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    p NaMaae >aGavTae vaSaudevaYa

    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers

    By Robert A. Koch, SJC West Coast Conference, August 2004

    Copyright 2004 (Not for Distribution)

    Approach to the Study of Mysticism in Jyotish Principle of the 8th house

    The 8th house represents the functions of birth, death, and transformation mainly,

    while mastery over these processes in nature is the result of perfecting the yogic path.In the Vedic scriptures we learn that there are five mah-bhtas or gross states ofmatter and energy, also referred to as Pancha-tattva. These are earth, water, fire, air,and ether, and which manifest in the form of five subtle elements (tanmtras) assound, form, light, taste, and fragrance. The perception of these by the human beingby way of five working senses (karmendriyas) and five knowledge-acquiring senses(jnendriyas), formulate the basis for his material existence.

    Table 1.1: Mah-bhtas and Tanmtras







    ether (aka) sound hearing speech Viu Jupiter

    air (vyu) form touch hands iva Saturn

    fire (agni) light sight feet Surya Mars

    water (jala) taste taste genitals akti Venus

    earth (pthvi) fragrance smell rectum Gaea Mercury

    According to the Bhagavad-gt, the entire material nature is constituted of three

    gunas, or qualities, while the pursuit of sense gratification through each of fivekarmendriyas and five jnendriyas, entangles the living being within the repetitions of

    births and deaths, or sasra. The ultimate teaching of Vedic scripture, therefore, isthat restraint of the senses and senusal activity, and focusing the mind on the internal

    1The five deities associated with each of the mah-bhtas and tanmtras are referred to aspaca-devata

    by r Acyuta in his Chaylisa Paala (Chapter Thirteen). In that work, he has given the followingnames as associating with each: Nirkra, iva, Bhskara, Ambikand Gaea. These are respectivelyrelated to each of: ether (ka), air (vyu), fire (agni), water (jala) and earth (pthvi).

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  • 8/7/2019 mystic healers


    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 3

    Pitfalls that the Yogi Must Avoid

    However, the pitfall with this system ofyoga is that often the yogi becomes attracted tothe various siddhis that accompany the consecutive stages of elevation. These in theirown right are about power as a result of the ability to control specific functions innature. The eight siddhis are as follows:

    1. Aim-siddhi: becoming small like a particle2. Laghim-siddhi: becoming lighter than a soft feather3. Prpti-siddhi: toget anything and everything from anywhere and everywhere4. Mahim-siddhi: to become heavier than the heaviest5. Iitva-siddhi: to freely create something wonderful or annihilate anything at


    6. Vaitva-siddhi: to control all material elements7. Prkmya-siddhi: to possess such power as no desire will ever be frustrated8. Kmvasyit-siddhi: to assume any shape or form one may desire.

    Note also that each siddhi rules one of the eight directions: four primary directionsand four secondary directions. These are:

    1. Aim: East2. Mahim: Southeast3. Laghim: South4. Kmvasyit: Southwest

    5. Prpti: West6. Prkmya: Northwest7. Iitva: North8. Vaitva: Northeast

    The yogi thus wishes to control all influences coming from all eight directions bysuccess in each of eight siddhis.

    Now, the exploitation of mystic siddhis as listed above brings the terrible sufferingsthat are most typically shown through planets positioned in the 8th house of thehoroscope. Those who make use of the intuitive vision, as well as siddhis capable ofbringing about healing in others, frequently have very powerful yogas in or associatedwith the 8th house and its Arudha. Astrologers in particular have this area of the chartemphasized. While the 8th house and various themes relating to it form the focus ofthis lecture, there are a variety of subtleties to be found in the charts of8th housepersons, whether they are of Mystics (those who are able the harness the laws ofnature for benevolent purposes), healers, or astrologers.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 4

    Chara karakas and Klacakra other links to the 8th house in Jyotish

    The remote origins of Jyotish are to be linked with the twelve Adityas (12 Suns, orsigns of the zodiac representing the Atmas evolutionary progress), 8 vasus (givers oflight and sustenance to the Atma within material form), and 11 Rudras (those whotake away life). Eight vasus refer to devas who give light and guidance to the livingbeings. The eight devas known as vasus, bestow light in the form of tma-vidy orspiritual knowledge, which includes knowledge of the self within and beyond matter.The eight vasus are a function of Viu or Vsudeva. Their names are given in theSathapatha Brhmaa as well.2 These represent eight sources of light, which areassociated with the process of sustenance, experience and learning for the tma (soul).Here the symbolic relation to eight chara krakas, those ruled by Viu, is poignant.They are also linked to the Klacakra (aadala padma or eight-petal lotus), which is

    likened to the wheel of time.3

    The functions of sustenance, or the maintenance ofliving beings, ultimately comes through knowledge, and this knowledge originates inone single Veda, which later became four (g Veda, Yajur Veda, Sma Veda andAtharva Veda). These were further delineated by Vysadeva, the compiler of the Vedas,in the form of the Vednta-stras.4

    The aau vasavah represent the essential ingredients that define all created things.Specifically, these include the paca-tattva or the five states of matter and energy; theSun and Moon; and the naksatras or constellations. These, plus sub-categories arelisted as follows:

    1. apah jala tattva or liquid2. dhara prithvi tattva or earth (solid matter)3. anila vayu tattva or air4. anala agni tattva or fire5. dhruva The Pole Star, which is also called dhruva-loka in the rmad-

    Bhgavatam.5Dhruva represents the ka tattva or outer space (antarka),and establishes the fixity of the sidereal zodiac. This introduces therelevance of the Ayanamsa as well.

