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  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


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  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


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    The book is a composition of mystical poems where I have expressed my own experiences in life

    and my deep inspiration and vision in different matters. I am trying to invite the readers to have

    different critical views on what I have written and this would awake their consciousness that

    there is still a bridge which is still open between man and God, and this bridge is spirituality. I

    have tried to write on different subjects that for a moment can bring a sudden change in our life

    style and to have a different vision on the world and the way we believe and to awake love in our

    heart. Even if I am not a famous poet, I think that those who like to write and read poems will

    love the book.

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


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    Birth and Death --------------------------------- 2Sign beyond the horizon------------------------3

    Love and Beauty-------------------------------- 4


    Congregation------------------------------------ 8



    Intruder----------------------------------------- 13

    The brilliant star--------------------------------15


    The Lover---------------------------------------19


    The woman-------------------------------------23

    The Heart---------------------------------------25God, the Lord or the Great Energy----------26


    Vision of the Heart----------------------------31

    The Knight in the Night----------------------32

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 4


    No one knows the decision of the hour it is as the twinkling of

    the eye or even quicker. It is God who begins the process of creation; then

    repeats it, and then shall we be brought back to Him.

    So what is time? The coming is always joyful but the departure is always a

    distress. The receiver laugh but the mourner cries.

    All is doing by the twinkling of the eye faster than the travel of

    the light. A white star coming from the depth of the sky is quickly

    surrounded by others stars of the same color.

    It is guided to a particular place, how he got to this destination

    only himself knows. He then changed like a comet and crossed the time.

    Has it undergo the trial of fire? He penetrated the terrestrial atmosphere, the

    sky was reddish, and the transformation started.

    He took the form of a white bird of a rare species and passed

    behind the mountain in the darkness night.

    He crashed into the ocean, calm and black speedily.

    He travelled on the sea like a ball bouncing here and there.

    His travel end on the beach and got his real form.

    Who is the woman who will bear him yet again!

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


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    Love and beauty what are they?

    Are they words, a silent melody or calculated matrix?

    They walked in pairs everywhere.

    When we talked of beauty we think of Joseph the son of Jacob,

    Jacob saw the beauty of truth in the face of his son with love.

    When we talked of love, we think of the last prophet of God,

    the people of Taif threw stones on him and insulted him but he

    asked God to excuse them. When Jesus was persecuted, he asked God to

    excuse the oppressor and he said that they did not know what they are

    doing. A loving heart knew the beauty of his action and submission.

    Love and beauty cannot be separated.

    Without love, beauty will not manifest.

    If Zuleikah had not seen the beauty of Joseph, she would not

    have fallen in love with him. Love and beauty are like soul and body, like


    and his prophets and like lover and beloved.

    Love is a step or a frontier before beauty.

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  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 8

    If God was a human being, He would cry till the end of the

    time, we are a bad lover. It is like leaving his beloved in the depth of a well.

    Who can explain this yearning, we cannot see our own beauty

    but He can. He made the creation like a screen so that we can know his

    love for us and the beauty of the Lord. Is it not time for us to confine to

    Him! Surely, He will make us know what are still unaware to us.

    He will make us see what we cannot see and heard what we

    cannot. He will bring us where lovers and beloved meets together like

    seawater and fresh water met but did not mingle.

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 9


    Angels as companions, angels as destructor.

    Angels present in war to support those who defend the truth.

    Every angel has a particular task but the bearer of message is

    the most known. There are those who drive the clouds where God wants it to

    be while in other places heat became like a weapon of

    destruction. Angels like the secretary of God, to report our actions.

    There are those who are always there to support the throne of

    God. We are always afraid of the angel of death, one day he came in

    the dream of a seeker dressed in a white mantle and with two

    wings, his face was brilliant with black eyes and blond hairs.

    He was on a chariot like in the time of the Alexander the great,

    he looked at him and then travelled through the sky like an

    electric rays. The luminous angels are always there waltzing here and there

    in the creation. There are those who are present in the congregation of

    prayers and lovers of God sometimes disguised in the form of human being.

    Angels have a quality in his originality that man should work

    harder to cultivate it, that is fidelity.

    Angels have one God unfortunately; the majority of human

    kind has many gods.

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    pg. 10


    Leaving the daily occupation like the flock of birds returning to

    the fold. The lovers of God are there under the same roof.

    More closer than their own brother.

    Some called it the Assembly of God or the congregation of

    lovers and others called it the Garden of Eden.

    Call it by any name, where God is present grace falls like rain.

    Praying with the same voice and singing the same melody, this

    is the only moment where no distinction in any matter.

    As if, the time has stopped and we have found the same

    language to talk. The souls are unified and recognized themselves between

    each other. Sometimes singing the praise of God and the praise of

    Prophets and paid recognition to the lovers of God.

    Deep in the heart, the love of the master awakens.

    The divine force that caught the assembly cannot be

    decrypting. Grasp the hands and the heart and the mind together with

    compassion for the channel of light enlighten the heart with love

    and grace. Like the people in the time of Moses who have crossed the

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 11

    river of Nile to take refuge at the other end of the shore.

    Love each other for God love us. If you choose to stay in Egypt then Pharaoh

    will be once more your companion and master.

    In a congregation, there are visible and invisible guests and our

    behavior should always be good.

    Sharing words of love, of wisdom and friendships and by taking

    it heartily we will see the beauty of the teachings.

    The blessing of this assistance cannot be estimated.

    In a consume assembly, the bees always produced the best

    honey with love. It is light upon light God guides whom He will.

    In the congregation of God, even the absent are present.

    Where the heart is delightful and singing, this silent melody of

    love brought the gathering in an extreme drunkenness.

    The sky agitated and the angels precipitated in different way to

    be present in the congregation.

    The pen rises and wrote his own destiny.

    The family of light has joined together dancing with their

    invisible goblet in their hands turning around.

    The writing erased and this is no law, the mirror broke there is

    no identity man and woman became equal.

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 12


    Black like the color of the time.

    Black like the color of the dark side.

    Black like hell.

    Black like the heart of the hypocrite.

    Black when he spreads his veils to receive the night.

    Black like the color of terror.

    Black like unconscious and agony.

    Black of mystery

    Black when he drew up like a screen to make the invisible

    becomes visible.

    Black like the eggs of the frogs.

    Black like the eyes of the beautiful women in the Garden of


    Black like when sleeping and blindness.

    Black where came the secret of beauty.

    Black the fountain of every color.

    Black like the color of the ink of the authentic letters found in

    the book of destiny.

    Black when you cradle us with your entire splendor.

  • 8/11/2019 MYSTIC POEM


    pg. 13


    At the beginning, the ink was enchanted by the rhythm of this