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    On power point c:
    By: Amy Wong

2. Why Do Humans Dream?
A long time ago, there was a powerful god and goddess by the names of Wake and Dream, respectively. They loved each other and lived in a perfect world. They were protectors of the Earth, but one day, the God of the Underworld, Nightmare, threatened that he would take over Earth.
How Myth
3. Why Do Humans Dream?
They battled with all their will. Because Nightmare was against Dream and Wake, how could he win? Dream had just got injured so Wake had to try to protect Dream and fight against Nightmare. He let his guard down for a second to see how his beloved wife was doing, and before he could do anything, Nightmare jumped in the air, and captured Dream. Nightmare had plotted to bring Dream into the underworld, knowing that Wake would travel to find her, and then he could get rid of Wake as well. Dream had woken up and noticed she was in the arms of a demon; she launched out of his arms and defended herself from Nightmare. Dream was still weaker than usual and with one terrible blow to her face, she fell into Earth. She shrunk and shrunk as she got weaker and weaker. Nightmare knew it wasnt over, but he was shrinking as well, as he got weaker.
4. Why Do Humans Dream?
Dream needed to heal. She hid in the mind of a sleeping child, a place where she thought Nightmare wouldnt look. As she slept in the childs mind, she brought peace and happiness to the child, bringing a smile to its face. Nightmare could smell the terrible stench of goodness, which was completely repulsive and noticeable, he found Dream in the childs brain. Dream awoke and she tried to protect herself, as Nightmare started to win, the child started to frown, toss, and turn, which made it a lot more difficult; she knew she had to get out of there. They jumped from person to person and Wake could see the effect on the people. He tried to find them, although had a disadvantage because they traveled at a very fast rate and he got confused to where they went. Sadly in the end, Nightmare conquered and Dream did not make it, as Wake was too late.
5. Why Do Humans Dream?
She turned into a spirit but still wanted to communicate with her beloved husband. Wake wanted to give up, because how could he take the responsibility of protecting the earth without Dream? He decided he would just go into an indefinite slumber. Dream saw that her husband was depressed and she needed to protect Earth and her husband. She came into his sleeping mind, nurturing him, telling him that she would protect the earth and stay there; and that they couldnt give up. After, Wake woke up, happy and determined, he knew what to do. Nightmare was taking over, sending evil all over the world, putting everyone asleep so it would be easier to conquer; sending the world into a hopeless depression. Wake did all he could, as he used all his powers and knew Dream would help too. Once he wakened everyone on earth from Nightmares hold and the ones that were too deep in slumber, Dream would take over. Soon, Earth was back to normal, happy as can be, but they couldnt save it all, every once in a while, Nightmare would tease and taunt the people. That is why we call it dream and nightmare and it came to the god of Wake in his slumber.
6. Dream, Wake & Nightmare
7. Hero Quest Pattern
HOME: Shrek lives in a swamp distancing him from civilization in the forest.
Journey Away (why go?): He had to leave his swamp to find Lord Farquaad so he could keep his swamp and be rid of the other mythical/magical creatures. Lord Farquaad made Shrek go on a quest to find his future bride, Princess Fiona in order to become King.
Return: Shrek stops the wedding and the dragon eats Lord Farquaad. He marries Princess Fiona, while finally being accepted for his own identity. Donkey and Shrek are best friends and he lives happily in the privacy of his swamp.
Obstacles: He had to travel long distances, bring along Donkey, who which was a bit of an annoyance, fight knights in Lord Farquaads rink, go travel to the castle, find the princess, fight the dragon, take care of the princess, try to hide his ogre identity and travel back to the kingdom.
Obstacles: He had to travel long distances all the while being unaccepted by the whole kingdom for being and ogre, thinking that Fiona didnt except him and giving away his only love to Lord Farquaad.
Crucial Struggle: Shrek fell in love with Princess Fiona and still had to give her to Lord Farquaad. He struggled with his friendship with Donkey and also being torn between keeping his swamp and being with Fiona.He later on had to stop the wedding and defeat Lord Farquaad.
8. Hero Research Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall is a true hero because she has done many things for the scientific world and for nature. She is a very accomplished primatologist and environmentalist that spent a lot of her life researching in Africa. She contributed by helping with research and discovered many things about mostly chimpanzees.
9. Hero Research
She was born on April 3rd, 1934, in London, England.
She is very fascinated by wildlife.
She had always been a good student in school.
Her goal since she was little was to go to Africa, she took 3 jobs before actually saving enough money to get there.
At age 23 in 1957, she arrived in Africa.
10. Hero Research
Her first marriage was in 1964, her husband was named Hugo Van Lawrick and had a baby named Hugo but they liked to call him Grub.
Grub grew up in Tanzania, where Jane was researching at the time.
Jane and Hugo divorced and in 1975 she married Derek Bryceson.
11. Hero research
After about a year from when she got to Africa, in 1957, she went to visit Louis Leakey in Zaire, he was a famous anthropologist. Jane started on a project in 1960 on chimpanzees at the Gombe National Reserve. She dedicated much of her time to the chimpanzees. Her first big discovery was in 1960; a chimp was eating something pink, it turned out to be a baby bush pig. This was a big deal because most people though chimpanzees were mostly insectivores and herbivores.
12. Hero research
Her second discovery was in another couple weeks after the first; a chimp was digging at a termite mound, using a thick grass blade tool it had made by peeling a sliver. She learned that chimps are actually pretty complex, the fact that they can make their own tools, they have their own wars between groups and they have different social groups, intelligence, and personalities. She still kept researching even there were chances of getting kidnapped and she got very sick at one time from malaria. Jane Goodall uses her fame and knowledge to try to improve conditions in zoos and decrease the number of animals being tested on. She now travels, give speeches about animals, and had written 12 or more books.
13. Hero ResearchSome interesting things she discovered.
1966 When Polio invaded Gombe, Jane learned that chimps can also get AIDS.
1975 At Gombe, an act of cannibalism was shown, a chimp and his daughter killed a baby chimp and shared it together.
14. Hero research
In conclusion, Jane Goodall is a hero because she is brave, kind, dedicated, patient and raises awareness everywhere. She does all she can to help animals and nature.