    6. soma The Moon7. pratya the recurring dawn, which is divided into two categories, as


    2Sathapatha Brhmaa 14.16: The eight vasus are: (1) Agni; (2) Prithvi; (3) Vayu; (4) Antarka; (5)ditya; (6) Dyou: (7) Chandrama; and (8) Nakshatra.3

    The Klacakra or aadala padma (eight-petal lotus) lies at the foundation of Hindu-Vedicphilosophy. It is based on the wheel of time, which aligns the 28 constellations with eight spokesconstituting the wheel. Each of these spokes is in one of the cardinal (kendra), or intermediate (trinalor koa) directions, beginning from the east and moving in the clockwise direction. The Klacakra isespecially important in consideration of the deities that rule each direction, and the positioning of natalor transit planets in those directions. It has many other key uses in Vedic astrology.4 rla Vysadeva was a specific aktyvea-avatra who was empowered to compile the Vedas in writtenform. He was the son of Mahari Parara, the author ofBhad Parara Hora stra.5rmad-Bhgavatam 4.8.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 5

    a. The Sun the source of light behind the dawn; andb. The lagna The ascendant or the point in the eastern horizon

    representing the self, which is equated to the dawn.

    8. prabhsa The splendorous lights of the stars that are grouped into 27/28Nakshatras (constellations).

    This list constitutes the first principle of Jyotia, which defines the bodies that create allbeings and the knowledge which guides them through various activities. Since thesubstance of creation and the bodies of all living beings are founded upon these eightVasus, there are eight karakas (chara karakas) which constitute the sustenance of live.Since Rahu is included within the list of eight chara karakas, it is evident that desire

    (represented by Rahu) is the underlying cause of birth and re-births in this world.

    The Klacakra

    The Klacakra6 or aadala padma represents the movements of time, assigning each offour cardinal and four fixed signs to the four primary directions, while the fourintermediary directions are assigned to the dual signs. Beginning with Ar/Ta in theeastern direction, the cardinal signs move clockwise to Cn/Le in the southerndirection, Li/Sc in the west, and Cp/Aq in the north. The dual signs, beginning withVirgo, are assigned to the SE progressing to Sagittarius in the SW, Pisces in the NW,and Gemini in the NE. Each of the eight spokes of the wheel, representing the primary

    and intermediary directions, are assigned to the tithis and their planetary rulers,deities representing specific functions, bhtas (elements) and animal symbols.Additionally, the 28 naksatras (including Abhijit) are variously aligned with thespokes of the wheel and the eight directions. These begin with the naksatra of theSuns placement at birth (in an individuals chart), and starting in the easterndirection.

    The deities ruling each of the eight directions are the same as those ruling thedirections per the Dasamsa(D-10) varga chart. In the Dasamsa, however, the twoupward and downward directions are additionally taken into account, which is not thecase with the Klacakra.

    6 For details on the Klacakra, see Prana Marga 16:82-99. Another good reference is Vedic Remedies inAstrology by Sanjay Rath (2001) Sagar Publications. New Delhi. (p.63).

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 6

    Aadala Padma The Klacakra

    Thus, the tm, or soul takes birth based on desire, while the requirements for hisexistence are provided in the above ways. In order to understand the astrologicalindications of birth and the desire that requires it, the Jyotir-linga and Tithi at birth arepoignant considerations.

    Tithiand Bhukta Tithi Sphuta and Rasi (Tithi-based degree and sign)

    The Moon, in its regular orbit, thus seeks union with the Sun. There are twelveJyotir lingas, or conjunctions of the Sun and Moon in one year, while a tithi or lunarday occurs every time the Moon moves twelve degrees ahead of the Sun. Thus, as theSun moves by one degree per day, the Moon moves by twelve degrees in the sameamount of time, the period for which constitutes a tithi. There are fifteen tithis in thewaxing phase of the Moon, and fifteen tithis in the waning phase, thus a lunar monthlasts roughly thirty days.

    Since the Moon moves by twelve degrees in a tithi, its movement can be mapped toone of the twelve signs of the zodiac as well. The sign of the zodiac which represents

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 7

    the tithi at the time of birth is very significant in knowing the consciousness or mentalstate of the parents at the time of conception. The consciousness of the parents, asindicated thus, is very crucial in the matter of representing the mental, emotional andkarmic challenges of the native throughout life. The degree and sign of the zodiacrepresenting the tithi (Bhukta Tithi Sphuta or BTS) can easily be found as follows:

    1. Find the percentage of tithi that has elapsed at the time of birth. (Most Jyotiacomputer programs give the percentage, either how much of the tithi was leftat the time of birth or how much had expired. The next best source for thisinformation is the Panchangam, which gives the beginning and end times oftithis for a given location every day of the year.)

    2. Multiply the percentage of tithi expired by twelve. The quotient represents the

    number of signs that have passed, while the remainder represents the degreesand minutes of the sign obtained. This sign and its degree and minute (BTS)are very crucial in understanding the parents mental state at conception.

