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  • Mystic Meow The Way of the Cat Spirits

    by Dolfyn

    Copyright © 1996 Earthspirit,Inc. All rights reserved.

    (Earthspirit, Inc. is a Georgia corporation

    d/b/a Sacred Earth in California.)

    The ideas in this book derive from traditional and contemporary metaphysical and folk lore. They are not to be understood as directions, recommen­ dations or prescriptions of any kind. Nor does the author or publisher make any claim to do more than report this lore.

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    The Mystic Meow To live with Cat is to live with a goddess.

    Genetically, Cat very much resembles her an­ cestors who roamed the savannah long ago, as she does her later-day cousins, the big cats, who live today in jungles and wilderness areas. She has inherited the graceful movement and noble bearing of her forebears.

    Cat is certainly one of Earth Mother's most elegant statements of self, a molding in flesh of Her dignity, playfulness, power and mystery. We look into Cat's eyes, those lovely, inscrutable orbs that change phases like a pair of tiny moons, and know that behind them lie ancient secrets yet untold.

    Sees Far Traditional wisdom tells us that cats have

    great ability to see into the future. Their eyes, with a fearless and unblinking gaze, see far. In


  • fact, the literal translation of the Egyptian word for cat, which is mau, means "to see."

    The reflective light of a eat's eyes are thought to light the inner world and enhance "IN" lightenment and insight. We call upon Cat energies to fill us with these spirit gifts and to teach us to find our own inner truth. It is no surprise that another name for the cat goddess Bast is "Lady of Truth."

    Cat and Moon Cat's lunar eyes, changing phases from

    crescent to round to crescent again, attest to her kinship with Moon. Therefore, Cat can teach us to see with the Moonlight Vision, a sacred way of seeing that is psychic, intuitive, magical and wise.

    Ask Cat to help you see with Moonlight Vision by first giving a gift to Cat in some way. For instance, you might help a stray cat or an

    organization that helps cats. There is no other animal as quid pro quo as Cat. That means Cat helps those who help Cat and Cat ignores those who ignore Cat.

    Cat Worship Many cultures down through the ages

    have recognized the divinity in Cat and have shown her great respect and reverence. But of all the world's cultures, one stands out above the rest in honoring Cat. It was in ancient Egypt that Cat appreciation fully flowered for over two thousand years.

    Bast, the cat goddess of pleasure, joy, magic and sensuality, was worshipped in Egypt, where the punishment for killing a cat was death.

    Bastwasoneofthemostimportantdieties of the Egyptians. The months of April and May were totally given over to her worship and to the celebration of this great and life-affirming god­

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  • dess. We can honor this catgoddess during these months as well. You might sit in front of a picture or a small statue of a cat as you pray to Bast.

    Another time to pray to Bast is whenever you are holding or petting a cat, for cats are emissaries to this powerful goddess. And be sure to thank Bast by taking good care ofyourcat and all stray cats that come your way.

    Cats as Psychics Psychic ability, insight into hidden mys­

    teries and magical powers are the medicine gifts that Cat is consistently invoked for and appealed to by many peoples around the world.

    If you are owned by a cat, you have probably noticed that Cat will join you when­ ever you meditate, do yoga, gaze into a crystal, read Tarot cards or engage in any otherworldly, psychic activity. The ancient Wiccans believed


    that Cat helped humans bridge the gap between the earth plane and the spirit realm. So do not shoo your cat away at these times, but realize that she is helping in all mystical endeavors.

    Invoking Cat Medicine Powers We can call upon the unique medicine

    gifts of Cat so that we can be filled with Cat's empowering energies. Whenever we invoke Cat we are really inviting into our hearts the spirits of all cats who have ever lived.

    One of the simplest ways to invoke or invite Cat power into our lives is to visualize a cat and say something like, "Cat Spirits, I honor you. I ask you to fill me with your grace and balance and mystic powers." Then breathe deeply and feel yourself filling with the mystery powers of Cat. Be sure to thank the Cat Spirits when you are done. Or you might find that this cat invocation appeals to you:


  • Cat Spirit Invocation Cat Spirits, I am calling on you.

    Cat Spiri ts, be here now!

    I need your grace and mystery.

    Cat Spirits, live in me!

    Cats and the Old Religion During the burning times in Europe, when

    an estimated nine million women, healers, herb­ alists and priestesses were burned to death, Cat was associated with witches.

    These "witches" were actually practitio­ ners of the "Old Religion," or Wicca, the an­ cient, pre-Christian nature religion of Europe. Untold numbers of cats were burned to death along with the wise women, healers and priest­ esses.

    The bubonic plague resulted when the cat population of Europe had been so reduced


    that the few remaining cats could not keep the rat population in check. This tragedy gives cre­ dence to the belief of many cultures that societ­ ies who honor Cat and treat Cat with respect enjoy good luck, but societies and individuals who mistreat Cat often have very bad luck.

    Indepentent and Free Like Dog, Cat has joined her fortunes to

    those of humanity. But, unlike Dog, Cat moved in on her own terms.

    She has the best of both worlds - the love and affection ofa family and the freedom to live life pretty much as she pleases.

    Invoke Cat medicine for independence, liberty, and the ability to walk alone and yet find coInfort, support and love. Cat's medicine pow­ ers also include grace, mystery and the ability to land on her feet. Therefore, we call upon Cat Spirits for these qualities.


  • Psychic Protection Ancient Chinese wisdom informs us that

    cats can sense negative energy and bad spirits and chase them away. That is why it was considered protective to own a cat or two and to treat them very well.

    Many people feel that those who cannot keep a real cat in the home can place pictures or statues of cats in the house for the same protec­ tive effect. In ancient Egypt people wore cat jewelry and kept statues and pictures around the home for psychic protection.

    Cats and Good Luck Many societies consider it especially un­

    lucky to harm a cat in any way. In Europe and African cultures bad fortune is said to befall those who harm cats.

    On the other hand, those who consis­

    tently treat cats with kindness are blessed and it is felt that their lives will be quite lucky.

    Ancient Buddhists believed light col­ ored cats who live with us draw prosperity in the form ofsilver to the house, and dark colored cats attract wealth in the form of gold.

    Irish folk lore teaches that if a stray tortoise shell cat chooses our home to live in, this is a sign of good fortune.

    Chines folk wisdom teaches that if a housecat is old, great blessings are conferred upon a household that cares for that cat well and makes its final days happy.

    Any picture, statue or likeness of Bast, the great cat goddess, was believed by the Egyp­ tians to bestow luck and fortune.

    An old English folk rhyme tells us that black cats are especially lucky and that:

    Whenever the cat of the house is black, The lasses, of lovers, will have no lack.


  • Sekhmet, Egyptian Lion Goddess The ancient Egyptians also worshipped

    Sekhmet, the lion goddess, who was known as the "Fiery One" because she was linked with the power of the desert sun.

    Sekhmet is a powerful goddess with a fiery nature that can be destructive as well as constructive. She is also known as "Sekhmet the Powerful" who protects those who revere her. Sekhmet is a goddess who is believed to respond to big situations and crises.

    Bast, the Life Affirmer Bast, on the other hand (or on the other

    paw) is considered to be a goddess who reflects the gentle aspects of the sun, such as the warmth and light which grows the plants.

    Bast is a goddess who is believed to respond to small, personal situations and crises. Her followers call upon Her assistance for life's

    everyday problems and challenges.

    To this day there are those of us who still pray to this great and an