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Mystic Horse. LindaC/Callison/2011. Other books by Paul Goble. . . . and many more. Routine for Vocabulary. 1. Listen to the word. Say the word with your teacher. 2. Listen to the definition. 3. The teacher will give an example of the word, showing you a picture. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mystic HorseLindaC/Callison/2011

  • Other books byPaul Goble. . . and many more

  • Routine for Vocabulary1. Listen to the word. Say the word with your teacher.2. Listen to the definition.3. The teacher will give an example of the word, showing you a picture.4. Think of an example. When your teacher tells you, share your example with your partner.5. Say the word three times.

  • places on the skin that are broken open and painfulsores

    You dont really want to see pictures of sores do you?

  • to make something less tightloosened

    Even the president loosened his tie to relax.

  • something that is hard to understand or explainmysteries

  • when something causes surprise and wonderamazement

  • when you are in the middle of somethingmidst

  • having a job or duty to performresponsibility

  • a series of people relieving each other or taking turnsrelays

  • chunks of time or space between thingsintervals

    These are one-week intervals.

  • the part of a country where people are just beginning to settlefrontier

  • a method of long-distance communication through wirestelegraph

  • High Interest Words

    These are words in the story you may not have seen before.

  • someone who follows a religious belief having to do with communicating with the divinemystic

  • a rope used for catching horses, cows, etc.lariat

  • to hold somebody or some-thing tightly with the handsclasped

  • a traditional animal-hide tent used by the Plains Indiansteepee

  • something that extends across a continenttrans-continental

    In 1869 the trans-continental railroad was completed connecting the east and west coasts.

  • soresloosenedmysteriesamazementmidstresponsibilityrelaysintervals


    High Interest Wordsmysticlariatclaspedteepeetranscontinental