    Chart Illustration 1.1: Example of Bhukta Tithi Rasi and Sphuta

    In Vivekananda Swamis chart, 49.85% of Krishna Saptam Tithi remained at birth.Subtracting this from 100, 50.15% is the portion of the tithi expired. Thus thefollowing steps may be taken in order to find the Bhukta Tithi Rasi and Sphuta:

    1. 50.15% becomes .5015 after converting to decimals2. Multiplying this by twelve = 6.02, which is equivalent to 036 of Libra, and

    which is the BTS.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 8

    Thus 036 of the sign Libra (the BTS) indicates the purpose of Swami Vivekanandasincarnation. The ruler of its naksatra position, as well as the house occupied by it inthe various varga charts, give further indications of how this life purpose is carriedout. The significance of this becomes all the more relevant in consideration of thefollowing factors shown in his chart:

    Ninth lord Sun occupies the lagna in strength, while lagna lord Jupitermutually aspects a powerful 5th lord Mars forming rja-yoga. These factsunderscore the purpose of spreading dharma and engaging as a world spiritualteacher and author.

    The trinal relationship between Venus, Saturn and Ketu form Tapasvi-yoga in

    this chart, which is a combination for great spiritual austerity and asceticism.Venus participation in this yoga is all the more significant due to its rulershipof the 10th house from the Arudha lagna, while Mercury (lecturing andauthorship) rules the 10th from the lagna.

    Finally, AK Sun and AmK Moon are in mutual kendras in this chart, with bothoccupying the lagna and the 10th house respectively. This is yet another rja-yoga which contributes to the spiritual strength of the native and his mission.

    Life Purpose as Indicated by the BTS and BTR

    In this chart, the BTS is vargottama, and joins the sign of Libra very close to theposition of Jupiter in that sign. Jupiters rulership of the lagna and the AK rasi, andhis participation in a rja-yoga with Mars, indicates the natives life purpose, while theBTS position close to Jupiter further heightens the strength of his spiritual mission inlife. Since the BTS occupies the naksatra of Citra, which is ruled by Mars, theimportance of the Jupiter-Mars rja-yoga becomes all the more evident in light of thenatives life purpose.

    The lord of the Bhukta Tithi Rasi is Venus. His participation in the Tapasvi-yoga asmentioned above indicates that the native would fulfill his life purpose of spreading

    dharma through the ashram ofsannysa or formal renunciation. From the Chandralagna, Venus rules the 9th and joins 10th lord Mercury to form Dharma-karmadhipatiyoga. Thus since all the important ascetic and rja-yogas in this chart associate withthe BTS and its lord Venus, the natives dharmic mission becomes all the more focusedand significant.

    In the Navamsa chart, the Bhukta Tithi Rasi joins the 12th house, while its lord Venusis exalted. Further, Venus dispositor Jupiter joins the 12th from the Karakamsa lagna.These positions show that the auspicious karma associated with spreading dharmathroughout the natives lifetime contributed to strong possibilities ofmoka afterleaving this world.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 9

    Taking the BTR as the lagna, the principles ofmoka as illustrating important aspectsof the natives teachings may be observed. From Libra, Saturn becomes a yogakaraka,and joins 10th lord Moon in the 12th house. Mercury becomes the 9th lord and is inParivartana-yoga with Saturn as the 4th lord. Thus the purpose of incarnation is topromote the teachings ofdharma, which in the final analysis lead the follower to theposition ofmoka.

    Similarly, the BTS may be located in all the varga charts to fine-tune the life purposeof the native with respect to the areas represented by each varga chart.

    One can gain information from this tithi-based sign, in the following ways:

    See what the relation of this sign is to the ascendant of the chart, i.e. whether itis in kendras or trines, or in 6th, 8th or 12th from the ascendant.

    See whether there are malefic or benefic planets occupying or aspecting it.

    See which houses referenced from that sign are strong, weak or afflicted, aswell as their lords.

    And, see what the relation between this sign is, and the lord of the tithiaccording to the following rulerships (Klachakra):

    Tithi Planetary ruler

    1, 9 Sun2, 10 Moon3, 11 Mars4, 12 Mercury5, 13 Jupiter6, 14 Venus7, 15 (Purnima) Saturn8, 0 (Amavasya) Rhu

    If the sign is in bad relation to the ascendant and is occupied by Rhu, then there wasconfusion, instability, uncertainty, fear or other unusual circumstances existing at thetime of conception. Rhus effect shows that the child may have been conceivedoutside of wedlock or by accident or that the parents were intoxicated at the time ofcopulation. If Saturn was occupying or aspecting the sign, then one or both of theparents was depressed or experiencing anguish at the conception. Or, if the sign iswell-placed with reference to the ascendant, and occupied or aspected be strongbenefics, then the parents were in a happy or stable frame of mind and welcomed (andplanned for) the birth of the child. Jupiters occupation of the sign, or if Jupiterinfluences it strongly, shows that the parents were in a spiritual consciousness at the

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 10

    time of conception. Whatever guna or quality of existence was that the parentsenjoyed or suffered at the time of conception determines the state of mind andorientation to the world experienced by the child.

    Example #2: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: BTR and BTS

    The BTS in Prabhupdas chart is calculated as follows: 60.11% of Navami Tithi wasremaining at birth, or in other words, 39.89% of the tithi had elapsed (100-60.11).This percentage, multiplied by twelve, equals the sign of the zodiac representing theSuns symbolic movement and yoga with the Moon. The BTS and rasi arrived at, maytherefore be found as follows:

    .3989 x 12 = 4.79 4.79 = 4 signs, 23.70, or 23 42 of Leo

    So, 2342 Leo is a very significant sign of the zodiac for this chart, and its emphasisindicates the main purpose for incarnation of this individual. Leo-9th house is thesign-house position of the most significant rja-yoga in this chart for spirituality, andis directly the insignia of Lord r Rmacandra as well.

