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Thirteen of our own mythical creatures, inspired by ancient Greek beasts like the siren and the minotaur. Each beast was created in collage by two people.


  • A book of



    Anna Sophia Jessica Harry

    William Millie Max Jose

    Amandine Sophie Florian

    Ella-May Ellie & Mr G

  • The Dragoon

    The Dragoon has the bottom of a dragon and the head of a snake, horse and wings of an eagle but it is known for being as short as a

    dragon. It has super hearing and keen eyes its neck can reach astronomical proportions. Its body may be heavy but it can fly

    endlessly and can travel on the water and under it. It always goes and hides in water when its frightened because it has the ability to

    breathe underwater. It never loses a battle and dies (because it likes


    This animal is rare and you will not find it in the wild.

    While it hides in the wild it feeds on:

    Other dragons Fish/Sharks

    Birds/ Eagles

    Lions and tigers

    It has an incredible ability to run since it has four legs.

    This animal never obeys humans.


  • The

    The has the body of a

    squirrel and the legs of an octopus.

    It can , on and in the sea or

    a lake.

    It will never you or you. attacks hurts

    While he is flying hes listening to music.


  • The Birdmaid of doom

    A Birdmaid swims sneakingly like a crocodile in the sea. However with its wings like hands it

    can do excellent kung fu.

    It loves the skin from humans and our bright red blood for a drink with a brain for ice cream.

    It is like a siren: it can drag you to it with its

    beautiful singing voice. The only humans it doesnt eat are teachers.

    You would never find it in France or



  • Snape

    The Snape is made out of

    Snake and Ape.

    The Snape can swing through trees and slither

    across the ground .It also hunts for birds and mice.

    A Snape never sleeps because it is very anxious. A

    Snape only has one friend who is called

    Dragonactyl. When another animal sees it,

    it comes to eat it but luckily the Snape

    manages to escape .The Snape lives near the sea

    , in a palm tree.


  • The Birmish

    The Birmish has the body and wings of a bird and

    the tail of a fish.

    It can fly to avoid unwanted objects such as

    sharp litter and tin cans.

    Its always the feathers covering

    their wings and face.

    It never at the bottom of the sea where you never cowers

    know what might be lurking in the

    While it hides under the powerful waves of Poseidons

    sea it can anything that happens on land.

    You are most likely to spot a Birmish to the South of Athens either soaring through the air or lurking in the

    waves (this is where it lives).


  • Dragoclaus

    The Dragoclaus has the head of a dragon with four eyes and the bottom of Santa Claus in his disco suit. It lives at the

    top of the Eiffel tower. and flies in the summer and walks on the ground and delivers presents in the winter.

    It always feeds its children but it never has time to feed them in the winter because it is delivering presents to people.

    It has an enormous sleigh.

    You might think it has four normal eyes but those eyes are deadly so dont look it in his eyes otherwise you will turn

    evil. You may not find this in the wild; it is very rare. William

  • The Crabusa

    The Crabusa has the head of Medusa

    and the body of a crab. One smell of it and you will go

    straight down to the floor. The smell is breath-

    taking. It never loses a battle. It

    always tries to defeat you while you are

    charging. While it is charging it starts to speed up and points its poisonous snakes at you. It lives in a temple with statues of

    the people that Crabusa has defeated and

    turned to stone.


  • The mermolotl Its made of the head of an axolotl, which is a

    Mexican salamander, and the body of a


    It always tries to fly but it cant.

    It has a hidden shell inside its body.

    It never walks because it cant.

    It has a tongue cannon which regurgitates the food that it has to

    eat before it can do this, which annoys a lot of people. It

    easily gets captured because it cant walk, but it tries to swim on land which attracts more people so it gets captured even

    faster, which makes it more angry.

    Its always angry, so being angry makes it even more angry, so it burns its cage even faster than it attacks its owner which

    confuses its owner, so it escapes into the sea mad and really



  • Dragonactyl

    The Dragonactyl is made up of a Pterordactyl and a


    It can fly for miles because it has huge strong wings and run or walk too because it has short sturdy legs.

    While it is flying it can breathe fire at people.

    The Dragonactyl always eats

    Meat; it is a carnivore. It lives and hunts in forests and mountains.

    It likes these places because it has

    caves to hide in.

    The dragonacty never goes out in the

    day. Instead, it sleeps.


  • The Giracat

    The Giracat has a cats head and a giraffes legs,

    with some dots on him who makes him beautiful.

    It can eat tall things but it walks very slowly like a


    It is carnivore but it eats humans. It doesnt eat any

    plants or leaves.

    It was born somewhere in Switzerland or

    Liechtenstein, and it is destructive.

    It is Gigantic, even taller than the building Burj

    Khalifa in Dubai.

    The thing that is very interesting is that it can fly and

    it flies and it can destroy mountain with his head.

    Every day one of the humans gets eaten.


  • The Rosemaid

    The Rosemaid has the body of roses, the arms of

    thorns and the tail of a . It can grow

    roses and if somebody touches poisonous

    them they will die. The roses smell of enchanting

    perfumes. The Rosemaid can also swim like an

    Olympic swimmer. It never wants to make

    friends. While it swims under water it can

    touch one of its beautiful coloured scales and it will

    turn The invisible. lives under a bush

    of roses with all the rooms blue so that they

    look like the water. Sophia

  • The Chronowl

    The Chronowl has a body of an owl and a head of an owl and wings of an owl and the legs of a chronometer.

    A chronowl can fly but he can also go back in time or to the future. He is a special creature.

    He never likes other chronowls because he thinks he is the

    best. He loves to fly in the fresh air.

    While he is flying he spreads his wings to get lots of fresh air because he is hot.

    This particular Chronowl is a beautifully creature and

    he is called Roxy. Millie

  • The Octocorn

    The Octocorn has a head of a Unicorn and legs of an Octopus. An Octocorn can swim in the

    sea and run like a horse. It loves to be nosy in the sea and forest. It never likes to lounge around because if it does it always gets

    bored. While it sleeps it does not snore it

    super snores!!!

    The month October is the Octocorns favourite

    month because it has a bit of his name in it.

    The octocorn is half girl and half boy.


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