anyone looking for fast, friendly service, unique andbeautiful jewellery, and perhaps emotional/physical helpthrough the therapeutic healing capabilities of the crystalsthemselves, will not be disappointed! Great Christmasgifts!

    You can find more feedback from our customers on ourwebsite.


    Our featured gemstone is .........

    Rose QuartzSiO2+Na,Al,Fe,Ti+(Ca,Mg,Mn)

    For centuries Rose Quartz has been considered to be a fertility crystal. Often also used in love magic.Mentally - Empathy, sensitivity, self-love, the ability to love. Liberation from worry.Physically - Circulation. Fortifies the heart and sexual organs.Chakra: Heart, higher heart.Colour - PinkSource - South Africa, USA, Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, Germany.Zodiac birthstone - Taurus, Libra, Capricorn

    Mystic Earth LOVEBracelet.Rose Quartz and Swarovski Crystal13.00

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    Mystic Earth LOVEKeyring.Rose Quartz and Rhodochroisite.3.50

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    Mystic Earth Loved OneCharm Bracelet15.00

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    Mystic Earth regularly creates custom designed gemstonepieces including Rose Quartz for our customers.

    If you would like something specially created at a price that youcan afford you can contact The Crystal Lady at:

    [email protected]

    Text or call: 07763 566636


    Currently on offer .....

    Click on images to visit the website.A small selection of ready made styles to order online.


    Currently on offer .....

    Click on images to visit the website.A small selection of ready made styles to order online.


    Currently on offer .....

    Click on images to visit the website.A small selection of ready