    Navamsa of the Tithi-Based Sign

    2342 Leo falls in a Navamsa of Scorpio. Scorpio is the 12th house of the Rasi chart,while both of its lords, Ketu and Mars, join both of the Sun and Moon respectively inPrabhupdas chart. Thus, the themes surrounding creation, sustenance of life and thespecific avatras Rmacandra and Ka, Who were everything in Prabhupdas life,

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 11

    can be seen by the confluence of the above factors. Note also that the Sun, Moon andsign Scorpio, are all in kendras to the tmakraka as well, while the Sun, Moon, Marsand Ketu all form unobstructed argala to the tmakraka Rhu.

    Thus where life force joins the womb of matter symbolically is where the seat of thenatives incarnation and life purpose may be found in the astrological chart.

    Specific Astrological Parameters for Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers

    While there are subtleties with regard to the astrological underpinnings of the abovethree groups, some common occurrences in the charts of all of them are as follows:

    Astrological Occurrences and Yogas:

    Relationship between AL, AK, and A8. Vipareet raja-yoga, especially in the charts of healers and mystic saints Sarpa yoga, as well as Kara-sarpa and Kala-amrta yogas Birth on eclipse days Healers: A6 and A8 involved with AK or AL or both. Yogas in 6th and 8th

    houses. Psychics and mediums: Conjunction of Moon and either node Participation of A3 in charts of mediums and psychics Astrologers: Combinations involving the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter with Ketu (see

    additional notes following); naksatras Hasta, Shatabisha, and Aswini are oftenemphasized in the charts of astrologers

    Saintly mystics: Participation of Ishta-devata to AK. Dasas of A8 to timemystical experiences

    Karaka yogas: AK + Amk; AK conj. PK or PiK Special yogas: Parijata, Brahma, Bheri, Saraswati, Sharada, Dhmantah, Shakti,

    Raja-yoga Sankha yoga in the case of healers; Ascetics: Tapasvi yoga, Parivraja yoga

    Specific Notations With Regard to the Charts of Astrologers

    In order for someone to advance in the study of and practice of Jyotia, the followingshould be noted:

    Jupiter: Jupiter is an important significator for wisdom, judgment anddiscretion, as well as traditional learning from scriptures and gurus. Itrepresents the functions of both intuition and perception.

    Mercury: Mercury is the planet of logic, reasoning, analysis and the empiricalor mathematical measurement of existence. It also represents vag-bala or the

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 12

    power of speech, which is also important in the case of astrologers or anybodyfor whom the ability to convey a message of meaning is important.

    Ketu: Being without physical eyes, Ketus chief function is to see that whichis beyond material or three-dimensional space. Ketu thus opens significantportals to extra-dimensional planes by way of intuition, and thus is animportant significator for astrologers.

    When Jupiter or Mercury conjoins Ketu in the Rasi (D-1), Navamsa (D-9),Dasamsa (D-10) or Siddhamsa (D-24) charts, the native may have talent as aJyotia.

    The influence of Jupiter on the 10th house, as well as the presence of

    auspicious yogas related to the 9th

    and 10th

    houses as listed above, are alsoimportant in the charts of Jyotishis.

    Rahu or Ketu in Svamsa (Navamsa lagna or Karakamsa lagna) or 5 th from it

    The Panaparasor 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses should also be emphasized by strongplanets in order that the native may be adept at Jyotish. Note as follows the attributesof these houses:

    a) The 2nd house is the house of natural learning and awareness, as it is the 11th(gains) from the 4th, which is where knowledge originates. The 2nd, asmentioned above, is also one of the houses of r, who, as the consort of Viu,is very interested in the spiritual advancement of all souls. Thus r stimulatesthe opportunities of learning in the minds and hearts of those who are soqualified. Vag-bala or the power of speech is also seen from the 2nd house.

    b) The 5th house represents knowledge that arises as a result of formal learning byway of initiation (sik or dk) from a qualified guru. The 9th from the 9th isan essential house to indicate the natives ability to function as a guru, and thusto give direction, inspiration, guidance and hopefulness to those who consulthim. The 5th is also the most important house regarding the future and thus is

    essential in predictive Jyotish.

    Tangentially, Jupiter and Rhu both have aspects on the 5th and 9thhouses, and thus in addition to Jupiter, Rhu (the researcher) makes forexcellent astrologers.

    Since Mars aspects the 8th house, he is also participatory in the charts ofJyotishis. Mars gives sharp powers of discernment, logic, analysis andadeptness at mathematics, all of which are essential to the practicingJyotishi.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 13

    c) The 8th house is naturally the house of occult or metaphysical knowledge, andthus such knowledge comes as a result of a siddhi or mystic empowerment dueto yoga practice and austerity in prior lifetimes.

    o It is important to bear in mind here, however, that the correct dispositionto interpret a horoscope correctly and thus to guide a client withoutpersonal motive, depends on the strengths of (1) the lagna and its lord, aswell as the karaka Sun; (2) the strengths of the 5th and 9th houses, as well astheir karaka Jupiter; and (3) the strength and auspicious positioning of thetmakraka planet. Without these reinforcements, simply having a strong8th house alone does not engender the proper intuition, knowledge andqualification to be a Jyotishi.

    d) The 11th house is the 4th (education) from the 8th (occult), as well as the 8thfrom the 4th. Thus, in terms of the occult and metaphysics, the 11th houseinspires learning in these subjects and should be emphasized in the charts ofJyotishis.

    A Key Yoga for Success in the Study and Practice of Jyotia

    o An important yoga for talent in Jyotia combines the Atmakaraka planet with thelords of the 9th and 11th houses. Preferably, these should also connect with thelord of the lagna, either by conjunction, mutual aspects or exchange, as well as

    lord of the 8th.

    Shiva Is Responsible for Re-birth

    Since lord Shiva sits at the 7th house of the horoscope, he is responsible for theprocesses ofJataka, or the re-birth of living beings. Shiva sits in the company of theSapta-rishis, or seven great sages, whose abodes consist of the constellationscomprising the Big Dipper. In that assembly, Shiva and the sages discuss Jyotishspecifically, and the complexities of karmas generating births of human beings.Because Lord Shiva rules the Panaparas, or fixed signs of the natural zodiac, thesesigns/houses and their rulers thus become relevant when analyzing the charts ofastrologers.

    Notes Regarding Example Charts

    Example charts in each of three groups, Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers, are listed asfollows along with clues for the examination of each:


    Glen Maxwell; Edgar Cayce; Cat Saunders; Edan Joseph

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 14

    Glen Maxwell

    Notes: Shakti yoga applies in full; lord of A8 Saturn joins8th lord Venus, bothaspecting AL; AK Jupiter and AmK Mercury in trines form Raja-yoga; AK strong in the5th in both rasi and Navamsa; seven planets in swaksetra in the Navamsa chart (nodesin Moolatrikona); 6th lord and lord of A6 Mars join in the 10th house; Yogas: Tapasviyoga, Parijata yoga, Bheri yoga (Jupiter, Venus, and lagna lord in mutual kendras,strong 9th lord); Vipareet Raja-yoga; Sarpa yoga; and Rudra yoga.

    The native is a well-known intuitive and vibrational healer. He wrote the bookGlances at Eternity, in which he describes the art of healing plus two separate neardeath experiences (NDEs). The first NDE occurred on 4/15/1976, during the Drig

    dasa of Ta/Vi, and the Vimsottari dasa of Jupiter/Sun. The second NDE was on11/19/1994, during the Drig dasa of Vi/Le, and Vim. Dasa of Saturn/Mars

    BTS: 206 Gemini. This falls in Libra Navamsa, and Mrigashira naksatra, ruled byMars. Mars is lord of A6 and joins 6th lord in the 10th; Libra is the 8th house, withVenus joining lord of A8 in Vipareet Raja-yoga.

    Edgar Cayce, Famed Psychic And Intuitive Healer

    Edgar Cayce is perhaps the most renowned psychic healer born in the USA in themore recent 19th and 20th centuries. He was known as the sleeping prophet, due to

    his specific ability to correctly diagnose disease and determine cures while in the stateof trance or deep sleep. His many correct diagnoses and cures are well-documented.He was not a licensed doctor, MD, yet he could subliminally or intuitively find thepathogenesis of any affliction and then give the methods for a cure, even afterconventional licensed doctors had failed and were baffled.

    Edgar Cayce was born in a rural farming community, and thus had no formaleducation in medicine whatsoever.

    His first occupation as a young man was as a salesman, although after

    contacting a seemingly incurable case of laryngitis (which lasted almost ayear), he engaged in the occupation of a photographer.

    After his hypnotic diagnostic abilities manifested, he later became engagedfulltime in work as a healer until 1923. Toward the mid to later portions of hislife, he gave psychic readings also, in addition to medical analyses and cures.

    He was formally acknowledged by the American Society of Clinical Research asa medical wonder in 1910. In 1928, the Edgar Cayce Hospital opened itsdoors. By 1931, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) was

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 15

    formed as a research body whose goal was to investigate and disseminate theinformation contained in Cayces readings.

    Notes: Vipareet Raja-yoga forms in the 8th house, while Venus and Saturn form Raja-sambandha yoga (AK + Amk). Lagna is in Gandhanta naksatra, while 3rd lord and A6lord Mercury joins planets in 8th house. A3 and its lord Moon aspect planets in 8th.Jupiter/Mars form Dharma-karmadhipati Raja yoga in the 6th house, Mars being lordof A8. Jupiter/Mars are in the 3rd from AL.

    BTS is 2454 Sc. This occupies the A8, and Navamsa of Aq, and Jyeshta naksatra.The lords of all of these participate in Raja-yogas in 6th and 8th houses in this chart.

    Edan Joseph, Enigma Baby Healer

    The native of this chart is only three years old, yet has been found to be exhibitingextraordinary powers to heal others. Since his birth, he had been undergoingdiagnostics and treatment for a serious genetic disorder. While in the hospital, he hashealed others with serious diseases simply with the application of his hands to theinfected part of the body. These feats are recorded and fully documented.

    Notes on this chart:

    A8 joins AL in the 10th house, and both aspected by AK Venus and lagna lordJupiter. The exalted nodes also aspect, thus proportionately augmenting the

    powers to heal. The mutual aspects of A10 from the 8th, and A8 from the 10th,is very powerful for the chart of a healer.

    BTS is 018 of Ta, wherein Saturn is placed. In Navamsa, Sa is the yogakarakajoining AK Venus and Ketu in the 9th house, indicating a powerful spiritualdestiny to unfold through the 6th house, as Ta is the 6th in the natal chart. Thenaksatra lord of the BTS is Sun, who is in swaksetra in the 9th natally, andexalted in the 7th (9th from Moon) in Navamsa. Mrdanga yoga (two or moreplanets in exaltation or own signs in kendras or trikonas), as well as Parijatayoga form in this chart. Bheri yoga also forms (strong 9th lord, while Jupiter

    and Venus are in kendras from each other), as also does Vipareet Raja yoga(note Ketus rulership of the 12th house in this connection). Of greaterimportance, however, is Tapasvi yoga forming Raja-yoga also in the 9th houseof Navamsa.

    Career or life purpose as a healer may not occur until the latter part of life.Note chief Raja-yogakarakas in 7th and 9th houses.

    Cat Saunders, Shaman healer

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 16

    The native performs healings and soul retrievals, being formally initiated into thepractices of Shamanism.


    Numerous Raja-yogas form in this chart: Saturn/Mars in the 9th;Mercury/Sun/Venus in the 12th, and very importantly, AK Rahu + PiK Mercury.Both A6 and A8 aspect lagna lord and AK Rahu. 10th lord Mars in kendras toAK form Raja yoga also. Finally, AL lord Jupiter joins A6 and A8 in theGhatika lagna, while these are in 6th from AL. Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketuare maha-yogadas.

    Other yogas: Adhi yoga (benefics in 6th, 7th, 8th from Moon); Parvata yoga

    (benefics in kendras, not malefics in 7th

    or 8th

    ); Gaja-kesari yoga.

    BTS is 1442 Libra. Note the great significance of this, with this degree fallingin the 9th house of the chart within one degree of exalted lagna lord Saturn.and Mars forming Raja-yoga. Naksatra lord Rahu is the AK, and joins Venus,Sun, and Mercury in the 12th house, also forming Raja-yoga. The Navamsa ofthe BTS falls in Svamsa directly, in company with a powerful Venus/SaturnRaja and Lakshmi yoga.


    Gregory Stephens recluse psychic and mystic

    The native is a psychic, and also has been shown to exhibit paranormal abilities suchas bi-location.

    Yogas: Tapasvi yoga forms in both rasi and Navamsa charts, as does Parivraja yoga(Moon in a Navamsa of Mars, aspected in rasi by Saturn.) This indicates anextraordinary level ofTapas, spiritual austerity from his prior lifetimes. Shakti yogaapplies in this chart verbatim, with the Moon and Rahu plus malefics only aspectingthe 9th from Atmakaraka Sun. Sun/Rahu combination (AK + PK) is a Raja-yoga, while

    according to Prashna Marga, these give knowledge by the blessings of superiorserpents. 7

    Birth when the Moon is with either Rahu or Ketu, especially at times of eclipse, arealmost always found in the charts of psychics and mediums. This is compounded inthis chart when the Moon disposits a powerful Raja-yoga (Venus/Saturn) from the 3rdhouse. They also form Dhmantah yoga in full. Sarpa yoga involving the Moonindicates great suffering, yet which lead to siddhis as well.

    7Prashna Marga, 15.31

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 17

    Mantak Chia

    The native is an internationally reputed master of Tantra, an author and world teacherof this discipline.

    Notes: No Tapasvi or Parivraja yogas are to be found here! Raja-yoga: lagnalord is AmK, and is exalted in the 8th with Rahu; in trine to exalted AK Venus(dispositor of 8th lord) is an extraordinarily powerful Raja-yoga. Jupiter+Moon + Venus all in exaltation, with Venus in kendra, form Parijata yoga.

    Venus also occupies A8.

    Of particular note is that these three are in the 8th of Navamsa, while Nav. 8thlord is exalted.

    Sun + Mercury form Raja-yoga

    Female Medium

    The native is a trance channeler who conveys messages from the spirit planeprofessionally.

    Notes: Moon with Rahu is consistent in the charts of mediums and psychics,while in this case, the Moon rules the A8 also. Vipareet Raja-yoga is especiallypowerful in the 8th house, yet even more so in this case as the threeyogakarakas are AK (Sun) + PiK Saturn + PK Venus. Sun in kendra to AmKRahu also forms Raja-yoga.

    Note powerful yogas in Navamsa for spirituality, and Jupiter in Lagna in 5thfrom Karakamsa lagna. Venus/Saturn Raja-yoga in the 3rd is important formediums and psychics. In rasi, A3 aspecting AL and lagna lord speaks to a

    similar destiny. Tapasvi yoga forms in Navamsa.

    BTS is 2100 Sagittarius. This falls in the 10th house, and has mutual aspectswith AL, A3, and A10. The natives incarnation is significantly associated withJupiterian functions of teaching higher knowledge. The Navamsa occupied bythe BTS is Libra, which is directly the crux of this chart, falling in the rasi 8thhouse, and in Svamsa directly, occupied by Jupiter.

    Lucia Dos Santos the Fatima Miracle

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 18

    The native was the central figure in the Portuguese phenomena known as the Miracleof Fatima. For five months, three peasant children (Lucia was the eldest) hadvisitations with the Holy Mother once a month. The Lady promised that God wouldwork a great miracle in October "so that all may believe." The event was reported innewspapers around the world, and by 10/13/1917, there were more than 70,000people gathered in the Cova da Iria, come to witness the miracle.

    As the Lady was about to leave, she pointed to the sun. Lucia excitedly repeated thegesture, and the people looked into the sky. The rain had ceased, the clouds parted,and the sun shone forth, but not in its usual brilliance. Instead, it appeared like asilver disc, pale as the moon, at which all could gaze without straining their eyes.Suddenly, impelled by some mysterious force, the disc began to whirl in the sky,casting off great shafts of multicolored light. Red, green, blue, yellow, violet the

    enormous rays shot across the sky at all angles, lighting up the entire countryside formany miles around, but particularly the upturned faces of those 70,000 spellboundpeople.

    After a few moments the wonder stopped, but resumed again a second and a thirdtime three times in all within about 12 minutes. It seemed that the whole worldwas on fire, with the sun spinning at a greater speed each time. Then a gasp of terrorrose from the crowd, for the sun seemed to tear itself from the heavens and comecrashing down upon the horrified multitude. Just when it seemed that the ball of firewould fall upon and destroy them, the miracle ceased, and the sun resumed its normalplace in the sky, shining forth as peacefully as ever. When the people arose from the

    ground, cries of astonishment were heard on all sides. Their clothes, which had beensoaking wet and muddy, now were clean and dry. Many of the sick and crippled hadbeen cured of their afflictions.

    This event has now become known as "the Miracle of the Sun" and has been justlycharacterized as the greatest supernatural occurrence of the 20th century. TheCatholic Church has accepted this great miracle as an historic, physical event. It hasofficially endorsed the message as "worthy of belief" since 1930, through fivesuccessive popes. Many books, pamphlets, records, films and videos have beenproduced, probing the wonder of the miracle first seen by three children.

    Notes: Powerful Raja-yogas involving AK Mercury and Saturn exist in both the rasiand Navamsa charts (in 5th and 9th houses respectively). Ishta-devata is Venus(Mother Mary for Catholics), who joins Ketu in the Arudha lagna. These have fullmutual aspects with A10, which is in the 8th house. This shows fame of the native asone who conversed directly with the holy mother, and who was privy to knowledgeregarding the miracle of the Sun.

    Parivraja yoga forms in full in this chart (lord of Moon sign joins Saturn and no otherplanets interfere). This is appropriate for a fulltime nun (she is still alive in a conventin Spain at this juncture).

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 19

    Timings, Drig dasa: Three events associated with the visitations of Mother Mary areas follows:

    Event #1: The first vision of the Holy Mother: May 13, 1917 (Drig dasa of Vi/Vi)

    Event #2: The revelation of the three secrets: July 13, 1917 (Vi/Vi)

    Event #3: The event of the Fatima Miracle or Miracle of the Sun: October 13, 1917


    Virgo is directly the A8 in this chart. Dasas of A8 in trine to lagna lord (Ishta-devataalso) and AL, and Ketu, bring significant events relating to miracles or supernatural

    phenomena. Similarly, the miracle of the Sun itself took place directly in the dasa ofVirgo with A8, and sub-period of Libra.

    The three secrets were: (1) a vision of hell where souls go who are unredeemed; (2)a prophesy of World War II; and (3) the third secret was written down by Lucia DosSantos, as she was instructed to not release that information until 1960. (Since theVatican in 1957 had possession of the letter containing the secret, it was not finallyreleased until May 31, 2000. The third secret evidently said that Russia is theinstrument of chastisement chosen by heaven to punish the whole world for its sins ifwe do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that nation. Since the prediction wasgiven for the second half of the 20th century, the Vatican waited until the century had

    passed in order to avoid global panic.)

    Drig dasa for the revelation of the third secret was Cancer/Aquarius.

    BTS is 2306 Gemini. This falls directly in the 9th house of the chart, in thesign ruled by AK Mercury and occupied by Jupiter and Ishta-devata Moon. InNavamsa, the sign Gemini is similarly powerful in the 9th house with a Raja-yoga occurring there with the AK and yogakaraka Saturn.


    Marc Edmund Jones

    The native was a reputed, in fact world famous western astrologer who producedmany convincing researches and writings.

    Notes: Two powerful Raja-yogas are found in this chart via Venus andMercury in the lagna, and Moon/Rahu/Saturn in the 10th house (AK is Rahu AmK is Saturn). Apart from being the 10th lord in the 10th, Moon is the Ishta-devata in this chart occupying the 12th in Navamsa with Ketu and Saturn.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 20

    These aspect the 12th from Karakamsa also, giving strong movements of thesoul toward Moksa.

    Kala-amrta yoga forms in this chart, and is broken by Moon and Saturnforming Raja-yoga. Dhmantah yoga forms by way of 6th lord from AL in the5th with strong 5th lord. A strong Mars is always important in the charts ofastrologers. Note Mars exaltation in Navamsa also. Saraswati yoga confirmsthe scholarliness of the native.

    Shakti yoga also forms Moon + Rahu plus malefics aspecting 5 th from AK.

    Lords of Panaparas play a dominant role in charts of astrologers.

    BTS is 2024 Scorpio. Mars, a very important planet for astrologers, is stronghere in the 2nd house with Jupiter. These are aspected by AK Rahu, and Raja-yoga planets Moon and Saturn. Naksatra lord Mercury is pivotal in this chartalso, ruling the 9th and joining lagna lord Venus.

    B.V. Raman world famous Jyotishi

    Notes: The chart is a power-house of yogas indicating a great astrologer, author, andteacher of Vedic dharma.

    All the Panapara signs, as well as Panapara house rulers in this chart are inkendras to the lagna. Further, AK Moon mutually aspects 11th lord Jupiter,and in kendra to 9th lord Venus, 5th/8th lord Mercury, and lagna lord Saturn.These combinations are significant for an astrologer.

    Raja-yogas abound also in kendras, including Vipareet Raja-yoga in the AL (4thhouse). Note mutual aspects between AL, A10, and A8.

    Special yogas: Brahma yoga, Bheri yoga, Saraswati yoga, Dhmantah yoga (3rdlord from Paka lagna in 1st). Similarly, Dhmantah yoga forms from lagna, with6th lord joining lagna lord in the 4th. Parivraja yoga: Forms if Moon and Saturn

    join in the AL.

    BTS is 936 Aries. Again Mars as significant for astrologers comes into thepicture here, ruling the BTS as well as 10th house, and joining Venus andMercury in Raja-yoga. Finally, the BTS joins naksatra Aswini, which is veryimportant for astrologers as well.

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 21

    Alan Leo world famous western astrologer


    Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun all join Ketu in this chart a fantastic yoga for anastrologer, especially when in the 12th house. Me as AK + Sun as PiK form anotherRaja-yoga.

    11th lord Mercury is the AK, joining 5th and 8th lord Jupiter, lagna lord Sun, andaspected by 9th lord Mars. All these predominate in the charts of astrologers. Also, 8thlord Jupiter is in Parivartana yoga with 8th lord Moon. Jupiter also joins A8 lord Ketu.Dhmantah yoga forms from Paka lagna: 3rd lord and 6th lord Mercury and Jupiter

    respectively join the lagna.

    Navamsa: Note Raja-yoga, Brahma yoga, Bheri yoga, and Saraswati yoga all in fixed(Panapara) signs.

    BTS is 206 Libra. Again, Mars as important for astrologers is noted here,being the naksatra (Chitra) ruler of this degree of Libra. Mars is vargottama inthe 5th house, and 8th house of Navamsa. Venus falls in the Arudha lagna alsoin the 11th house, while dispositor Mercury joins 8th lord and other Raja-yogaplanets in the 12th house.

    Sri Achyuta Brilliant astrologer/saint, and param guru of Sri Achyuta sampradya

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 22

    r Achyuta is the param guru of the r Achyuta Jyotia parampara and initiator of thegreat lineage of Jyotia as represented in the present time by the r JagannthaCenter, SJC. His chart is exemplary as that of a true Jyotia, and also as one whoreceived divine empowerment to do such work. Apart from many yogas illustratingtalent in this great science, it is also evident that he possessed great spiritual attributesand advancement as well. Some of the more poignant points of this chart are asfollows:

    The lord of the ascendant Mercury is also the tmakraka (AK) in this chart, andhe joins Bratrikraka (BK) Jupiter in the 4th house, thus forming rja-yoga.Jupiter in this context is the guru, both naturally as well as by his Chara krakastatus. His position in mlatrikona elevates the intuitive and spiritual intellect of

    the native exponentially, while his joining the tmakraka brings great spiritualattainments within the course of his lifetime.

    The fame and greatness of the native are indicated by the position of the Jupiter-Mercury yoga in the AL, while their positions in the 7 th from the Moon causeAdhi-yoga, a very auspicious combination for reputation and popularity among themasses of people. These facts are reinforced by the presence of exalted Venus inthe 10th from the Moon and placed in the A10 (Rjya-pada) forming Amala-yoga,while both Jupiter and Venus respectively in kendra positions, form Hamsa andMalavya-mah-purua-yogas.

    The presence of all four benefics in kendras, while there are no malefic planets inthe 7th or 8th houses, causes Parvata-yoga, another combination for incrediblepower and greatness, on par with rja-yoga. Brahm-yoga is also formed in thischart by way of Jupiters kendra relation to the 9th lord, Venus position in kendrato the 11th lord and Mercurys kendra relation with the 10th lord. Sarasvat-yogaall but seals the great intellect of the native, with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all inkendras from the ascendant. Bheri yoga forms verbatim as well.

    The lords of all the trikonas in this chart occupy angular positions, and in kendrasto the tmakraka as well. These positions generate rja-yoga as well, a fact

    which bore itself out in the practical demonstration of intellectual and spiritualgenius shown by the native in his lifetime.

    Finally, the BTS is 806 Pisces. Pisces is directly the position of exalted 9th lordVenus, while its lord is BK Jupiter joining lagna lord and Arudha lagna lordMercury. The Navamsa attained by the BTS is Virgo, which in the rasi chart, isoccupied by 5th lord Saturn within one degree of the lagna and in the Hastanaksatra. The native was clearly perfectly aligned with his purpose of incarnation.

    Yogas for Talent in Jyotia

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    Mystics, Healers, and Astrologers - Robert A. Koch, 2004 SJC 23

    Talent in Jyotia is easy to find in this chart, as the lords of three out of four panaparasare all in kendra positions and mutually aspecting each other. If the 11th lord ismutually aspecting the 1st and 9th lords, as well as the tmakraka, then a particulartalent in analytical and interpretive Jyotia results. All these combinations form in fullin this chart.

    Yogas for Great Spirituality

    The 9th lord in this chart is not only exalted (thus elevating the spiritual consciousnessof the native), but its dispositor Jupiter is also in mlatrikona in a kendra. Venusmutual aspect with 5th lord Saturn, as well as Dharma-devata Moon, gives mantra-siddhi or perfection in the execution of mantra and sadhana. These positions inkendra and mutual aspect with the tmakraka indicate an incredible level of purity

    and spiritual akti attained by the native.

    Finally, the Moons placement in a Navamsa ruled by Mars (Scorpio), while aspectedin the Rasi chart by Saturn, forms Parivraja-yoga, an important yoga for asceticismand spiritual detachment. r Achyuta lived the life of a Brhmana ascetic and had noinclination for the enjoyment of worldly stimulation. Parivraja-yoga is among themore important combinations to indicate a sannysi, one who accepts formal vows ofrenunciation for the purposes of spiritual advancement in life.